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Nottingham arboretum

Ba Ed students were asked to go to a local place and develop a learning resource for it

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Nottingham arboretum

  1. 1. Nottingham Arboretum Children’s Trail
  2. 2. Education at the Arboretum  Tree trail  Heritage trail  Orienteering  Health walks  Outdoor gyms  Fitness bootcamps  Younger children  Use current trails – children can learn alongside adults whilst on their trails  Parallel age and content appropriate trails
  3. 3. Focus – Imagination and Peter Pan  Visit Nottinghamshire website – J.M. Barrie  ‘worked here for a significant part of his early career’  ‘took inspiration for the story of Peter Pan from his time in Nottingham’  ‘also based the setting of Neverland on the Arboretum’  https://www.visit-nottinghamshire.co.uk/things-to-do/j-m-barrie-plaque-p626751  Children’s story about using imagination and escapism  Adults can learn about Barrie alongside current trails
  4. 4. Trail content  Children’s trail main areas (alongside current adult trail):  Nature  Animals  Plants  Maths – measuring, counting, telling the time  Link to Peter Pan:  Tinkerbell guiding the trail  Aviary – exotic birds, Never bird  Lake – crocodile, clock  Chinese Bell – has a cannon – Captain Hook, Wendy House  Victorian flower garden – Tiger Lily  Lost boys and Peter live in a hollowed tree  Fairy dust – plant/vegetable seeds
  5. 5. Aviary Chinese Bell and cannons Lake
  6. 6. Learning  Focus of the children’s trail – use imagination  Hidden curriculum – etiquette, café, other people  Learn basics about wildlife and nature  Familiar characters from the Peter Pan film  Taking the learning from the Arboretum to home – seeds, healthy eating