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How to make Thesis presentation

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how to restate thesis in conclusion paragraph and how to start your thesis and how to choose thesis topic

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How to make Thesis presentation

  1. 1. Guidelines
  2. 2. Guidelines for Uploading Your PPT
  3. 3. 1. Be clear about the goal of your presentation before you begin composing it. 2. Create an outline of the main topics that you want to address. 3. Choose appropriate title. 4. Title should catch audience’s attention.
  4. 4. 5. Use colors and good font style. 6. Use One or Two Points on a Single Slide, If u want to explain your information in more than one point you should use second slide. 7. Use Images wisely. 8. Choose your font and colors well.
  5. 5. 9. You should Read the presentation which you are going to share with the people. 10. Text on graphics should be readable. 11. Content layout should be consistent (Headings, Subheadings, Margins, Borders)
  6. 6. 12. Your file should be in Following Format: .doc or .docx .eps .Gif .HTML .JPG or .JPEG .PDF, .PNG, .PPT or .PPTx, .XLS or .XLSX, .ZIP .TXT.
  7. 7. Guidelines For Uploading Your Documents
  8. 8. 1. All Documents should be written accurate, error free and ensure consistency. 2. When you are writing a document keep in mind to explain your concept logically and give real examples to illustrate your document. 3. Use Clear and Concise Title for Headings, Graphs, and Tables etc
  9. 9. 4. Easy words should be used for understanding to the people. 5. For writing good documents, avoid the ambiguous Pronouns. 6. For making the document interesting write a well formed outline.
  10. 10. 7. Always be clear about What You Want Your Reader to Do after You End. 8. Explanation in the document should be accurate. 9. After completion of writing of the document, you should revise the document properly.
  11. 11. Guidelines For Uploading Your Notes
  12. 12. 1. Many Students use notes as Recalling process, but inaccurate notes confuse us instead of help, therefore, it should be well written and precise with real world examples. 2. Always try to write notes in points form rather than writing in a paragraph.
  13. 13. 3. Scan the notes in pdf form and make them searchable and transferable in short time. 4. Use Diagrams for better understanding. 5. Always try to write notes using different references.
  14. 14. 6. Use your camera phone to convert your data into digital form. 7. By using Microsoft OneNote, you can insert images, Text, media files, and also draw into Digital Notes.
  15. 15. Guidelines for uploading your Thesis
  16. 16. 1. Introduce the subject area (Overview and definition) and explain the research topic. 2. Brainstorm or generate ideas for your topic. 3. Conduct a thorough literature search before designing your methodology and collecting your data. .
  17. 17. 4. As much as possible, get the latest published materials. And avoid old published materials 5. Explain your research design and the methodology that you selected. 6. The objective is to present a simple, clear and complete account of the results of your research.
  18. 18. 7. Relate your findings to your original statement of the problem and your literature review. 8. Feel free to interpret objectively and subjectively and to make references to what others have said on the subject.
  19. 19. Guidelines For Uploading Your Articles
  20. 20. 1. Make your article’s Headline Catchy. 1. Do research what others write on the topic of your choice. 3. Write your article relevant to your audience. 4. Thought provoking things in the starting will catch your Reader’s Attention.
  21. 21. 5. Write the article in such a manner that you are speaking in the reader’s language. 6. You should have your own opinion on the topic that you have to state. 7. Don’t forget the message you want to convey by the article.
  22. 22. 8. Don’t make your readers work hard by using long sentences. 9. Research some facts and use figures when available. 10. Use real life example, take your own experiences and draw conclusion for easy understanding.
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