nursing medical medicine obg nurses midwifery obstetrics and gynecology nursing students gynecologist obstetricians biochemistry matter obstetrical emergency amniotic fluid embolism abnormal labour midwifes postnatal mother postnatal assessment antenatal palpation dnb mbbs antenatal assessment urinary complications of puerperium bsc nursing pregnancy cell structure midwife development of chorionic villi chorin implantation development of inner cell mass development of decidua structure of sperm spermatogenesis oogenesis gamatogénesis zygote development fertilized ovum fertilization menstrual hygiene menstrual symptoms endometrial cycle ovarian cycle menstrual cycle menstruation anthropoid pelvis android pelvis platyploid pelvis gyncoid pelvis pelvic axis pelvic plane true pelvic false pelvis landmarks of pelvic brim diameters of pelvic outlet diameters of pelvic cavity diameters of pelvic inlet inlet of pelvis female gynecoid pelvis female pelvis anatomical and physiological considerations maternal risk factors for anesthesia infiltration anesthesia inhalation anesthesia spinal anesthesia general anesthesia analgesia in obstetrics anesthesia in obstetrics teratology maternal drug intake and breastfeeding warfarin heparin phenytoin diazepam magnasium sulphate anticoagulants anticonvulsanta magnesium sulphate betamimetics oxytocin ergot derivatives prostaglandins tocolytic agents oxytocics pharmacotherapeutics in obstetrics trace elements major elements minor elements chemical structure of matter physical state of matter chemistry buffeing bases acids ecf icf atom molecule compund gas solid ion chemicalreaction chemical bonds liquid water definitions of organization of matter important term epidemiology specific death rates general fertility rate perinatal mortality rate under five mortality rate death rate birth rate infant mortality rate expecttion of life still births maternal mortality rate neonatal mortality rate vital statistics of maternal health basic competencies of midwife development of midwifery in india history of midwfery scope of midwifery definition of midwife definition of obstetrics imtroduction to midwifery operative delivery mytvac pump malmstrom device flexion point pivot point chignon vaccum extraction vaccum delivery ventouse cervical prolapse vaginal pessary cystocele rectocele uterine prolapse genital prolapse haultaion operation obstetrical emergencies complication of third stage of labour inversion of uterus obstetric complication vasa previa management of ailments in puerperium management of lactation failure physiology of lactation lactation management of normal puerperium involution of other pelvic structures lochia involution of uterus normal puerperium postnatal care postpartum period methods of placenta separation calculation of date of delivery management of labour events of labour causes of onset of labour mechanism of labour normal labour unstable lie msc pbbsc antenatal health assessment symphysiotomy non progressive labour obstruction difficult labour obstetrica and gynecological nursing obstructed labour perperium cardiac shock hemorrhagic shock obstretrical shock endotoxic shock hypovolemic shock shock pbl forms of assessment problem based learning malpresentation abnormal presentation occult prolapse cord presentation cord prolapse mannual rotation of opp deep transverse arrest occipito posterior position nurse practitioner asha worker gnm pbstetrics and gynecological nursing format of postnatal assessment postnatal case assessment postnatal assessment format staff nurse ong obstetritian checklist of postnatal assessment obstetrical palpation palpation nursing sudents medicibe pregnant women obstetrics and gynecological nursing meducal anteatal assessment checklist checklist preparing for lesson plan planning lesson lesson planning lesson plan cet communication information and technology nursing education perinatal grivience management postpartum psychosis postpartum depresssion postpartum blues pulmonary embolism puerperal sepsispuerperal pyrexia mastitis subinvolution obstetric palsies breast complications breast abcess abnormal puerperium puerperium bnormal labour prolonged labour cell cell structure and function health biology lipids nutrition metabolism lipid metabolism metabolism nutrition constrction ring precipitate labour atonic uterus dystocia uterine contraction labour chromatography gel electroforesis cell fractionation microscopy microscope slideshare gynec obstetrician obstetrics
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