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Our Litertaure

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The Legend of Mayon Volcano
The Legend of Mayon Volcano
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Our Litertaure

  1. 1. Dela Cruz , Christian Febe Abelita , John Rey Factor , Abigael
  2. 2. Monkey and the Turtle By : Paul Galdone
  3. 3. Paul Galdone was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1907 and immigrated to the United States in 1928. Though he was also a painter and sculptor, he is best known as a writer and illustrator of children's books. During his early career Galdone worked in the art department at Doubleday where he designed a successful book jacket. The experience led him to believe that he could make a living as a freelance illustrator. He left behind the working world of New York City when he and his wife moved to rural Rockland County, New York. Many of Galdone's works are adaptations of fairy tales and folktales.
  4. 4. Once upon a time there was a two friend Monkey and the Turtle . Monkey get hungry so they look for food to eat.
  5. 5. They were so happy when they saw a banana tree
  6. 6. They cut it into half and plant it. Monkey get the top with fruit the the bottom with the roots goes to turtle .
  7. 7. After a week they went back to see their plants Monkey get angry because only the turtle plants bear fruit
  8. 8. Monkey climb the banana of turtle because turtle can’t climb . Later on Monkey eat all the banana of turtle and throw him 1 banana instead of giving it all to Turtle .
  9. 9. After he had eaten all the good bananas, monkey stretched his arms around the tree and went to sleep.
  10. 10. Turtle get angry. He gathered some sharp bamboo which he all around under the tree, and then he exclaimed: “Crocodile is coming! Crocodile is coming! “ The monkey was so startled at the top and he fell upon the sharp bamboo and was killed.
  11. 11. Turtle cut the dead meat of Monkey into pieces and sell it to other monkey who gladly gave him squash in return.
  12. 12. As he was leaving them he called back and some monkey told to his fellow monkey that they were eating their own body
  13. 13. All the monkey decided to throw him into the water and turtle was begging no to do it because he is afraid of water.
  14. 14. One day , Turtle came up with a lobster. The monkeys were greatly surprised at this and begged him to tell them how to catch lobsters
  15. 15. Turtle teach them so they tie them selves with a stone and they plunged into the water never to come up again. And to this day monkeys do not like to eat meat, because they remember the ancient story
  16. 16. The Legend of Banana
  17. 17. In the early days when the world was new, spirits and ghosts lurked everywhere. They lived in gloomy caves, they hid in anthills and tree trunks they frolicked in nooks and corners under the houses. In the dark, sometimes their tiny voices could be heard dimly, or their ghostly presence be felt. But they were never seen.
  18. 18. There was a spirit who has a limited time on Earth. He must leave Earth when his time is up but he fell in love to a beautiful woman.
  19. 19. It was during these days of phantoms and unseen spirits that a young and beautiful girl lived. Her name was Raya, and she was a girl bold and daring. She was never afraid of spirits. She would walk in the shadowy forests, bringing along a lighted candle.
  20. 20. One day, the tree bore fruit shaped like a heart. She touched the fruit and caressed it. Thinking could this be Sag-in's heart? Slowly the fruit opened , Long golden fruits sprouted from it. Raya picked one, peeled it and bit into it. Then, she heard Sag-in's voice floating in the air
  21. 21. "Yes, Raya, it is my heart. I have reappeared to show you that I will never forsake you and our child. Take care of this plant, and it will take care of you in return. It's trunk and leaves will give you shelter and clothing. The heart and fruits will be your food. And when you sleep at night, I will stand and watch by your window. I will stay by your side forever!"
  22. 22. The Legend of Mt. Mayon -Damiana L. Eugenio
  23. 23. Author
  24. 24. Damiana L. Eugenio • Damiana Ligon Eugenio (September 27, 1921 – October 10, 2014) was a Filipino female author and professor who was known as the Mother of Philippine Folklore, a title she received in 1986. Apart from teaching at the University of the Philippines, she has several publications in the field of Philippine folklore, among them a series of seven books which she compiled and edited.
  25. 25. Damiana L. Eugenio • Eugenio’s works were described as volumes that are thorough and professional in presentation and as being valuable resources for scholars studying the Philippines and comparative folklore. Written in the English-language, her Philippine Folk Literature: The Myths (1993) served as a compendium that promotes "national and international access to Filipino folklore," were gathered from written sources rather than collected oral variants, and was intended to foster interest in the subject matter.
  26. 26. Damiana L. Eugenio • In this work, Eugenio also presented the collected narratives in a proper scholarly context that also justified the inclusion of the legends of saints, as opposed to being a pure collection of myths. This particular volume was also described as a recommended work for "any individual interested in issues of Filipino worldviews and value systems, to any scholar investigating myths across cultures, and to anyone who enjoys the insights that a culture's narratives provide.
  27. 27. • The legend tells the story of the most beautiful maiden named Daragang Magayon in Bikolandia or Kabikolan, During their time, it is prohibited for a maiden to marry a man living outside the Kabikulan.
  28. 28. • Daragang Magayon had a native and rich but selfish suitor named Paratuga, but she fell in love with a stranger, a Tagalog, named Panganoron who saved her life.
  29. 29. • One night, she told her father Tiong Makusog about her love affair with the stranger and though it is prohibited and it hurts the father's heart to know that his only daughter is in love with a stranger he still told her that he will find the best way to fulfill the wish of his daughter.
  30. 30. • Unfortunately, Paratuga kidnapped Tiong Makusog and demanded Daragang Makusog to marry him in exchange of the life of his father.
  31. 31. • When Daragang Makusog learned about this, she hurriedly went to the house of Paratuga and agreed to marry him.
  32. 32. • Then the date of the marriage is announced. When the news finally reached Panganoron he planned to save the girl he loves and decide to throw a war against Paratuga.
  33. 33. • The war happened on the day of the wedding and there Daragang Magayon was killed with a stray arrow
  34. 34. • and when Panganoron is holding the weak body of the beloved, he was attacked from behind. Both of them were killed.
  35. 35. • Tiong Makusog buried his daughter along with all her belongings including the bride price given by Paratuga.
  36. 36. • The inhabitants of the land were surprised to the grave of Daragang Magayon into a hill. Also at the top of that hill were clouds that busrt out rain. And at night the people experience thundering noises of rolling stones and earthquakes. The hill kept growing and growing. Today, it is now known as The Mayon Volcano, deriving its name from "Magayon" and the name of the town Daraga is derived from Daragang.