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Breif skills and understanding

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Breif skills and understanding

  1. 1. Contractual Brief Understanding I understand thatthis brief is a legaldocument that isbetween the clientand company. It isa brief that must besigned and copiesare made for theclient. This type ofbrief is permanentand will state theduration of theagreement. Contractual Brief skills learnt and required Skills learntwhen working tothis brief wouldinclude- Work as a team- Work toguidelines- Some work willbe done Independently Negotiated Brief Understanding I understand that this brief is more of anunderstanding typeof brief. Both partiescan put as muchinput as they wouldlike and both come toterms with the finalagreement.- Negotiated Brief skills learnt and required How to with workanothermember ofstaff- Develop animportantopinion- PresentationskillsFormal Formal Brief Understanding This brief is a shotinformative brief. Iunderstand that thisbrief is usuallypresented to a groupof people and isusually used for a big company; an examplewould be anadvertising company. I realize that thisbrief can be sentthrough PDF Formal Brief skills learnt and required Professionalsoftware use- Timemanagement
  2. 2. Informal Brief Understanding In comparison to aformal brief, aninformal brief is doneface to face. It givesthe clients andemployees anopportunity tounderstand exactlywhat they have to do,however I realize thatthis can been seen asan un professionaland will only be usedfor short briefs forsmall close workingcompanies. Informal brief skills learnt and required Socialnetworking Presentation skills Timemanagement Working dependently orin a group ofpeople Commission Brief understanding I understand thatbefore a commissionbrief is sent out theclient will researchinto detail the typesof people who theywant to employ tomake sure they arecertain they are rightfor the company orproduct. Commission Brief skills learnt and required Time management Good workethic Understandingof professional software’s Tender brief understanding I understand that thisbrief is similar to thecompetitive brief this brief is slightlydifferent as theemployees can askfor guidance from thecompany whereas acompetitive briefwould have no othercontact from thecompany. The onlyinformation wouldthey would receivewould be sentthrough on the brief. Tender brief skills learnt and requirements Presentationskills- Work wellunder pressure-
  3. 3. Learn how tobetter your competitors Co-operative brief understanding I understand that thisbrief focuses on thequality of customerservice. The ‘team ‘members of thiswork together and toproduce the bestvalue for theiraudience.-communication skills Co-operative brief skills learnt and required Social networking Customer careservice Better understandingof thecompany andbrief Competitive brief understanding Understand thatthis type of brief isextremelycompetitive, and isused for severaljobs within themedia industry. Skills Learnt and required Work wellunder pressure- Timemanagement- communication skills Be able to working dependentlyand plan inadvance