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Water project power point 1

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Water project power point 1

  1. 1. more thanONE BILLIONpeople in theworld do nothave access tosafe drinkingwater.
  2. 2. rwanda
  3. 3. on average, women and girlsin developing countries walk3.7 miles a day, carrying over40 pounds of water.
  4. 4. this week 42,000 people willdie from diseases related tolow quality drinking waterand lack of sanitation.90 percent of them will bechildren under the age offive.
  5. 5. 80 percent of all sickness inthe world is attributable tounsafe water and sanitation.
  7. 7. charity: water
  8. 8. 100%of all donations go directly toproviding clean water to peoplein developing countries
  9. 9. charity: water provides proof of each waterproject with photos, videos, and GPS onGoogle earth
  10. 10. go to mycharitywater.org/teacher please help.