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Docubank Overview

Client Service

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Docubank Overview

  1. 1. Protection for You & Your Family
  2. 2. Emergency Card
  3. 3. Access to Medical Information • Allergies • Medical conditions • Contact Information • Medication List
  4. 4. How Does it Work?
  5. 5. Present the Card to Your Doctor • Name and number of primary emergency contact • Allergies & Medical Conditions • Your Member Number and PIN • Phone number and website to obtain all emergency information Your card provides the following information:
  6. 6. Hospital Staff Call or Go Online to Obtain Your Information • 800-DocuBank to receive a fax instantly • www.docubank.com to print directives immediately • Service is monitored 24/7/365
  7. 7. Hospital Receives Documents and Information • Emergency Contacts • Allergies • Medical Conditions • Name of Physician • List of Medications
  8. 8. The Hospital Receives Your Healthcare Directives • Living Will • Healthcare Power of Attorney • HIPAA Authorization • Burial Instructions • Organ Donor Information
  9. 9. Additional Features • Alert stickers for your health insurance and/or driver’s license • Paper cards to pass along to friends or family – available on docubank.com
  10. 10. DocuBank Online • Log in to the DocuBank website to take advantage of online features. ◦ Print paper copies of your Emergency Card ◦ Update allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact info ◦ Access your DocuBank SAFE.
  11. 11. DocuBank Login Instructions • Visit www.docubank.com and click the Member Services tab.
  12. 12. DocuBank Login Instructions • Click Member Number Login and enter your Member Number, PIN, & Password. Click Login.
  13. 13. Online SAFE • 2 GB of storage space included with membership • Share files with your family • Share files with our firm Your DocuBank membership includes an online SAFE where you can store and access your entire estate plan and other personal documents.
  14. 14. How Does SAFE Work? You set up your SAFE password. You upload documents to your SAFE. You access SAFE files online. 2. 3.1.
  15. 15. Step 1: Set up SAFE Password • Log in to your member account on docubank.com. • Click on My DocuBank SAFE. • Create a password that contains at least 8 characters including a number and symbol, i.e., ! @#$%^&+-
  16. 16. Step 2: Upload Files to SAFE • Click Add File to upload a file. • Click Browse and select the file from your hard drive to upload. • Choose a category for the file and click Upload.
  17. 17. Click Browse and select the file from your hard drive to upload.
  18. 18. Choose a category for the file and click Upload.
  19. 19. Step 3: Access Files Using Your Encrypted SAFE Password • Log in to docubank.com from a computer, tablet or phone anywhere in the world to view your files. • All of your files are encrypted while they’re stored in SAFE and when they are being transferred between your computer and our server.
  20. 20. Managing Your SAFE Files The icons let you manage your files and indicate which ones are being shared.
  21. 21. SAFE File Icons This file is shared with SAFEShare users. This file is being shared with our office. This file was uploaded by our office and cannot be deleted. Use this icon to move the file to a different category or update the file-sharing settings Click on this icon to delete the uploaded file.
  22. 22. Sharing Files – Temporary Links You can share files in your SAFE by creating links to them. • Click on the folder icon ( ) to get started. • Click Create a Public Link. • Click the Expiration Date box and set a date if you’d like the link to expire. • The URL of the link will appear in the box below.
  23. 23. Sharing Files – SAFEShare You can share multiple files with the same person by making them a SAFEShare user. • SAFEShare users can log in to docubank.com and view files you’ve shared with them. • You can set up an unlimited amount of SAFEShare users. • SAFEShare users can only see the files you have shared. • This feature is optional
  24. 24. SAFESHARE – Setting up Users • Click on SAFEShare User Management from your SAFE Page. • Enter the contact info of the person you would like to set up as a SAFEShare user and hit Save. • The SAFEShare user will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and view your files.
  25. 25. SAFEShare - Sharing Files • Click on the folder icon ( ) next to the file you want to share. • Click Share with my SAFEShare User. • Click Update. • You can return to this screen to un-share the file. SAFEShare users can only view the files you have shared.
  26. 26. Your Digital Executor • This feature lets you ensure your files are available when needed, but kept confidential until that time. • Your Digital Executor will need to provide legal documentation (death certificate or proof of permanent incapacity) in order to gain access to your account. • This feature is optional You can set up a Digital Executor, who will be able to access all of your SAFE files when you pass away.
  27. 27. Setting up Your Digital Executor • Click the Digital Executor Quick Link from the SAFE home page. • Complete the Digital Executor setup form and click Save. • Your Digital Executor will receive an email with information. • Your Digital Executor will automatically be set up as a SAFEShare User. • You can only have 1 Digital Executor.
  28. 28. Digital Assets and DocuBank • Digital assets include all of your online files and accounts. • Digital assets can have financial (bank accounts, insurance policies, online bills) and emotional (photos, social media) value. • Your fiduciaries may not know about, or may not be able to access those accounts if you do not leave them instructions. • If you store a list of your digital assets in SAFE, your Digital Executor will be able to access them when you pass away.
  29. 29. Our Firm Goes One Step Further • Our firm will upload your entire estate plan to your SAFE. •This provides you with easy access to the important documents you created with us.
  30. 30. • Caregiver card for families with young children • Provides immediate access to access to ◦ Medical Consent ◦ Temporary Custody ◦ Medical Information ◦ More Minors Matter Services for Everyone
  31. 31. Services for Everyone • Parents are notified when the card is used. • Provides access to ◦ HIPAA release ◦ Healthcare Power ◦ Medical Information ◦ More DocuBank ICE • HIPAA registry and healthcare emergency card for college students
  32. 32. Services for Everyone • Caregiver notified when the card is used. • Provides access to ◦ Letter of Intent ◦ Healthcare Power ◦ Medical Information ◦ More SNAP - Special Needs Access Program • Emergency card for special needs adults and their caregivers
  33. 33. Real Service for Real People • DocuBank customer service is available Mon-Friday 9-5 p.m. • Friendly customer service representatives answer the phones.
  34. 34. Real Service for Real People DocuBank sends friendly reminders and updates so you can make sure your information stays up to date. •Medication list emails •Mailed update forms •Update anytime at docubank.com