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Why Sitecore 9 ?

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Why Sitecore 9 and what are the advantages of moving to Sitecore 9.

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Why Sitecore 9 ?

  1. 1. Why Sitecore 9
  2. 2. Benefits to IT Team
  4. 4. CAN DEPLOY SITECORE COMPLETELY ON AZURE • With Sitecore 9 we can deploy Sitecore entirely in Azure PAAS. • 99.99 % Uptime SLA. • Reduces on premises cost. • pay-as-you-go usage-based model can simplify IT operations and cost significantly. • Azure offers complete centralized Ecosystem –No need of distributed Server for Search, Reporting. • PaaS model has already proven as a game-changer for many Enterprise ecosystem.
  5. 5. SITECORE 9 IS GDPR COMPLIANCE • Sitecore 9 is GDPR Compliant • Sitecore XP 9 is built on a privacy by-default foundation that helps you protect PII out-of-the-box • Sitecore supports the use of strong security measure to ensure end-to-end security. • Visibility, transparency, and respect for end customer privacy:
  6. 6. EASY LICENSING OPTION Sitecore offers two licensing scenarios Subscription visits per month, non-production installations, concurrent users, and add-on modules but allow for unlimited production installations Perpetual the number of production vs. non-production installs, concurrent users, and add-on modules, on a perpetual license basis
  7. 7. SITECORE IDENTITY Sitecore Identity is a Federated Authentication service that enables Single Sign-On across all Sitecore solutions and utilizes the bearer token authorization across the platform.
  8. 8. Benefits to Marketing
  9. 9. SXA • Sitecore SXA reduces the Ready to Market time offering reusable 70+ In Build Component , templated UX layouts to get your websites up and running quickly • Sitecore SXA components are Modular, Data source Driven • Personalized and DMS Ready so contextual Marketing is eased.
  10. 10. SXA 70+ In Build Component Place Holder Configuration Reduced RTM Personalization & DMS Ready Sitecore Form Helix Principle
  12. 12. COMMERCE READY • Sitecore 9 comes with Sitecore commerce • This offers centralised PIM interacted with core content.
  13. 13. SITECORE CORTEX • Sitecore integrates the Machine Learning Capacity along with Sitecore this bring "Personal data scientist” inside Sitecore  Automate processes by replacing human judgement with prediction or pattern recognition (example: automated personalization)  Discover new patterns and segments we didn’t know existed (example: segment discovery)
  14. 14. Thank You