cloud computing cloud and dynamic infrastructure vision of cloud computing physical design/logical design of iot iot architecture and protocols applications of iot characteristics of iot introduction to internet of things (iot). internet of things crm and erp cloud adoption and rudiments and overview of cloud we bring punjab and other indian universites. this bok is d haryana m.e & m. tech.(cs/it) gene expresion data analysis and similar courses of various universites of madh social networking etc. in chapter 3 & 4 satelite image procesing chatisgarh cloud computing architecture presents the basics of cloud computing rajasthan utar pradesh each chapter of this bok contains student learning protein structure prediction cloud computing environments computer interfacing temperature sensor (lm35) installation and understanding basics of arduino i arduino interfacing temperature sensor (lm35) and/or humid displaying automatic night lamp interfacing light dependent resistor (ldr) and led displaying automatic night lamp..8-11 8.5. interfa interfacing button and led-led blinking when butto interfacing light emitting diode (led) - blinking iot smart city applications basics of c language using arduino ide iot wearable applications iot smart home applications iot iot by pawan thakur thakur dr. pawan thakur ms. susheela pathania operation research and micro economics. indore. dr. saraf has done ph.d in the faculty of quantitative techniques dr. vikas saraf is working as professor and direct dr. hari singh gour university sagar (m.p). he has bhopal. he has rich experience of industrial/teach professional bodies and associated with various na bhopal. he has taught at banasthali vidyapith (dee corporate communication and also developed teachin b.b.a and students. he has organized and pre dr viaks saraf pic dr vikas dr saraf dr. vikas saraf vim dr vikas saraf characteristics of cloud computing paas and saas) introduction definiton of cloud computing cloud infrastructure pros and cons of cloud computing service delivery models (iaas cloud deployment models/ types of cloud benefits of cloud computing types of cloud service models features pron and cons feature generation types memory computer input output device friend function function overloading inline function operator overloading virtual function polymorphic data member class inheritance public object private member function constructor software and user. an operating system is a system software that is r generation of computr features of computer types of computer bhopal. he has rich experience of teaching for mor m.c.a. & m.b.a. students. his areas of interest in students and also developed teaching module for b. managerial economics m. tech. bhopal & various other reputed institutes as a fac department of computer application & it in vidyasa fundamental of marketing oops with c++ entrepreneurship and management concepts and publi dss & mis operating system bhopal. he is currently working as asst. professo scit group of institutions run by maa kalyani shik trainer and consultant in the field of it and mana pawan thakur is the secretary oops programming m. phil.(cs) & m.a. (eco.). he is board of study m dbms saraf and thakur saraf & thakur c++ pawan thakur introduction and feature of c++ character and toke data type advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing cloud services requirements cloud computing reference model : an overview m cl historical development characteristics of cloud computing as per nist
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