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Звиад Кардава. Интернет вещей - модное слово или реальность? РИФ-Воронеж 2016

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Интернет вещей сегодня
Потребительский интернет вещей
Индустриальный интернет вещей
Практические примеры использования интернета вещей
Безопасность в интернете вещей
Интернет вещей и machine learning(машинное обучение)
Интернет вещей, connected cars и умные города.
Последние тренды и новости из мира IoT

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Звиад Кардава. Интернет вещей - модное слово или реальность? РИФ-Воронеж 2016

  1. 1. Internet of Things Buzzword or reality? Zviad Kardava, Google Developer Expert: IoT
  2. 2. Internet of things
  3. 3. • IoT spending of $3.7T - $11.1T per year by 20251 • 70% spending in enterprise space, split between industrial and commercial • Key verticals: manufacturing, retail, buildings, energy and transportation • Annual revenue for IoT technology providers of $600 billion by 2019, 90% software and 10% hardware2 1 Source: McKinsey and IDC estimates 2 Source: Business Insider Opportunity: $3T IoT spending in enterprise by 2017
  4. 4. Smart Home
  5. 5. Am i healthy?
  6. 6. Philips Hue
  7. 7. Smart Home Devices
  8. 8. Smart Home
  9. 9. How well do you sleep?
  10. 10. Smart Watches
  11. 11. Eddystone & The Physical Web Walk up, tap and go
  12. 12. Walk up and use anything
  13. 13. Walk up and use anything
  14. 14. You can now pick up your luggage...
  15. 15. Beacons Help to Build Relevance for Users 30cm - 100m
  16. 16. Android Instant Apps
  17. 17. Industry 4.0
  18. 18. Industry 4.0 = Industrial Things + Industrial IoT
  19. 19. Industrial Internet Consortium
  20. 20. IoT applications in transportation NAV Canada Air Traffic Control – Continent-Wide 24×7 Operation COFLIGHT Advanced Flight Data Processors Used in European Air Traffic Management System PRORAIL Large Scale Rail Network Management System VOLKSWAGEN Volkswagen Smart Cars
  21. 21. IoT applications in industrial automation JOY mining Machine Integration and Control SCHNEIDER Integration of PLC and IT Systems ATLAS COPCO Common Platform for Mining System Automation
  22. 22. IoT applications in smart energy CULHAM CENTRE FOR FUSION ENERGY Large Scale Fusion Reactor System LOCALGRID Smart Grid Distribution and Control SIEMENS WIND POWER Distributed Power Generation DUKE ENERGY Next Generation Smart Energy Systems GC Dam - the largest power plant in North America Hydropower
  23. 23. IoT applications in healthcare MD PnP INTEROPERABILITY PROGRAM Interoperable Data Connectivity for Medical Devices and Clinical Systems GE HEALTHCARE DDS powers MRI and CT DOC BOX Hospital Patient Safety or Integration of Clinical Decision Systems
  24. 24. IoT applications in smart cities CITY OF NICE CONNECTED BOULEVARD City Wide Information Backbone Supporting Range of New eServices for the City Manchester Internet of Things City Demonstrator Demonstrate applications of IoT
  25. 25. Advance threat and challenges
  26. 26. IoT Security
  27. 27. Machine Learning
  28. 28. Ok, google
  29. 29. Open Source and Open Mind
  30. 30. Google DeepMind Challenge
  31. 31. Wind anemometer GPS Sensors Air input tube Measurements collected from Street View cars can be used to develop street-level air pollution models for cities. Project Air View For Climate Change: Methane Carbon Dioxide (CO2) For Human Health: Particulate Matter Black Carbon Carbon Monoxide (CO) Nitric Oxide (NO) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Ozone (O3) VOCs
  32. 32. Google Self-Driving Car Project
  33. 33. Google Self-Driving Car Project
  34. 34. Tesla
  35. 35. What an autonomous car sees
  36. 36. Connected Cars
  37. 37. Summary Internet of things is just a tip of an iceberg
  38. 38. Thank you!
  39. 39. What an autonomous car sees