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Learning activity linfang yu

BA Ed students were asked to go to a local place and develop an idea for a learning resource

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Learning activity linfang yu

  1. 1. Arboretum Linfang Yu
  2. 2. Plants trail card A set of card with some missing information. Each card would include some information of plant but something is missing. Learners need to explore the park and find out missing information.
  3. 3. Target Group Secondary School Students (13-14 years old) Previous knowledges about plants Curiosity about new environment Ability to work independently Self care ability
  4. 4. Pedagogy approach - Constructivism Learning by experiences and without teachers. Public pedagogy Learning occurs beyond formal schooling. Learning from informal and public places.
  5. 5. Austrian Pine Characteristic: Leaf
  6. 6. Additional resource: plants map
  7. 7. By the end of the activity, learners will be able to • Get familiar with nature and make sense of Arboretum. • Identify and describe some plants, such as name, characteristics, etc.