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How can I push down negative search results

Repusurance Repusurance.com helps you to push down your negative search results and clean your online reputation.

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How can I push down negative search results

  1. 1. How Can I Push Down Negative Search Results On Google Repusurance
  2. 2. What people search about you on Google For any individual or organization having negative search results on Google is a tough situation. You can not stop people search for you online. Negative information can hurt anyone but one need not to panic. You can suppress your negative search results on Google by following a strategy. Though removing every negative searches from Google is not possible but following these strategies you can clean up first few pages of Google.
  3. 3. Social Profiles • The first strategy is to generate as many social networking profiles that you can completely populate and use. The last part is the most important as creating social networking profiles just to create profiles isn’t nearly as significant as making ones that will basically be used. • For example, creating social networking profiles on Digg.com without actually using it may show up for a little while but will quickly fade as a beneficial resource and search return. But signing up and registering for a Twitter account and then using it daily will be infinitely better. • Here are some sites that I almost always sign-up with that continually deliver high search profits which will help in pushing down the negative ones:
  4. 4. Have a look on a few popular social profiles • Twitter • Facebook • Google Profile – An amazing way to develop a personalized branding page which is very ideal! Read the Personal Branding series for even more benefits. • Quora – This one evidently has remarkable SEO. But you have to make contributions well! • LinkedIn – I personally am not a fan of LinkedIn but it does work. • YouTube – This can be challenging but creating video content will push nearly almost everything down a bit. You have to do this effectively, smartly, and persistently.
  5. 5. Update through blog often You must be thinking that how is it possible to get time to write a blog that too often. But, writing a blog and keep updating fresh content can help you pushing down your negative search results. This strategy is one of the strongest strategy that can help you out. It is not necessary to always update related to a particular topic but usage of keywords should be appropriate. You may make use of Google Ad words or Keyword research tool to pick trending as well as the keywords where you can easily rank .
  6. 6. List of popular blog sites • Wordpress • Blogger • Tumbler • Weebly • Ghost • Medium • Wix • Squarespace
  7. 7. Create Media Coverage Page • One strategy that has worked is to generate a continually updated “Media Coverage” or Press Page that displays the new and interesting positive sources to your organization or brand. This can simply be done and easily managed. • Besides, you can even obtain and ask for Testimonials as well if you feel so bold – this can work miracles as well as it starts to connect other positive people, brands, and companies with yours that might not have as much negative feedback that you’re suffering from.
  8. 8. Contact Repusurance • If you fail to push down you negative search results on Google or you don’t find it suitable doing it on your own. You may contact Repusurance. Repusurance is a global leader in providing online reputation management services. We are offering varied services such as online review management, cyber security, negative search results removal, and many more under a stream. • Repusurance is providing its services for past seven years and has been served a number of clients in varied countries.
  9. 9. THANK YOU REPUSURANCE http://repusurance.com/