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Sustainable Energy Infrastructure —Power Transmission and Smart Grids

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Sustainable Energy Infrastructure —Power Transmission and Smart Grids

  1. 1. www.gzbgi.com 1
  2. 2. Sustainable Energy Infrastructure—Power Transmission and Smart Grids China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation International (CGGC) Dr. Joseph Chen Vice President February 21, 2012 2
  3. 3. Outline1. China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC) and ChinaGezhouba (Group) Corporation (CGGC)2. Transmission V.S. Smart Grids and the development of smartgrids in P.R.China.3. Three Proposals: Technology, enterprises and financialcooperation P3 www.gzbgj.com
  4. 4. Introduction to CEEC and CGGC• China Energy Engineering Group CO., LTD ( CEEC) is a Chinese enterprise owned by the central government. It is one of the largest energy engineering groups not only in China but also in the world.• CEEC provides full project services in general contracting, project management, planning, surveying, design, construction, engineering maintenance, investment and operation.• At the end of 2011, CEEC’s total assets was over 20 billion US dollars. P4 www.gzbgj.com
  5. 5. China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation International (CGGC)• As a subsidiary of CEEC, China Gezhouba (Group) Corporation is world famous for its irreplaceable engineering & construction contribution for Three Gorges Project, which represented the highest level of engineering & construction in the world.• At present, CGGC has established branches in 39 countries and regions, and is constructing over 90 international projects around the world in more than 10 fields involving hydro power, thermal power, power transmission, equipment supply, highway, railway, bridge, building, municipal works, water supply, irrigation, port, etc.• We also invest in the other areas such as power, mining, construction materials and international trade. P5 www.gzbgj.com
  6. 6. CGGC power transmission business: • World’s first ±800KV level extra high voltage DC transmission line from Yunnan to Guangzhou • Asia’s first ±800KV level extra high voltage HVDC converter station— Huidong HVDC converter station • High altitude installation of 750 KV level extra high voltage transmission equipments for Laxiwa hydropower station in an extremely cold area P6 www.gzbgj.com
  7. 7. Power Transmission V.S. Smart Grids • Power transmission: the power transportation between power source and electricity load. • Smart Grids: intelligent electricity grids. Based on integrated, high-speed and bidirectional communication network, it applies advanced equipment and technology in control method, sensor & measurement technology and advanced support system technology to establish a reliable, secure, economic, efficient, environment-friendly Grid. P7 www.gzbgj.com
  8. 8. Smart Grids development in P.R.C.• With all kinds of advanced technology in power Grid in a wide range of applications, in recent years, the intelligent network has become an inevitable trend in the development of power system;• The intelligent network development has become the worldwide common consensus.• Why smart Grid can attract so much attention? P8 www.gzbgj.com
  9. 9. Smart Grids development in P.R.C.• It plays a very important role in developing efficient energy and resource allocation, fully utilizing clean energy, saving energy and reducing emission.• The construction of reliable Smart Grid in China will provide a great platform for optimized distribution of energy resource.• It will be helpful for significant reinforcement of power carrying capacity which will help form a “super DC, super AC” extra high voltage transmission network, and achieve cross-region, long- distance and highly efficient transportation of hydropower, nuclear power, coal and renewable energy with large capacity at low loss.• It will significantly enhance China’s power Grid’s optimized allocation ability in a large scale. P9 www.gzbgj.com
  10. 10. Smart Grids development in P.R.C.• China power industry strengthens the Grids-base construction, pay more attention to the international power technology development direction and innovation and integration application of various new technology research.• In “2009 International Conference for Extra High Voltage Transmission Technology”, China announced “Sturdy Smart Grid” development strategy.• In August, 2009, state Grid corporation launched a series of works such as smart Grid planning compiling, standard system research and development, research & testing center establishment, special major research and pilot projects.• In 2011, the smart Grid pilot project has already started comprehensively around China. P 10 www.gzbgj.com
  11. 11. Three Proposals: Technology, enterprises and finance cooperation1 、 Technology exchange• Compared with Europe and the United States, China’s research in the area of Smart Grids started late.• Faced with huge potential Chinese market, I suggest countries whose Smart Grids’ technology is developing faster export more advanced equipment and technology into China so as to obtain a win-win situation in the mutual technology exchanges. P 11 www.gzbgj.com
  12. 12. Three Proposals: Technology, enterprises and finance cooperation2 、 Enterprise cooperation• Companies around the world have accumulated and formed their own comparative advantages in their development process.• I recommend that all countries increase cooperation with Chinese enterprises.• The cooperation methods can include new investment and M&A in order to maximize the use of social resources, to save labor and create more social value. P 12 www.gzbgj.com
  13. 13. Three Proposals: Technology, enterprises and finance cooperation3 、 Financial support• Some factors such as European debt crisis, weak world economic recovery lead to serious shortage of funds in the world.• China’s foreign exchange reserve is as high as US$ 3 trillion. In 2011, China’s foreign direct investment reached a high record of 68 billion US dollars, the fifth in the world.• I suggest that in a mutually beneficial and win-win principle, countries in the world should strengthen financial cooperation to solve the insufficient funds problem in order to facilitate the power transmission and Smart Grids infrastructure development and as a whole, to promote the sustainable development of energy infrastructure. P 13 www.gzbgj.com
  14. 14. 谢谢 !Thank You!中国葛洲坝集团国际工程有限公司China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd.地址:中国•北京市朝阳区建国路 91 号金地中心 A 座 21 层邮编: 100022电话: +86-10-59525952传真: +86-10-5952595121F, Building A, No.91 Gemdale Plaza Jian Guo Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022, ChinaTel:+86-10-59525952 Fax:+86-10-59525951 (Beijing)Tel:+86-717-6713210 Fax:+86-717-6727462 (Yichang)www.gzbgj.comP 14 www.gzbgj.com