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My children Julian and Nicholas spent every free moment between walking the pups, reading, and eating playing Minecraft this summer. I got on their case and said, okay, literacy time! Create a presentation to tell me what this Minecraft things is all about, and they did. Watch this!


  1. 1. By Nicky and Julian Westerlund
  2. 2. » Minecraft is a game where your creativity comes to life. You can build block by block, whatever you want. But it’s not that easy…
  3. 3. » Mobs are monsters in Minecraft there is a Zombie, which if you kill it, it will drop feathers, and you can make arrows.» Skeletons will shoot you with arrows, If you kill it will drop arrows, and bones. You can use arrows to fight other mobs. and you can use bones for fertilizer and grow things instantly, and can tame wolves.» Spiders are fast, but barely will harm you. They drop string you can make bows, fishing poles, and white wool.» Then there are creepers which if you get too close they will explode!! If you kill them they drop gun powder, and you can make TNT.
  4. 4. » At first to make a nether portal you need to have obsidian (at least 10) then you make the design,(4 by 5) and then light it with flint and steel.» When you go into it, there will be a red block called netherrack, if you light it on fire it will stay light forever except if you hit it.» Then when you start finding lava and you will see something that looks like a pig and a zombie, that’s called a pigmen. IF there is more around and you hit one of them all of them will start to attack you if you kill it, you will get cooked pork chops.» In the sky, is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a ghast. Ghast’s will try to shoot fire balls at you. Too kill it sometimes it comes down and you can hit it, just like creepers it will drop gun powder.
  5. 5. » To start of you need wooden planks, then find a spot to build your house. (Make sure you have an open area) Next think of how big you want it. Then… BUILD!» When you’re done with the house, make a crafting table, some chests, and a furnace. Then make some torches to light up your house. Hint: if you can get more wood and burn it in a furnace you can make charcoal. Then make a pickaxe and you can start mining. Tip: Make a stone pickaxe
  6. 6. » When mining your going to need a pickaxe, and a shovel. Your going to need a pickaxe because you need to mine the ores (coal iron etc.)» You need your shovel to dig dirt and gravel so you can dig it quickly.» Pickaxe’s Wooden: Can mine Coal. Stone: Coal, Iron Lapis. Iron: Coal ,Iron , Gold , Redstone, Lapis, Diamond. Golden: Coal, but brakes stone or cobblestone quickly. Diamond EVERYTHING!» Pickaxe information source: Minecraft explorer app» Best ore: DIAMOND!
  7. 7. » Wooden Pickaxe: 2x Stick 3x Wooden Planks Durability: 60» Stone Pickaxe: 2x Stick 3x Cobblestone Durability: 132» Iron Pickaxe: 2x Stick 3x Iron Durability: 251» Golden Pickaxe: 2x Stick 3x Gold Durability: 33» Diamond Pickaxe: 2x Stick 3x Diamond» Durability: 1563
  8. 8. » Bucket: Used for collecting liquids.» Chest: Used for storing items» Clock: To tell if it is night or day.» Compass. Points strait into the direction of your bed.» Fishing rod: To collect fish.» Flint & Steel: To light blocks or mobs on fire.» Map: Brings you too other players and any areas particular on the map.» Saddle: Found in dungeons, and you can ride a pig with it.» Shears: Used to collect leave blocks.» Source: Minecraft explorer app.
  9. 9. » Bread: Heals 3 hearts» Cake: You can eat it 6 times, and it heals ½ a heart.» Cooked Fish: 3 hearts.» Cooked Porkchops: 4 hearts.» Cookies: 1 heart each.» Mushroom Stew: 5 hearts.» Raw Fish: 1 heart.» Raw Porkchops: 2 hearts.» Source: Minecraft explorer app.
  10. 10. » Cactus: If you touch it you will lose ½ an heart» Tall grass: When you brake it you might get a seed.» Mushroom’s: Mushrooms cannot be eaten, but can be crafted into mushroom stew.» Sapling: If you plant one on the ground it will grow to be a tree.» Seeds: When planted it will turn into wheat, and can be made into bread, cake, or cookies.» Sugar Cane: You can plant sugar cane on grass. When fully in growth you can brake it and turn it in to sugar and make cake!» Source: Minecraft explorer app.
  11. 11. » Chicken: Health: 2 hearts, will occasionally will lay eggs, if you kill it, it will drop feathers.» Cow: Health: 5 hearts, you can use a bucket to milk it, and if you kill it, it will drop leather.» Pig: Health 5 hearts, if you have a saddle you can ride the pig, if you kill it, it will drop raw porkchops.» Sheep: Health: 4 hearts, you can dye sheep with any dye, and if you kill it, will drop 1 piece of wool, if you shear it, it will drop 1-4 pieces of wool.» Squid: Health: 5 hearts, squid live under water, if you kill it, it will drop ink sacs.» Wolf (Tamed): Health: 10 hearts, to tame a wolf you must have bones, once you’ve tamed it, it will follow you if you command it to or it will sit. If you hit another mob your wolf will kill it if someone or something attacks you, your wolf will attack it.» Source: Minecraft explorer app.
  12. 12. The end