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  1. 1. RITABRATA BHATTACHARYA 12370 Alameda Trace Circle #1527, Austin, TX 78727♦512.586.6416♦rivthebest@gmail.com BIG DATA ENGINEER Results-driven, dedicated, and accomplished Software Engineer with an 11-year track record of developing and implementing customized software solutions for various technologies with a strong interest and background in Big Data infrastructures and resolving complex issues involving large scale data, analytics, and reporting. Analytical professional with the ability to effectively evaluate and process structured and unstructured data. Highly skilled at project management, successfully planning, executing, and completing projects to align with business needs. Recognized leader capable of leading and motivating team members to meet and exceed organizational and individual goals. Excellent interpersonal skills used to interact and cultivate long-term business relationships with stakeholders, partners, associate, senior leaders, vendors, and clients. EXPOSURE IN HADOOP WITH MAP-REDUCE Having exposure in installing and configuring Apache Hadoop version 1.0.4 in Ubuntu 12.04.10 and in Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.8 along with Hive installation and configuration. Configuring the core-site.xml(temporary directory details along with Hadoop file system related details), mapred-site.xml(hadoop’s job tracker related details) and hdfs-site.xml(replication related information). All these files are residing under Hadoop installation directory under conf file system. Map Reduce is programming model for the data processing in Hadoop Big Data Stack Several high level languages including, Java, Python, Ruby, C++, C#, Shell etc can be used for writing Map-Reduce programmes. Map Reduce programs are inherently parallel and it breaks the process into 2 phases, Map Phase and Reduce Phase containing key-value pair as input and output. In order to execute the program a Map-Reduce job is needed. To run the Hadoop job we need to issue the command as ‘hadoop jar <jar-file name> <job class name> <input directory containing file> <Output directory>’ [Output directory should not exist as it will get created during the execution of the Map-Reduce job]. EXPOSURE IN DATA ANALYTICS SOFTWARE R Understanding the Data Import and Data Quality in R – Data import activity is performed using text file, csv file, spreadsheets(using xlsx package in R), XML(XML package in R), databases(RJDBC, RODBC, RORACLE, RMYSQL, DBI) and through other statistical software like SAS, SPSS and from other possible data format. Understanding Data Manipulation in R – Data manipulation activity using data formats like (vector, matrix, data-frames, list) and with the variety of datatypes (numeric, character, date time, logical) by applying different kind of data manipulation functions operated on numeric and character variety data. Understanding Exploratory Data Analysis in R – Exploratory data analysis is done by using multiple statistical methods like mean, median, standard-deviation, min, max, quartile, box-plot and histogram. Understanding Data Visualization in R – Data visualization and Visual Aesthetics are done using different kind of graphs(viz. scatterplot, hexbin, lineplot, sunflowerplot, tableplot, barplot, piechart, heatmap, histogram with density and etc.) and customizing the graphics with RColorBrewer and with some other advanced packages in R and web application package shiny.
  2. 2. RITABRATA BHATTACHARYA, CV Page 2 MAJOR PROJECT SUMMARY VISA Inc. – VISA Checkout Analytics and Reporting, Singapore, Austin, TX, USA Senior Associate, Jan-2014::Present The project scope lies in testing different reports for the business segments of Merchant, Issuer, CheckOut for the Digital Wallet Web Application named Visa Checkout(Web based Electronic Payment application) using the technology Hadoop, Datameer, Tableau. Role Played: Working as a QA Engineer to validate E2E(End to End) data consistency in Hadoop system and generated report validation from a functional regression standpoint via White Box testing. VISA Inc. – VMe Payment Wallet Integration, Singapore Senior Associate, June-2013::December 2013 The project scope lies in integration of the Consumer Module through the Merchant Control in the VMe Digital Application for executing transaction to ensure the hosted Checkout Application is running perfectly for the business segments of Merchant. Role Played: Worked as a QA Engineer to validate the consistency of the integration from the application perspective for merchant and checkout application components for multiple countries, Payment Instrument types and currencies. VISA CEMEA/AP. – VisaOnLine(VOL), Kolkata, India Senior Software Engineer, October-2011::September-2012 The project scope lies as a Platform Service Engineer in the application area VISA OnLine which was a one-stop portal, catering multiple services for Visa members. Role Played: Worked as a Platform Services Engineer for the migration of the Visa OnLine platform from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 and also responsible for the content management for the Visa OnLine members along with the data validation for the published report through this site for the multiple member banks in CEMEA region. VISA Inc. – VCIS and Verified By Visa, Kolkata India, Foster City, CA, USA Senior Software Engineer, January-2011::September-2011 The project scope lies in enrollment of the BIN information with respect to each of the member banks of VISA and to ensure by testing through the web interface for the BINs are participating in the Verified By Visa program. Role Played: Worked as a QA Engineer to validate the consistency by validating the data consistency through the database and through the integration from the web application standpoint whether BINs are participating in the Verified By Visa program or not. VISA Europe. – VISA Europe Clearing and Settlement Services, Reading, United Kingdom Senior Software Engineer, June-2010::September-2010 The project scope lies in developing and implementing the Business Rule related to the Clearing and Settlement using ILOG/JRules(Changing the BOM, XOM and changing the Rule Design using graphviz utility. The application is settling multiple fees among the member banks and payment gateways like VISA in the European region. Role Played: Worked as a Development Engineer to develop, implement and validate Clearing and Settlement Fee & Charges rules using ILOG/JRules in Clearing and Settlement business segment.
  3. 3. RITABRATA BHATTACHARYA, CV Page 3 TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY SUMMARY High-Level Language JAVA6/7, VB6, ShellScript (Using awk, sed, grep), XML, XSLT,Java Script(including jQuery) Databases/Structures Methodology SQL Server 2000, 2008, 2014, Oracle 9i, MySQL 5.5 Postgre SQL Derby, Access 2013. Other Tools/Frameworks Weblogic Server 8.1, Genesys 7.6 Framework, ILOG/JRules, Apache Hadoop 1.0.x, Hive, Spring, Hibernate, Statistical Framework R, D3JS, Excel 2013 Power BI, Power Query, Hands-on experience in F#, Python 3. Exposed to Industry/Market Wholesale Gateway for Order Processing in Telecom, IVR (Interactive Voice Response Unit) based application in Payment Industry, Development on Rule in Clearing and Settlement in the Payment System. Digital Payment Wallet Application Operating System & Platform Solaris 8/9/10, Windows 2000, 2003, Ubuntu 12.04.10 VISA Inc. – Application Support for Enterprise Service Engineering, Kolkata, Foster City, CA, USA Senior Software Engineer, September-2008::April-2010 The project scope lies in maintenance and application support for the Genesys IVR application for VISA Inc. along Tivoli Identity Management support partially. Role Played: Worked as a Support and Maintenance Engineer for the application of GVP(Genesys Voice Platform)VRU-IVR. Qwest Telecom Inc.(Now CenturyLink) – Wholesale Gateway Order Processing, Bangalore India Senior Software Engineer, March-2006::September-2008 The project scope lies in maintenance and application support for the Wholesale Gateway telecom applications, largely used for order processing, customer record maintenance, billing, voice and data record maintenance. Role Played: Worked as a Support and Maintenance Engineer for the application of GVP(Genesys Voice Hewlett-Packard-GDIC – ISEE(Instant Support Enterprise Edition), Bangalore India Software Engineer, August-2004::March-2006 The project scope lies in application support for the global monitoring tool to track the incidents coming from different servers situated in the different geographical locations. Role Played: Worked as a Support Engineer for the application of ISEE.