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  1. 1. A PROMISE OF EXCELLENCEBPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 1 18/07/11 3:24 PM
  2. 2. CONTENTS Energising Lives 4 Hi - Tech Refining 6 Innovative Marketing 10 Exploring New Frontiers 14 Driving Aspirations 16 Evolving Solutions 18 BPCL Group 20 Striking A Balance 22 Green Vision 24 Peak Performance 26BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 2-3 18/07/11 3:24 PM
  3. 3. ‘ E NE RG I SI NG LI V ES’ O F A BI LLI O N I ND I ANS Petroleum products touch lives in alternate forms of energy and has taken substantially enhance this capacity are multifarious ways. From energising two- important initial steps in this direction. taking shape. Marketing infrastructure wheelers that ride down narrow lanes to The Company has formed subsidiaries is being consolidated through fuelling aeroplanes that cut across skies that are directed at harnessing the augmentation of storage capacity, making distances closer, from lighting alternate forms of energy – bio-fuels, pipelines and network expansion. homes in remote places to illuminating sun and wind. Discoveries of oil and gas in blocks modern ones, from charging industrial off Brazil and Mozambique, where Success in the corporate world BPCL has participating interests, have furnaces to lubricating a labyrinth emanates from relentless pursuit of of gears. The list is endless and over given great impetus to the Company’s excellence. Leveraging technology and initiative in Exploration and Production billions of lives globally are energised people to drive customer aspirations, by petroleum products in one form through its wholly owned subsidiary, is BPCL’s goal. Post its nationalisation Bharat PetroResources Ltd. or the other. Playing a pivotal role in 1976, the Company’s growth has in energising Indian lives is Bharat been phenomenal. BPCL has a turnover Little wonder then that BPCL finds ENERGISING LIVES Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL). BPCL marks its strong presence as a nearing USD 30 billion and its Profit after Tax over USD 500 million; BPCL’s Gross mention amongst the world’s ‘Fortune Global 500’ companies, features in totally integrated company across the Fixed Assets are over USD 5 billion. the ‘Forbes’ corporate rankings and entire petroleum value chain. Refining is among the top 100 Global Energy BPCL believes ‘Energising Lives’ can Companies listed by Platts. and Marketing of petroleum products only be meaningful, if it responsibly have been core areas of activity and more contributes to society and the Energising Lives, in an innovative way, recently, important forays have been environment, apart from its business. To is the core purpose of BPCL. made in Exploration and Production. BPCL, some of its finest achievements BPCL has a pan India operation and aren’t found in its balance sheets, but offers quality products and services in small towns and villages spread to its wide array of customers. From across India, where BPCL has had the those residing in modern cities to the opportunity to contribute. BPCL has ones tucked away in rural India, BPCL also worked extensively to ensure has always pioneered solutions for greening of the environment in many customers’ convenience. sublime ways. Part of BPCL’s vision is to be a ‘Global BPCL is now poised for a quantum leap. Energy Company’. In addition to Refining capacity is already in excess marketing conventional fuels in of the 30 Million Metric Tonnes Per India and abroad, BPCL is promoting Annum (MMTPA) mark, and plans to 5BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 4-5 18/07/11 3:25 PM
  4. 4. R E FI NE R I ES – SE T TI NG G LO BAL STA N DA RD S Refining is a core activity for BPCL. Crude recovery of Hydrogen from Catalytic oil, available in nature, is processed Reformer Unit (CRU) off-gas, production through refining to generate value of light lube fractions etc. also enhance added products and fuels. Technology efficiencies at all the Refineries. deployed then becomes the basis for Information Technology applications are the entire range of end products. enmeshed to help streamline processes The BPCL Group has four Refineries and improve decision making. These with state-of-the-art technology. applications include Manufacturing Strategically located to cover India’s Execution Systems (MES) consisting geographic expanse, the Mumbai of software solutions for Planning, Refinery in the west and Kochi Refinery Scheduling, Blending, Production and in the south have a refining capacity of Laboratory Information Management 12 MMTPA and 9.5 MMTPA respectively. Systems (LIMS). The Joint Venture Refinery at Bina in Central India and subsidiary, Numaligarh MUMBAI REFINERY Refinery in the north-east has a capacity of 6 MMTPA and 3 MMTPA respectively. Mumbai Refinery is one of the most These are the nerve centres that versatile refineries in India. Commissioned enable BPCL to service the needs of in 1955, the refinery was modernised its consumers across the length and and scaled up from its 2.5 MMTPA to its breadth of the country. 12 MMTPA present capacity, without complete shutdowns. A feat in itself! The most modern infrastructure at all the four Refineries provides flexibility The refinery is capable of processing 63 and enables BPCL to maximise value different types of crude. Accredited with from different varieties of crude. Apart an ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management from the Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), System) and a NABL (National the infrastructure includes the Vacuum Accreditation Board for Testing and Distillation Unit (VDU), Fluid Catalytic Calibration of Laboratories) certification Cracker Unit (FCCU), Hydrocracker Unit, for its Quality Assurance Laboratory, Aromatic Recovery Unit (ARU), Lube Oil the refinery has maintained the highest Base Stock Unit (LOBS) and MS block. standards of quality throughout. An energised workforce has taken the Coupled with this are the Diesel Hydro initiative to form ‘Quality Circles’ and Six De-Sulphurisation (DHDS) Units and Sigma clubs. Its present project to provide Reverse Osmosis Mineralisation Units, a Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCR) which ensure that the fuels produced are is to increase the production of Euro IV environment-friendly and conform to the grade Motor Spirit (MS) and High Speed most stringent international standards. Diesel (HSD) at Mumbai Refinery. The infrastructure also facilitates safe In its attempt to constantly innovate and efficient operations. Initiatives like and improvise, Mumbai Refinery has HI-TECH REFINING the and substitution of Naphtha as feed fuel by Re-gasified LNG (RLNG), recently implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) under 7BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 6-7 18/07/11 3:25 PM
  5. 5. audit certification from M/s. DNV. The Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) to berth commitment and contribution to country product pipeline from Bina integration covers the Refinery’s Quality in the high sea and unload crude oil socio-economic development of the to Kota (Rajasthan) will facilitate Management System (ISO 9001:2008), through an underground pipeline to state, combined with a track record swift evacuation of MS, HSD, SKO Environmental Management System the Refinery. of continuous growth, NRL has been and ATF from the new refinery at (ISO 14001:2004) and Occupational conferred the status of a ‘Mini Ratna’ Bina to markets of north India. BPCL’s Kochi Refinery has also Health and Safety Management System PSU. implemented world class systems for (OHSAS 18001:2007). Value maximisation with ‘state-of- operations, along with an enterprise- NRL’s product range includes LPG, the-art’ Refining Technology. The integration also brings in many wide resource planning system. It Naphtha, MS, ATF, SKO, HSD, Raw benefits to BPCL by way of streamlined is also an ISO 14001 EMS and ISO Petroleum Coke (RPC), Calcined processes, reduced documentation, 9001:2000 QMS accredited unit. The Petroleum Coke (CPC) and Sulphur. saving on valuable time and security. Kochi Refinery has also obtained the Mumbai Refinery has, to its credit, the ISO 17025 (Testing Methods in Quality NRL has taken a strategic decision achievement of being the first Indian Control) certification from NABL. The to enter into Retail Distribution, to worksite to achieve a Level 8 rating on Refinery has successfully implemented market MS and HSD. Through a chain the International Safety Rating System the OHSAS 18001:2007 in the year of attractive Retail Outlets, developed (ISRS). 2009. in a phased manner in the north-east, NRL has been able to provide excellent Mumbai Refinery’s bouquet of The product portfolio of the Refinery service to its retail consumers. offerings includes light (MS, Liquefied today includes petrochemical feedstocks Petroleum Gas (LPG), etc.), middle and speciality products in addition BINA – BHARAT OMAN REFINERY LTD (Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO), HSD, to its range of quality fuels like LPG, (BORL). etc.) and heavy distillates (Furnace Naphtha, MS, SKO, Aviation Turbine Oil (FO), Light Diesel Oil (LDO), Fuel (ATF), HSD, Fuel Oils and Bitumen. BORL is promoted by BPCL and Oman Bitumen, Lube oil base stock, etc.) as Speciality products for the domestic Oil Company Ltd. is a partner in well as petrochemicals like Benzene, market include Benzene, Toluene, this project. The 6 MMTPA refinery, Toluene and Hexane. It also markets Propylene, Special Boiling Point Spirit, commissioned as a grassroots refinery, Sulphur derived from the refinery as a Poly-isobutene, Crumb Rubber Modified is located at Bina in Madhya Pradesh. by-product. Bitumen (CRMB) and Sulphur. Spread across 1900 acres of land in Bina, the plant has the latest technology KOCHI REFINERY NUMALIGARH REFINERY and a host of modern infrastructure. A BPCL’s Kochi Refinery is located in Nestling in the sylvan environs of the separate ‘Petroleum Coke’ Recovery picturesque green surroundings, at Brahmaputra valley, where the beautiful Unit and Sulphur Recovery Unit are the outskirts of the city of Kochi, in rendezvous of water and land throws up synchronised with the manufacturing Kerala. Commissioned as a stand-alone myriad colours, is Numaligarh Refinery. process to ensure maximisation of refinery in 1965, with supporting stake Set up in the district of Golaghat, Assam, refining margins. With an in-house from the Government of India and Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) 100 megawatt Power Generation Unit Kerala, the Refinery was inducted into was inducted into the BPCL family with and a marketing storage terminal with the Bharat Petroleum family through a the acquisition of 62.5% of the Central 4.45 lakh KL tankage, the refinery is a merger in 2006. Government shares by BPCL. It is a representative of the new generation subsidiary that lends marketing strength refineries. Spread across 1100 acres of land, the to BPCL in the eastern tract of India. refining capacity of Kochi Refinery has Bina, a strategic central India location, been enhanced to 9.5 MMTPA, post The 3 MMTPA Refinery has been able to will play a pivotal role in BPCL’s the merger. The Refinery has a Single display creditable performance since supplies to the markets of central Point Mooring (SPM) that allows Very commencement. With its concern, and north India. A 257 km long cross- 9BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 8-9 18/07/11 3:25 PM
  6. 6. PI O NE E R I NG SO LUTI O NS TO E NR I C H CO NSUME R E X PE R I E NC E BPCL is considered a leader in first in the industry and guarantees the manufacturing processes. Marketing and has been a pioneer of highest quality of products and services many initiatives in India’s oil sector. to motorists. The first loyalty program LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG) Customers’ evolving aspirations are for motorists through ‘Petro Card’ and ‘Bharatgas’ reaches out to 30 million constantly mapped and a sustained ‘SmartFleet’ Cards has ensured rewards homes today. The product is easily made effort is made to fulfill them by for a multitude of fuelling customers. Large available to its customers, delivered providing added value. Over time, format outlets ‘Ghar’ provide a haven to at their doorstep 24x7, through online many non-fuel products and services highway travellers with restrooms and booking, SMS and IVRS booking facilities. have also been made available at BPCL dhabas. The In & Out stores at outlets Customers are serviced through a network outlets, to provide convenience. offer convenience to consumers, apart of around 2350 LPG distributorships and from other services like Bank ATMs, Quick 49 LPG Bottling Plants located across the BPCL has six transactional Strategic Service Restaurants, ticketing through Business Units (SBUs) aimed at country. BPCL also caters to numerous the e-traveller, Western Union money commercial and industrial establishments. addressing the needs of various transfer and a basket of services that have customer segments, namely With LPG now being used to fuel transformed the buying experience at automobiles, Auto LPG is now available at Retail, Lubricants, LPG, Industrial petrol stations. & Commercial, Aviation and Gas. select BPCL outlets. BPCL has developed an elaborate The Retail network is backed by a robust BPCL’s innovative ways have come to the infrastructure and marketing network storage infrastructure and logistic support. fore. ‘Bharat Metal Cutting Gas’ (BMCG) across the country to service the wide Over 3 million Kls of storage tanks spread is a solution to replace conventional spectrum of customers. Today BPCL across 141 storage depots and installations, Acetylene, for metal cutting and brazing markets around 30 MMT of products product pipelines and contracted road applications. Performance efficiency per annum. transport form the logistics support of the product and its environment- system. A ‘Vehicle Tracking System’ has friendly property has given tremendous The product range being offered by been introduced to cover the entire confidence amongst the industrial users, BPCL today is large and complex. fleet of lorries carrying fuel to the petrol both in India and abroad. Innovations have enabled the company stations, so that quality standards are not to significantly impact millions compromised at any stage. ‘Beyond LPG’, a service innovation, was of customers’ lives and sustain a conceptualised to retail home essentials leadership position. Automation of Retail Outlets through (both white goods and FMCG), through best-in-class technology will give further the marketing network to the 30 million AUTOMOTIVE FUELS comfort to customers and ensure that households, the channel has access to. a visit to a BPCL Outlet is an even more A wide range of products from leading BPCL effectively serves the needs of delightful experience. automotive customers’ requirements companies are made available to of fuels and services through its Retail KEROSENE network. It markets Petrol, Diesel, Branded fuels, Compressed Natural Kerosene, the fuel that lights up millions of kitchens in the remotest corners of Gas (CNG), Auto LPG and Lubricants the country, is supplied through a well through its network of 9000 plus Retail established network of Dealers and in Outlets, well spread across the country. close coordination with the public BPCL pioneered branded fuels in the distribution system of the state Indian market. ‘Speed’, ‘Speed 97’ governments. Kerosene is also INNOVATIVE MARKETING and ‘Hi-Speed Diesel’ are popular brands. ‘Pure for Sure’ was another supplied in bulk to Industries that require it during their 11BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 10-11 18/07/11 3:25 PM
  7. 7. Finolex, CEAT, NTPC, Bharat Forge, Another JV, Delhi Aviation Fuel Facility Recent finds of gas around Mozambique L&T, Asian Paints, Goodlass Nerolac, Private Limited, has been promoted will considerably strengthen BPCL’s Railways, State Transport Undertakings, by BPCL, IOCL and Delhi International position in this area of gas marketing. NALCO, BALCO, TISCO, TELCO, BHEL, Airport Limited (DIAL) for implementing BAJAJ, SAIL, Grasim, Birla Cements, Aviation Fuel facility for the new T3 Madras Cements, Reliance Industries, Terminal at Delhi International Airport. Glaxo, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories and BPCL’s customer list includes a host of many more. (Horticulture Mineral Oil) and LLPO national and international names from (Light Liquid Paraffin Oil) for the The company has entered into the the airline industry. It also services the cosmetic sector, have turned out to be international bunkering segment requirements of the nation’s Defence households through the LPG distributor runaway successes. for marketing 380 cst fuel oil by services like the Indian Air Force, network. commissioning facilities at Mumbai and Indian Army, Indian Navy and the Coast MAK has entered into tie-ups with Kochi. ‘Cook Food, Serve Love’ continues to be the Guard. major OEMs like TATA, Hero Honda objective for ‘Bharatgas’ marketed for use and Escorts to introduce specialised BPCL offers its customers the facility to NATURAL GAS as a cooking fuel. It is extremely satisfying oils. MAK has also made forays into transact online through its e-biz portal Natural Gas is being hailed as the fuel to touch millions of lives every day! international markets like Sri Lanka, and a large number of customers are of the 21st century. Economical and LUBRICANTS Bangladesh, Nepal and the Middle benefitting from this very convenient safe, it is the cleanest burning fossil East. system. fuel and produces minimal emissions BPCL’s MAK brand of lubricants is the fastest growing brand in its category A strong Research and Development AVIATION TURBINE FUEL of particulate matter. Natural Gas and has a wide range of products for competency facilitating continuous can be supplied through pipelines BPCL in its earlier avatar commenced Automotive and Industrial customers. product upgrades and an energetic without any need for storage. Natural aviation operations in India way back MAK grades of lubricants are made workforce has seen the MAK brand Gas is available for marketing in three in the 1930s and has to its credit available through an elaborate network take tremendous strides and live up to forms – Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), the fuelling of JRD Tata’s solo flight comprising of the ‘Bazaar’, ‘BPCL’s Retail its tag line ‘ MAK makes it possible’! Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and in 1932. The company today caters Outlets’, Primary Lubes Distributors (PLDs) Piped Natural Gas (PNG). While LNG is INDUSTRIAL FUELS to the needs of the world’s leading and direct sales. mainly used in industries, CNG is used airlines, both Indian and international. BPCL ably caters to the needs of in vehicles and PNG is made available Given the healthy Indian economy and a It provides both Jet Fuel and Aero- industrial houses that require to homes for cooking. buoyant Indian auto sector, the company Lubricants (Aero-Shell grades) to aircraft petroleum products in bulk. Various is giving special focus to the Automobile operators. BPCL strictly follows quality BPCL was one of the first movers in industrial segments like steel, cement, sector. It also reaches out to core sectors control requirements laid down by the the emerging gas market in India by power, bunkering, petrochemicals, like the Railways, Defence, Coal, Marine and Directorate General of Civil Aviation becoming one of the promoters of fertiliser and infrastructure have relied Steel. (DGCA) India and makes available world ‘Petronet LNG Limited’ (PLL). BPCL is on BPCL for smooth and uninterrupted class service to all its customers. also a pioneer in setting up City Gas BPCL’s Mumbai Refinery produces the best- supplies. Distribution (CGD) networks in India in-class Group II + category base oil. Blended Products marketed by BPCL in bulk BPCL has a strong presence across and has promoted four Joint Venture with world class additives in three blending include fuels (Petrol, Diesel, Naphtha, 30 airports in India with storage and Companies in this area. BPCL’s JV plants across the country, MAK has over 350 FO, LSHS, LDO etc.), special products fuelling infrastructure, apart from ‘Indrapastha Gas’ has been a pioneer SKUs of superior quality oils and greases like Special Boiling Point (SBP) spirit, technology-based support systems. in ushering Natural Gas in the Delhi varying in size, from 250 ml to 210 litres. Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO), Hexane BPCL has also partnered M/s. ST Airport market. (Food grade), and Petrochemicals Pte Limited, Singapore to form a Joint Constant innovations like new oil Venture Company, Bharat Stars Services BPCL is one of the marketers of LNG formulations have been the success (Benzene, Toluene, Polypropylene, Xylene etc.), Bitumen, Bio-diesel and Private Limited (BSSPL). BSSPL provides which is made available from the PLL score for the brand in one of the most into-plane fuelling services at the new terminals at Dahej and Kochi. Gas Sale competitive sectors of the petroleum Wax are also marketed. Bengaluru International Airport. Similar Agreements have also been signed by industry. Recent innovations like Customers who source their fuel companies are now being formed to BPCL with various customers in the MAK HITEMP XTRA SM GREASE for requirement in bulk from BPCL include meet the demands of Delhi, Calicut and power, fertilizer and steel sectors, for Sugar Mills, MAK all season HMO INFOSYS, TAJ Group, Nestle, HLL, other city aviation operations. long term supply of LNG. 13BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 12-13 18/07/11 3:25 PM
  8. 8. SO URC I NG ‘ BLAC K G O LD ’ While Refining and Marketing of Recently, world class finds have been Petroleum products remain core reported from operators of a few activities, BPCL has embarked on blocks. Successful commercialisation a major initiative in Exploration would give the Company access to and Production and has now firmly substantial quantity of Oil in Brazil and established itself across the petroleum Gas in Mozambique. value chain. Success in this area will enable the Company to be better The search for Black Gold goes on and equipped to deal with the vagaries of every discovery helps BPCL reduce international crude prices. dependency on expensive imports. While the Company would continue to source crude oil and finished products through its very efficient International Trading team, the entry into Exploration and Production has gradually assumed great significance. In 2006, BPCL formed a wholly- owned subsidiary company, Bharat PetroResources Ltd. with the objective of implementing BPCL’s plans in the upstream sector. BPRL, in consortium with various partners, in a very short time, has now acquired interests in 26 blocks in 7 countries, across 5 continents. The total acreage of these blocks covers over 81000 sq. km. Besides 9 blocks in India, 19 blocks are spread over Australia, Brazil, East Timor, Indonesia, Mozambique and the UK. BPCL has also shown keen interest in the latest stone - ‘SHALE’, whose potential to have large amount of trapped Natural Gas is becoming prominent. BPCL has sought to explore some of the Australian Shale acreages. EXPLORING NEW FRONTIERS 15BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 14-15 18/07/11 3:25 PM
  9. 9. E NE RG I SI NG LI V ES TH RO UG H PEO PLE , TEC H NO LO GY & BR AND S LEVERAGING INFO-TECHNOLOGY Recognising BPCL’s prowess in IT, for INVALUABLE BRANDS Info-Technology has always been one of the fourth time in succession, SAP BPCL has had the privilege of launching the key drivers for BPCL in all its activities. has awarded BPCL’s ERP Competency some of the most prominent brands of The SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Centre with the CCOE (Customer the Indian petroleum sector over the last Acquisition) system effectively monitors Centre of Excellence) certification for a decade. ‘Pure for Sure’, a service brand the safe functioning of the pipelines, period of two years. from BPCL, was launched in the Indian an Apron Fuel Management System is PEOPLE ABOVE OIL market to guarantee quality for motorists. provided for Aviation customers, Refineries ‘Pure for Sure’ not only addressed quality BPCL’s main strength continues to rely on MES – a software designed to issues, but also brought in a sea change in remain its talented and dedicated assist planning, scheduling and production the service parameters at a retail station. workforce of over 14000 employees. activities, smart card technology has been Keeping the workforce highly ‘Speed’, the first of the branded fuels to used to design and offer loyalty cards, motivated has been a key area of reach the Indian market was introduced B2B and B2C transactional platforms are focus. Recruiting highly qualified by BPCL. With additives in the fuel created to assist Industrial customers and personnel, developing customized cleaning carbon deposits in the engine, it global aviation consumers to transact training programmes, employing ensured smoother drives. Speed now has business online. the best management practices and variants such as Speed 97 – a fuel for high- BPCL has entrenched IT systems into its encouraging innovations have been end petrol cars with a 97 octane rating, complete operations. A comprehensive cornerstones of the company’s HR ‘Hi-Speed Diesel’ – a green fuel for diesel Enterprise wide Resource Planning policy. vehicles, specially high-end cars, SUVs and (ERP) System covering Finance, HR and the trucking segment. ‘Petro Card’ and BPCL works with leading global Operational transaction modules forms consultants to benchmark thereafter the ‘SmartFleet’ Card (for fleet the robust back-end. Other applications performances and chalk out clear owners) were instruments designed for are being developed internally and career plans for its employees. The BPCL’s loyalty programme - ‘Petro Bonus’. placed on them to suit BPCL’s business highly competitive environment The loyalty programme covers purchases of requirements like: and the Company’s foray into new Petrol, Diesel, Lubricants and those made in • “Access Control” module of the businesses have emphasised the need BPCL’s ‘In & Out’ stores. Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) to nurture new competencies. BPCL solution of SAP R/3 was completed has used various learning modes to ’MAK’, BPCL’s Lubricants brand, has the in all businesses. An important engage and motivate employees. The highest recall and is the umbrella brand for part of the overall risk mitigation ‘IDEAS’ platform is an initiative to more than 350 SKUs of variants of Lubricants mechanism, the solution will enable recognise and promote creativity at the meant for the automotive, marine and transparency and the availability of workplace, the ‘Socratix’ competition industrial sectors, heavy equipments and an audit trail. gives an opportunity to hone analytical specialist grades. Striving for succession in skills and develop strategic insights, a highly competitive environment, ‘MAK’ • “New General Ledger” solution in SAP the ‘Mercurix’ competition uses the has been gaining considerable equity and R/3, addressing the requirements storytelling method as an effective tool recognition in the market. of accounting procedures, was successfully installed one year ahead for leadership and culture building in ‘Bharatgas’ is BPCL’s LPG offering to its of its eligibility according to the the organisation and the ‘Brand Quiz customers and has a customer base of Indian GAAP. Baadshah’ Contest promotes learning over 27 million people. Innovations, like the through ‘infotainment’. Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (BMCG) designed • Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards have been made available to role BPCL’s core objective is to ‘Energise with a view to replace acetylene, during DRIVING ASPIRATIONS holders in all businesses and for the senior management team. The system has many user-friendly features Lives’ and it is critical that to carry out this humungous responsibility, its employees are suitably energised at all the metal cutting process, is also being recognised for being environment-friendly. and being role-based, provides all times. The company’s investment in its BPCL is one of the few brands in India to be the information needed for taking people has ensured that morale at the awarded both ‘Superbrand’ and ‘Power effective business decisions. workplace is always high. Brand’ status. Bharat Petroleum COOK FOOD. SERVE LOVE. Aviation Service 17BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 16-17 18/07/11 3:26 PM
  10. 10. R ESEARC H AND D E V E LO PME NT BPCL’s backbone in the competitive of all major OEMs in the country and usage in the plant optimised for the environment is its ‘Research and important International OEMs. New two Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units Development’ arm. The Corporate products developed include Passenger BPCL’s R&D team has also undertaken R&D Centre is based in Greater Noida, Car Engine Oil, Fully Synthetic Gear Oil, several projects in the areas of non- the Product and Application Centre customer specific Metal Working Fluid, conventional energy and alternate is based in Sewree, Mumbai, and High Performance Grease, MAK all fuels to support its sustainable another wing is at Kochi Refinery. BPCL season HMO (Horticulture Mineral Oil) development activities. A novel project has its research collaborations with a and LLPO (Light Liquid Paraffin Oil) for on development of hybrid hydrogen number of leading research institutes. the cosmetic industry etc. generation process has also been These include collaborations with Some of the products developed in- taken up. Likewise, alternate routes Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, for conversion of biomass to fuels are Osmania University, Hyderabad, house by the BPCL’s R&D team and commercialised are: being looked into for energy security. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, IIT Roorkee, IIT Madras • A cost-effective additive for LPG- BPCL continues to reap the benefits of and Institute of Plasma Research, based Bharat Metal Cutting Gas its investments in the field of Research Gandhinagar. (BMCG) and Development and also knows that the current work would also BPCL’s R&D Centres are equipped • Diesel cetane improvers, gasoline translate into better business benefits with comprehensive, state-of-the- octane boosters and lubricity in terms of improving BPCL’s market art facilities and manpower required improvers share, making available better quality for evaluation and development of • Novel cost effective bitumen products, reduce input costs etc., in Fuels, Lubricants and Specialities packaging the years to come. (alternate energy included). It also has • Process schemes developed for a Laboratory Information Management new grades of bitumen, e.g., PMB System (LIMS) for database (Polymer Modified Bitumen), BE management. (Bitumen Emulsion), Higher grades of BPCL’s R&D arm has been actively Bitumen etc. involved in supporting corporate • Detailed crude evaluation data businesses through constant generated on more than 50 new technical supports and novel product crude oils being processed/likely to development for niche application be processed in the refinery areas leading to new business development. BPCL also continues to • Process schemes based on additives file patent applications periodically developed for cost-effective additive to protect the intellectual property for reduction of cutter-stock in that resulted from such innovative FO, high octane gasoline, cetane research. improvers for diesel, etc. • LPG Sweetening Catalyst Research and Development for the Lubricants Business has resulted in • Formulation of cost-effective additive development of new formulations and for producing Speed 97 and its alternate formulations for the existing successful commercialisation EVOLVING SOLUTIONS Lube and Grease products. Products developed by BPCL enjoy the approval • Improved cost-effective catalysts and additives selected and conditions for 19BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 18-19 18/07/11 3:26 PM
  11. 11. DIVERSIFIED OFFERINGS Bharat Petroleum was formed in 1976, With the opening of the Aviation and was conducting operations only sector, and the resultant privatisation with its Mumbai Refinery. The company of airports, BPCL formed a JV with has shown tremendous organic and M/s. ST Airport Pte Ltd., Singapore in inorganic growth since then. In 2006, 2007. BSSPL today provides into-plane Kochi Refinery, a stand-alone refinery fuelling services in Bengaluru and in the south, was merged with BPCL. other Aviation fuelling stations. Prior to that, BPCL also purchased the The BPCL group of companies today Central Government shares of the Joint comprises: Venture Refinery in Assam – NRL - to • Bharat Oman Refineries Limited bring it as a subsidiary. A partnership Petronet LNG Ltd. (PLL) with Oman Oil Company has resulted • Bharat PetroResources Limited in the 6 MMTPA grass roots Refinery • Numaligarh Refineries Limited in Bina, M.P. These mergers, JV and acquisitions have assured BPCL product • Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) security and ensured sustained growth. • Sabarmati Gas Limited (SGL) • Central UP Gas Limited (CUGL) BPCL also diversified recently into Exploration and Production. A wholly- • Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited owned subsidiary company, BPRL was (MNGL) incorporated on 17th October, 2006 • Bharat Stars Services Private Limited with the objective of implementing (BSSPL) BPCL’s plans in the upstream • Bharat Renewable Energy Limited exploration and production sector. (BREL) ‘Indraprastha Gas Limited’ (IGL), a • Petronet CCK Limited (PCCKL) Joint Venture Company with the ‘Gas • Petronet India Limited (PIL) Authority of India Limited’ (GAIL), • Delhi Aviation Fuel Facility Private and some oil majors was set up for Limited the supply of CNG to the household • Matrix Bharat Marine Services Pte and automobile sectors in New Delhi. Limited (MBMS) Thereafter, BPCL has formed various JVs with different State Governments The company plans to invest to form City Gas Distribution Units in gas based Power plants and (CGDUs). Petrochemicals in future. BPCL group 21BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 20-21 18/07/11 3:26 PM
  12. 12. R ESPO NSI BLITY TOWAR D S SO C IE TY BPCL’s core values of Innovation, Care Three major targeted areas are: to participate in the nation building and Reliability (INCARE) are not just programme of their own volition. • Education limited to its business. These values • Retention of ground water BPCL’s focus is on building sustainable also drive the Company’s initiative communities through appropriate for the betterment of society. At • Community development and health. interventions. BPCL, ‘Good corporate citizenship’ Notable or prominent among them is not just about governance and are: profitable business. It is believed that it is equally important to give CAL – Computer Assisted Learning back to society, which is why BPCL programme, which commenced believes that some of its finest with a few schools and students achievements are those found in in Maharashtra and has gained small towns and villages spread momentum due to ease of replication (in association with Teach For India). across India, where BPCL had the opportunity to contribute. EAP – Education Assistance Programme, a study cum vocational BPCL’s CSR initiative started out training programme. with the adoption of 37 backward villages across India. The initial LABS – Livelihood Advancement approach towards the villages was to Business School, addressing the need provide them with basic amenities of school and college dropouts, along and direct them towards creating with collaborative partner Dr. Reddy’s a self-sustaining village model. Laboratories. BPCL was soon seen participating BPCL’s contribution to water in various philanthropic activities conservation initiative commenced like educational support through with an initial project to prevent scholarships, health programmes, rainwater drain off in certain hilly areas. medical camps, infrastructure Titled ‘Boond’ and using the concept development like construction of of ‘Shramdaan’, the project was a roads, buildings and community runaway success. This was followed centres in tribal areas, women by ‘Boond – 2, 3 and 4’ projects empowerment, waste disposal spread across various states like Tamil system, housing for the poor Nadu, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh etc. schemes etc. Now, water conservation has a larger Over time, BPCL has been able to meaning and purpose for BPCL and realise the importance of a focused many more projects are being planned. contribution, which will go a long BPCL has, over the years, way towards ‘Nation Building’ on contributed significantly to community a larger canvas. Inspired with a development and health. The vision of being a model corporate ‘Shramdaan’ efforts are aimed entity , BPCL stands committed to towards nurturing our employees STRIKING A BALANCE ‘Energising Lives through Sustainable Development’. and business associates by providing them opportunities 23BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 22-23 18/07/11 3:26 PM
  13. 13. A CLEANER AND GREENER ENVIRONMENT Global oil majors have the onerous Companies to join the Carbon BPCL’s focus on promoting green responsibility of ensuring a brighter Disclosure Project, since its launch fuels was to protect the environment and better planet for ‘Gen Next’. Driven year in India in 2007. by reducing pollution and also by the corporate promise to be ‘Caring’ dependency on imported fuels. Tracts in all its dealings, BPCL is committed to BPCL was also one of the first to of unproductive, barren and non- meet business demands while ensuring publish the ‘Corporate Sustainability cultivable fallow land are being used for minimal impact on the environment. Report 2006-07’. For the year 2007-08, the growth of ‘Jatropha’ and ‘Karanj’ Capital investments have been made BPCL decided to adopt GRI norms in plants. The plantations contribute to modernise facilities at Refineries, preparing this report for the next year towards environment protection, such that the product portfolio and get the same validated through prevention of soil erosion and provide includes cleaner fuels (sulphur content an ‘Assurance Report’ by an independent feedstock for manufacturing Bio-diesel. minimised) that meet strict Euro III & agency. BPCL is the first Company in the ‘Project Triple One’ has been launched IV norms. Oil Industry to adopt stringent norms in the State of Uttar Pradesh with the of GR3 for its Corporate Sustainability aim of cultivating one million acres of BPCL is also one of the front-runners Report. wasteland, creating one million jobs in India in developing initiatives in and producing one million tonnes response to climate change and in Other initiatives undertaken by BPCL to of Bio-diesel from the plantation to reduction of GHG emissions. Always protect the environment across various replace diesel over the next 10 years. ahead of stipulated norms, BPCL also locations are: has state-of-the-art storage facilities BPCL has made a foray to harness wind • Oil Water Separator (OWS) that arrest fugitive emissions at storage energy and has acquired windmills with • Air/water/ground water testing and a capacity to generate 5 MW of power facilities, which are considered to be a limiting within norms in Karnataka. This power is transferred potential safety hazard. • Benzene vapour recovery system to the Karnataka State Electricity Oil sludge from storage tanks is grid. BPCL also plans to make further normally to be buried, as per the • Rainwater harvesting at water resource crunch places investments in windmills in the states Pollution Control Board’s norms. BPCL of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat however, avoids soil pollution by • Waste water recycling and re-use and Madhya Pradesh. treating the sludge by a bio-remedial • Greening of road corridors/islands/ process with the oil zappers supplied storage locations A 1 MW capacity grid connected solar by TERI. farm is being set up at BPCL’s LPG • Bio-gas plant/Vermiculture from Bottling Plant in Lalru, in the State BPCL has systems in place to arrest/ canteen wastes at Refinery of Punjab. BPCL has signed a Power monitor the emissions at various • Solar heating, windmill, solar cell Purchase Agreement with the Punjab depots, bottling plants and refineries. power for lighting/RO State Electricity Board. The farm As per the norms of the Pollution • Encon i.e. Energy Conservation clubs which will be spread across an area of Control Board, BPCL submits returns 4 acres, has been conceived to avail with schools/colleges (25 formed) indicating the level of pollution in air/ of carbon emission credits under the water/SO2/CO2/COD/ATS vis-à-vis • Eco-park at Kochi Refinery Kyoto protocol. various limits. All such emissions are • Butterfly park at Numaligarh Refinery GREEN VISION well within the prescribed limits. 45 Clean Development Mechanism GREEN ENERGY OFFERING BPCL has made considerable progress as BPCL has over the last few years published its ‘Corporate Sustainability Report’ which is available on the (CDM) projects were identified during it makes the transition from being an ‘Oil corporate website. 2006 and their feasibility studies were Company’ to one that offers a complete carried out to explore possibilities for basket of exploitable energy options. ’Carbon Credits’. Environment related Laying strong emphasis on being present projects of Refineries and Marketing across the entire Petroleum value chain, are screened for opportunities in CDM the Company has also concomitantly and carbon credits. BPCL is the first promoted non-conventional/renewable Company among the Oil Marketing sources of energy. 25BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 24-25 18/07/11 3:26 PM
  14. 14. BPCL has been felicitated at many For its contribution to society and forums for its efficient contribution to the environment, BPCL has been business: recognised too: • NDTV Profit’s Business Leadership • Green Business Leaders award in award in 2010 for Sustainability 2009/10 Reporting • ‘Asian CSR Award’ for its contribution • Best Cash Management Deal for to water restoration – ‘Project Electronic Receipt Solution awarded Boond’ by Asset Magazine, Hong Kong • Fleet Enabler of the Year in the Apollo-CV awards of 2010 • Business Today Best CFO in a PSU award in 2010 • Best Oil & Gas Company in 2010 awarded by Dainik Bhaskar/DNA combine • ‘Superbrand’ status accorded for the last four consecutive years • Recognised as a ‘Power Brand’ in 2010 • Best ‘Website’ among PSU and government bodies For its competency in ERP, BPCL was for the fourth time in succession, recognised as a SAP Competency Centre and was awarded the CCOE (Customer Centre of Excellence) certification from SAP. BPCL also features in the World SAP Council and has been recognised by SAP to extend training and award certificates on their behalf. PEAK PERFORMANCE 27BPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 26-27 18/07/11 3:26 PM
  15. 15. REGISTERED OFFICE Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited Bharat Bhavan, 4 and 6 Currimbhoy Road, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400001, India. T: +91-22-22713000, +91-22-22714000 www.bharatpetroleum.inBPCL-030611-BROCHURE.indd 28 18/07/11 3:26 PM