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REST beyond CRUD

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Sample REST API for operations that go beyond the create, read, update, delete

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REST beyond CRUD

  1. 1. REST beyond CRUD Paulo Sousa @pagsousa
  2. 2.  Sample REST API for “more than CRUD”  Examples  Shopping Cart  Book printing
  3. 3. Shopping cart  Create a new cart  Obtain its contents  Add an item  Remove an item  Empty the cart  Calculate full charges  Proceed to checkout
  4. 4. Base URI  Cart as top level resource  http://example.org/carts/ Or  Cart as sub resource of user  http://example.org/users/{id}/cart
  5. 5. Creating a cart  Cart as top level resource POST example.org/carts/  Would return a new cart resource URI 201 Created Location: http://example.org/carts/123  Cart as sub resource of user  Not necessary, cart is already available  http://example.org/users/{id}/cart
  6. 6. Obtain the content of the cart  Issue a GET to the resource GET /carts/{id} or GET /users/{id}/cart  On begining, would return a representation of the empty cart 200 Ok {itens: []}  Otherwise would return the current content of the cart 200 Ok {itens: [{id:..., qty:...}, ...]}
  7. 7. Add an item  PUT an updated representation of the entire cart PUT /carts/{id} {itens: [{id: ..., qty: ...},{id: ..., qty: ...}]} Or  Treat the cart as a collection and POST a new item POST /carts/{id}/itens {id: ..., qty: ...}  Would return the URI of the newly added item 201 Created Location: http://example.org/carts/123/itens/456
  8. 8. Remove an item  PUT an updated representation of the entire cart PUT /carts/{id} {itens: [{id: ..., qty: ...}]} Or  Treat the cart as a collection and DELETE an item DELETE /carts/{id}/itens/{itemid}
  9. 9. Empty the cart  PUT an updated representation of the empty cart PUT /carts/{id} {itens: []} Or  Treat the cart as a collection and DELETE the itens DELETE /carts/{id}/itens
  10. 10. Calculate full charges  If the calculation is transitory, just GET the result of the calculation GET /carts/{id}/fullcharges or GET /users/{id}/cart/fullcharges  Would return {itens: 100, taxes: 23, shipping: 12, total: 140, currency: EUR}  Or an updated shopping cart representation with charges element {itens: [...], charges: {...}}  This element should be considered transient and not part of the resource  Former approach is “better” as it is a separate resource
  11. 11. Calculate full charges (2)  If charges are to be considered a persistent part part of the resource  By doing the calculation you are in fact changing the resource  i.e., Have side effect, so GET is to be avoided  POST the request for the calculation,  e.g. POST /carts/{cid} {fullcharges: yes}  Would return updated shopping cart {itens: [...], charges: {...}}
  12. 12. Procceed to checkout  POST an order with the content of the shopping cart? GET /carts/{id}/as-order POST /orders Or  POST to a check-out controller? POST /carts/{id}/checkout or POST /checkout?cart={id} or POST /salesprocess/checkout
  13. 13. Book printing example  Get a pdf of a book  Print a book
  14. 14. Book printing example  Download a pdf representation of a book for printing at the client GET /books/{id}?template={tmpl} Accept: application/pdf
  15. 15. Book printing example  Print a book (at the server) POST /books/{id}/print?printer=hp01  In fact what we want is to order a printing service... POST /printorders/ {what: “/books/{id}”, quality: ..., ... } 202 Accepted Location: /printorders/3Af42X Not very beatiful
  16. 16. Book printing example  Query the status GET /printorders/{id} 200 Ok {status = “pending”, ...}
  17. 17. Book printing example  Cancel the printing order DELETE /printorders/{id} 200 Ok  If the order could not be deleted anymore (e.g., already printing), the service would return a 405 Method Not Allowed