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Natalja Kurbatova (EMBL-EBI) on the eTOX project (http://www.etoxproject.eu/)

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  1. 1. EU Project Informatics Alignment Workshop Imperial College London April 24th-25th Natalja Kurbatova (EMBL-EBI) eTOX
  2. 2. What is eTOX • eTOX - Integrating bioinformatics and chemoinformatics for the development of Expert systems allowing the in silico prediction of toxicities (http://www.e- tox.net/project_summary.html). • eTOX objectives: – Database building and management, – Ontologies and text mining techniques, – Chemistry and structure-based approaches for the molecular description of the studied compounds, – Development and validation of QSARs (Quantitative structure–activity relationship models), integrative models, expert systems and meta-tools. – etc. • Funded by: IMI / EFPI in kind/ Other • Time frames: 7 years (01/01/2010 --- 31/12/2016) • Members: – Pharma partners (13) – Academic groups (12) – Commercial Suppliers (5)
  3. 3. Data collected by eTOX
  4. 4. Specific needs for MyProject
  5. 5. • Data marshalling layer • Version updates and compatibility • Multi-omics data support Specific needs for tranSMART instances at EMBL-EBI