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Intelligent Design with Philip Duff, Francesco Lafranconi, Joaquin Simo, Tobin Ellis & Shawn Soole

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Seminar on operational bar design from Tales of the Cocktail (New Orleans) 2016, taught on Thursday July 21st.

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Intelligent Design with Philip Duff, Francesco Lafranconi, Joaquin Simo, Tobin Ellis & Shawn Soole

  1. 1. INTELLIGENT DESIGN #INTELLIGENTDESIGN Philip Duff Francesco Lafranconi Tobin Ellis Joaquin Simo Shawn Soole
  3. 3. PHILIP DUFF T: @PHILIPDUFF IG: @PHILIPSDUFF - Owner, door 74, Amsterdam (W50BB #33) - Founder, Bols Bartending Academy, Amsterdam (12 bar stations) - Consultant, Liquid Solutions Consulting - Director of Education, Tales of the Cocktail
  4. 4. FRANCESCO LAFRANCONI T: @FRANCESCOLAFRAN IG: @FLAFRANCONI - Executive Director of Mixology & Spirits Educator, Southern Wine & Spirits, Nevada - Founder, The Academy of Spirits & Fine Service course
  5. 5. TOBIN ELLIS IG: @ELLIS_ISLANDS - Principal, BarMagic consulting, Las Vegas - Creator, “Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station” by Perlick
  6. 6. JOAQUÍN SIMÓ T: @POURINGRIBBONS IG: @POURING_RIBBONS - Bartender/Owner, Pouring Ribbons, New York - Partner, Alchemy Consulting, New York - American Bartender of the Year, 2012
  7. 7. SHAWN SOOLE T: @LIQUIDREV IG: @SHAWNSOOLE - Principal/Owner, S2 Hospitality Concepts, Victoria, B.C. (Canada) - Author, “Cocktail Culture”
  8. 8. IN THE BEGINNING: 1882
  9. 9. IN THE BEGINNING: 1882 “No matter how elegantly the place is fitted up, …their working bench is usually constructed in a very poor and ill-shaped manner”
  10. 10. IN THE BEGINNING: 1882
  12. 12. 1965: NE CORNER OF 63RD ST & 1ST AV
  13. 13. MOTIVES FOR BETTER BAR DESIGN - Need for speed - Industry professionalization - Advances in health, safety, hygiene - Explosive growth in on-trade
  14. 14. THE NUMBERS: (1) - 2 bartenders, 40 guests, craft cocktails -2 bar stations - $50,000 bar system vs. $100,000 bar system
  15. 15. THE NUMBERS: (2) - 2 bartenders, 40 guests, craft cocktails - 10 drinks/hour per bartender - x 8 hours per day, x 7 days per week - x 52 weeks per year = 58, 240 drinks @ $10 per = $582, 400
  16. 16. THE NUMBERS: (3) - $582, 400/year. What if it was a 10% speed improvement? 11 drinks/hour/bartender? Sales go from $582, 400 to $640, 640 Profits go from $58, 240 to $64, 064 Tips* go from $36, 800 to $40, 480 * Per bartender, 5 shifts/week, 46 weeks/year
  17. 17. THE NUMBERS: (4) - Extra $50,000 in bar systems paid back (through higher sales) in 10 months.
  18. 18. WHAT DEFINES YOUR SYSTEM? - Cost - Timing - Material availability - Concept
  19. 19. DOOR 74, AMSTERDAM
  21. 21. SHAWN SOOLE
  22. 22. LITTLE JUMBO
  23. 23. LITTLE JUMBO
  24. 24. LITTLE JUMBO
  25. 25. LITTLE JUMBO
  26. 26. LITTLE JUMBO
  27. 27. LITTLE JUMBO
  28. 28. LITTLE JUMBO
  29. 29. CONSULTING – SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE • Old hotel function space converted into a lounge • 60 pax lounge with a 40 seat patio and possible standing 120 pax functions. • Was told my plans were “over specified”
  31. 31. CONSULTING – JAPANESE VILLAGE • 35 year old restaurant • New bar layout & lounge • New back bar design • Wine storage moved into bar • Moulding the existing bar front into the new renovations • 160 seat restaurant, average of 400 covers a night
  33. 33. CONSULTING – CAFÉ MEXICO • 30 year restaurant that burnt down and wanted a new space • Bar is completely self contained • Slushie machine • Blender station • 4 beers on tap • Wanted to reuse the original ice well • Mirrored stations build over the original
  36. 36. JOAQUIN SIMO
  37. 37. Middle Bar Station with shared (w/ Service Well) stepped speed rail on the left side.
  38. 38. Service Bar Station with shared (w/ Middle Well) stepped speed rail on the Right side.
  39. 39. Service Bar Station with Pass, Dirty glassware staging area, trash, sink (w/foot pedals!), dishwasher, & ice room just through the pass-through window
  40. 40. The staff ranges from 5’2” to 6’5”, so there are steps built into the back bar to ensure we can all reach the backup bottles safely and quickly.
  41. 41. Your whole foot fits inside the steps, and there are hand holds to keep you securely in place when reaching for a bottle. Also note the red bar mats. They make it REALLY OBVIOUS when there are bev naps, straws, mint sprigs or anything on the floor. Y’know, so you have a visual reminder to pick them up and work clean. Ahem.
  42. 42. Raise your hand if you enjoy bending over a thousand times a night to grab a frozen glass from a top-loading freezer... No one? Really? Just shocking.
  43. 43. Top shelf has Coupes. Middle shelf holds Nick & Nora + Fizz glasses. Bottom shelf has Shard ice (for Highballs) and Cylinders (for Rocks).
  44. 44. Ice cream scoop dipper well at each station to hold bar spoons and ice cracker. Also useful for passively rinsing jiggers, speed pourers, muddlers and teaspoons.
  45. 45. Top view of dipper well in action. Also note the metal straw in there. We use those instead of plastic to minimize waste when tasting drinks as we go.
  46. 46. Foot pedals on all sinks behind the bar. Because no one has ever wanted to touch a faucet handle when their hands were covered in syrup or egg white. Fact.
  47. 47. Commercial freezer in back of house freezes all ice necessary for the following day’s service overnight. Also useful for backup purees and other non-stable items.
  48. 48. Manager on Duty arrives at 3pm to pull frozen molds for cylinders and shards for staff to harvest, refill & replace.
  49. 49. Tackle boxes are a wonderfully inexpensive alternative to pricey silicone molds for creating Collins- length ice spears.
  50. 50. This is our rolling prep station. This is what happens when you have no functional prep area in your back of house. It has almost everything we need to produce syrups, juices, extractions, and batches. It lives in front of the freezer in the rear office, with juuuuuuuust enough space to fit them in and just barely be able to open and close the door. Barely.
  51. 51. Lower shelves hold cooking implements, cling wrap, and two induction burners.
  52. 52. Middle shelf holds Sunkist juicer, VitaMix blender, centrifugal extractor, spice grinder, gram scale, rubber gloves and fine strainers.
  53. 53. Top shelf is for Cambros & lids, measuring cups, knives (in sheaths) and plenty of quart & 1/2- quart containers and lids.
  54. 54. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs ‘Operational Design’ TOBIN ELLIS
  57. 57. Pulling Back The Curtain
  60. 60. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  61. 61. ZERO STEP BARTENDING. the Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station by Perlick
  62. 62. Winner: 2015 Good Design Award (Chicago Museum of Architecture & Design) Finalist: 2016 FCSI Foodservice Product of the Year
  63. 63. OF LAS VEGAS WE BUILD BARS | Concept - Design - Operations | Established 1997
  64. 64. INTELLIGENT DESIGN By Francesco Lafranconi
  65. 65. “Behind every project there is a dream with a purpose, a striving emotion, something intangible that soars within you. The Race Track is my dream to improve the working environment of my fellow bartenders.” Salute! Francesco Lafranconi Photo by Chris Devargas
  66. 66. THE RACE TRACK Photo by Vegas Seven “Style with substance. Contemporary design enmeshed with ergonomics and a functional soul. An harmonious balance between straight and curved lines.”-Francesco Lafranconi
  67. 67. RACE TRACK BAR STATION Photo by Jeff Green Photography
  68. 68. Built-in dripping pan for ice block 3-compartment oval ice bin with built-in hot water faucet 9 pans refrigerated garde manger display Shakers storage and dripping board Strainers storage trough dripping board 7 1/2 “ bar rail/scupper with extra underneath support that prevents to flex when muddling Deep well and water jet rinser Photo by Las Vegas Weekly Knives storage acrylic block Front refrigerated drawers and freezer Hot water hose interchangeable keg cocktail draft lines with wine ones Dimeable undercounted lighting Built-in cutting board with removable waste basket Bar towels cubby 3 liquor/syrups drawers (up to 52 bottles storage) RACE TRACK Features 7 under counter garnish pans (4 1/2” x 7”) 7 1/2” wide scupper/bar rail
  69. 69. STOCKING UP THE COCKPIT Front drawers capable to store up to 52 bottles including storing with pour spout
  70. 70. Built-in cutting board with removable waste basket Knives built-in place holder 9 pans refrigerated garde manger Each item belongs in its proper place
  71. 71. EACH ITEM BELONGS IN ITS PROPER PLACE “Hide ’n store” cubby designed to place bar towels during service Race Track solution Current happening in too many bars Extra shelving for dry storage under the sink Front station spice and bar tools drawers
  72. 72. Each item belongs in its proper place Book shelf-like glassware storage 10” height to allow fine tall wine glassware to fit as well Approx. 34” away from bartender’s arm reach
  73. 73. KEEP IT COOL BUT NOT MESSY Front drawers to store produce , dairy and pickled goods. Away from guest’s eyes when back bar refrigerator is open Punched stainless shelving inside the refrigerator to allow cold air flow and promote stability for bottles so do not tilt and fall Current case scenario in too many bars!!
  74. 74. HOT WATER FEATURES Retractible hot water (5ft) hose Built-in hot water faucet to “burn down” the ice without scooping it out so bartender or barback can resume other functions
  75. 75. PROMOTING YOUR CONCEPT THROUGH VISUAL CLUES Refrigerated see- through storing unit for Aperitifs and other beverages
  76. 76. Ergonomic improvements Pull out drawers for storing bottles Raised counter height from standard 29” to 34 1/2” Your Bar Station is first and foremost a workplace, it must promote easiness to clean, convenient to move around with a functional and pleasing lay out.
  77. 77. It’s all about the details…even if the guest won't see it Painted copper pipes under counter and floor ones for indirect waste. Also the grid has been painted to blend in with the bar room’s other materials colors Custom made stainless trash cans could host more garbage waste
  78. 78. STEPPIN’ ON THE RIGHT SURFACE Soft padded cushioning mats, custom cut. NOTE: Anti-fatigue mats are often used to decrease foot and lower limb disorders for workers who stand in one position for long periods. Mats should not slip, or create a trip hazard. The thickness of the mat. Softer and thicker may not always be better. Choose a mat that provides some elasticity, but at the same time is not so soft that a person feels they cannot stand comfortably. (source: www.ccohs.ca) Industrial quality anti-slippery floor