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Wood and its derivatives

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Wood and its derivatives

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Wood and its derivatives

  1. 1. WOOD AND ITS DERIVATIVES Wood: __Raw material of vegetable origin. It comes from the trunks of trees and bushes. ______________________________________________________ Properties: __Physical_ Good for electrical and thermal insulation, porous, hard material. __Ecological_ Renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material. ______________________________________________________ How to process wood: __Cut, prune, transport, remove bark, saw, dry and plane. ______________________________________________________ Classification of wood: __Hardwood_ Beech, oak, cherry, mahogany. __Softwood_ Pine, red and white firs, poplar. ______________________________________________________ Wood derivatives: __Prefabricated wood (Plywood, chipboard, fibreboard and hardboard and cellulose materials like paper, etc.) ______________________________________________________ Equipment and tools: __Measuring, marking and drawing_ Metal carpenter’s square, ruler, measuring tape, carpenter’s ruler, stencils, carpenter’s pencil, gauge, steel-pointed compass, etc.
  2. 2. __Securing_ Bench vice, bar clamp, C-clamp vice and ring clamp. __Cutting and sawing_ Saws and power saws. __Drilling_ Gimlet, hand drill and drill. __Carving or levelling_ Straight chisel, paring chisel, gouge, carpenter’s mallet, electric plane. __Planing or sanding_ Rasp, file, sandpaper, plane, teasel, grinder and sander. __Joining pieces_ Nails, screws, hinges, adhesives, assembly.