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Talking to students with thoughts of suicde

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Slides to accompany the online webinar that can be viewed here http://www.inourhands.com/mental-health/online-learning-session-14/

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Talking to students with thoughts of suicde

  1. 1. cwmt.org.uk | @charliewtrust InOurHands.com | @pookyh Talking to students with thoughts of suicide 6pm Wednesday 18th January 2017 cwmt.org.uk | facebook.com/charliewallermemorialtrust
  2. 2. You will do more good than harm by asking the right questions
  3. 3. Guidelines for Suicide Risk Assessment
  4. 4. Warning Signs P A T H
  5. 5. P Pain A Act T Talk H Hope
  6. 6. P Pain A Act T Talk H Hope Displaying overwhelming emotional pain or distress
  7. 7. P Pain A Act T Talk H Hope Showing worrisome behavioural cues or marked changes in behaviour
  8. 8. Withdrawal from social connections
  9. 9. Increased agitation or irritability
  10. 10. Anger / hostility out of context / proportion
  11. 11. Changes in sleep (more or less)
  12. 12. P Pain A Act T Talk H Hope Talking about or making plans for suicide
  13. 13. P Pain A Act T Talk H Hope Expressing hopelessness about the future
  14. 14. Safety First Child in question Onlookers
  15. 15. Establish Rapport Ideation Intent Plan
  16. 16. Ideation Plan Attempt Death When ?
  17. 17. Past 2 weeks Past 2 months Ever Now Have you had thoughts about killing yourself in the past 2 weeks..
  18. 18. Suicide Kill yourself Take your own life Hurt yourself Thoughts of dying Wanted to be dead
  19. 19. Yes.. Can you tell me about these thoughts? Frequency Duration Intensity Context Do you have these thoughts every hour, once a day, once a week? How long do they last, do they come and go or stay? Can you carry on what you’re doing or are you paralysed by them? When and where do you have these thoughts?
  20. 20. Use their words Pause Calm Reassure I can’t believe I’m telling him this
  21. 21. I don’t want to die I want to die 1 2 3
  22. 22. I don’t want to die I want to die 1 2 3 On a scale of 1 to 3… When you have these thoughts, how much of you wants to die? Would you say 50%, 90%...
  23. 23. What When How Who Why
  24. 24. What’s the plan?What When will it occur?When How will they kill themselves?How Who have they told?Who
  25. 25. What would keep you from following through on your plan?
  26. 26. Low Risk Passing ideation Doesn’t interfere with daily activities No desire to die • Notify parents / carers • Create safety plan with child and parents / carers • Identify school based support • Parents to take child to GP
  27. 27. Frequent ideation Limited intensity and ideation May have specific plans but not intent Can identify reasons for living • Regular contact with trusted adult at school • Referral for additional support • Re-evaluate risk at each meeting, may move to low or high • Regular contact with parents and CAMHS if involved Medium Risk
  28. 28. Frequent, intense, enduring suicidal ideation Specific plans inc lethal means & accessibility Many risk factors, few protective factors • Follow safeguarding plan • Contact parents / carers immediately • Arrange with parents to take child to hospital or unit • Support parents and child High Risk
  29. 29. You will do more good than harm by asking the right questions
  30. 30. cwmt.org.uk | @charliewtrust InOurHands.com | @pookyh After Poll
  31. 31. cwmt.org.uk | @charliewtrust InOurHands.com | @pookyh Practical strategies for helping children manage overwhelming feelings 6pm Tuesday 24th January 2017 cwmt.org.uk | facebook.com/charliewallermemorialtrust
  32. 32. Facebook Live Q&A www.facebook.com/charliewallermemorialtrust
  33. 33. cwmt.org.uk | @charliewtrust InOurHands.com | @pookyh Lovely Free Stuff from CWMT…
  34. 34. cwmt.org.uk | @charliewtrust InOurHands.com | @pookyh Free Book Club for School Mental Health Leads inourhands.com/bookclub @CharlieWTrust | @PookyH
  35. 35. cwmt.org.uk | @charliewtrust InOurHands.com | @pookyh Mental Health: Weekly Online Learning for Staff working with CYP inourhands.com/onlinelearning @CharlieWTrust | @PookyH
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  38. 38. cwmt.org.uk | @charliewtrust InOurHands.com | @pookyh Dr Pooky Knightsmith Director: CYP& Schools Charlie Waller Memorial Trust training@cwmt.org | 01635 869754 pooky@cwmt.org @PookyH