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Microsoft Azure iPaaS Overview and What's New (2018-03-24)

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An overview of the Microsoft Azure iPaaS and what's new in the platform. Slides used in the Global Integration Bootcamp 2018 in Melbourne. #GIB2018

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Microsoft Azure iPaaS Overview and What's New (2018-03-24)

  1. 1. Global Integration Bootcamp 2018 - Melbourne Global Integration Bootcamp Paco de la Cruz | Mexia @pacodelacruz https://slideshare.net/pacodelac Microsoft Azure iPaaS Overview and What’s New?
  2. 2. Global Integration Bootcamp Agenda
  3. 3. Global Integration Bootcamp Overview of the Microsoft Azure iPaaS API Management Azure Function Proxies API Mediation & Management Messaging & Eventing Service Bus Event Grid Development & Solution Life-cycle Visual Studio Visual Studio Team Services Monitoring & Management OMS / Log Analytics Logic Apps Management OMS Solution Logic Apps Workflows Orchestration, Connectors, Data Handling, Transformation Routing Logic Apps Connectors Protocol Connectors Hybrid & Enterprise Connectors Azure Services Connectors SaaS Connectors EDI, AS2 & XML Connectors On-premises data gateway Serverless Compute (Custom Code and Custom Connectors) Azure Functions https://blog.mexia.com.au/microsoft-azure-ipaas
  4. 4. Global Integration Bootcamp Logic Apps Workflows Graphically Designed & Monitored Workflow & Orchestration engine Triggers: Connectors and Recurrent Actions: Connector & Workflow JSON Code Behind (Workflow Definition Language)
  5. 5. Global Integration Bootcamp Logic Apps Workflows (Flow Control) Conditions & Switch Statements Action Run-After (Status) For-Each & Do-Until Loops Fan-out & Fan-in (parallel branches and loops) Retries (Fixed & Exponential) Scopes Exception Handling Correlation & Sequential Convoys
  6. 6. Global Integration Bootcamp Workflow Definition Language Functions Collection contains, length, empty, intersection, union, first, last, take, skip, join String concat, substring, replace, guid, toLower, toUpper, indexof, lastindexof, startswith, endswith, split Logical equals, less, lessOrEquals, greater, greaterOrEquals, and, or, not, if Conversion int, string {}, json, float, bool, base64, base64ToString, binary, dataUriToString, dataUri, uriComponent, triggerFormDataValue, formDataValue, xml, array, etc. Manipulation coalesce, addProperty, setProperty, removeProperty, xpath Math add, sub, mul, div, mod, min, max, range, rand Date utcnow, addseconds, addminutes, addhours, adddays, formatDateTime, startOfDay, dayOfYear, etc. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/logic-apps/logic-apps-workflow-definition-language
  7. 7. Global Integration Bootcamp Logic Apps ~200 Connectors Azure Connectors Azure AD Azure API Management Azure App Services Azure Application Insights Azure Automation Azure Blob Storage Azure Container Instance Azure Data Lake Azure Data Factory Azure Event Grid Azure File Storage Azure Functions Azure Kusto Azure Logic Apps Azure ML Azure Resource Manager Azure Security Center Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure Storage Queues Azure Table Storage Computer Vision API Common Data Service Content Moderator Cosmos DB Custom Vision Event Hubs Face API LUIS QnA Maker Service Bus SQL Server Text Analytics Video Indexer Other Microsoft Connectors Bing Maps Bing Search Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 for Financials Dynamics Nav Microsoft Forms Microsoft Kaizala Microsoft StaffHub Microsoft Teams Microsoft To-Do Microsoft Translator MSN Weather Office 365 Excel Office 365 Groups Office 365 Outlook Office 365 Video OneDrive OneDrive for Business OneNote Outlook Customer Manager Outlook Tasks Outlook.com Project Online Power BI SharePoint Skype for Business VSTS Yammer 3rd-Party SaaS Connectors 10to8 Adobe Creative Cloud Apache Impala Appfigures Asana Aweber Basecamp3 Benchmark Email Bitbucket Bitly Blogger Box Buffer Calendly Campfire Capsule CRM Chatter Cognito Forms D&B Optimizer Derdack Signl4 DocFusion Docparser DocuSign Dropbox Easy Redmine Elastic Forms Enadoc Eventbrite Facebook FlowForma FreshBooks Freshdesk Freshservice GitHub Gmail Google Calendar Google Drive Google Sheets Google Tasks GoToMeeting GoToTraining GoToWebinar Harvest HelloSign HipChat iAuditor Infobip Infusionsoft Inoreader insightly Instagram Instapaper Intercom Jira JotForm Kintone LeanKit LiveChat Lithium MailChimp Mandrill Marketing Content Hub Metatask Muhimbi PDF MySQL Nexmo Oracle Database Pager Duty Parserr Paylocity Pinterest Pipedrive Pitney Bowes Data Validation Pivotal Tracker Planner Plivo Plumsail Documents Plumsail Forms Plumsail SP PostgreSQL Redmine Salesforce SendGrid ServiceNow Slack Smartsheet SparkPost Stripe SurveyMonkey Tago Teamwork Projects Teradata Todoist Toodledo Trello Twilio Twitter Typeform UserVoice Vimeo WebMerge WordPress Workday HCM Workday Finance Wunderlist YouTube Zendesk Zoho Protocol Connectors FTP HTTP / HTTP with Swagger HTTP with Azure AD RSS SFTP SMTP SOAP-to-REST SOAP pass-through Webhook Hybrid & Enterprise Connectors BizTalk DB2 File System Informix MQ MySQL Oracle DB PostgreSQL REST SAP SharePoint SOAP SQL Server Teradata XML, Text, EDI, and AS2 Connectors AS2 EDIFACT Flat File Liquid Templates X12 XML Validation and Transform https://blog.mexia.com.au/microsoft-azure-ipaas
  8. 8. Global Integration Bootcamp On-premises data gateway On-premises On-premises data gateway SQL File System SOAP REST SharePointSAPBizTalk Managed Service Bus Relay On-premises data gateway Azure Configuration Logic Apps Installed on a VM (on-premises or Azure VNET) Supports High-Availability Azure Outgress communication via Service Bus Relay Encrypted Channel Encrypted Credentials https://blog.mexia.com.au/microsoft-azure-ipaas Teradata IBM MQ MySql Oracle PostgreSQL TeradataInformixIBM DB2
  9. 9. Global Integration Bootcamp Serverless Compute: Azure Functions Custom code for the integration solutions (complex logic) Code-based custom connectors Access resources on-prem when hosted on a VNET Sync calls via HTTPS Async calls via Service Bus or Event Grid
  10. 10. Global Integration Bootcamp Logic Apps vs Azure Functions Serverless workflows / integration orchestrations Graphically implemented (WDL / JSON) ~200 Connectors No VNET Support (ATM) Stateful Azure-hosted only Serverless code-based nanoservices C#, F#, Node.js, PowerShell, Python, etc Different Trigger, Input and Output bindings VNET support and also Private PaaS (ASE) Stateless + Stateful with Durable Functions Azure + Azure Stack + portable runtime
  11. 11. Global Integration Bootcamp Messaging: Azure Service Bus
  12. 12. Global Integration Bootcamp Eventing: Azure Event Grid
  13. 13. Global Integration Bootcamp API Mediation: API Management
  14. 14. Global Integration Bootcamp Development and CI/CD: Visual Studio & VSTS https://blog.mexia.com.au/preparing-azure-logic-apps-for-cicd
  15. 15. Global Integration Bootcamp Monitoring & Management: OMS & Log Analytics
  16. 16. Global Integration Bootcamp Logic Apps OMS Management Solution
  17. 17. Global Integration Bootcamp Custom Activity Monitoring and Queries https://blog.mexia.com.au/business-activity-monitoring-on-azure-logic-apps https://blog.mexia.com.au/publishing-custom-queries-of-logic-apps-execution-logs
  18. 18. Global Integration Bootcamp Logic Apps 12 month lookback + ~ 80 Connectors!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAJO2dnny74
  19. 19. Global Integration Bootcamp What’s coming up next? Isolated (Private) Logic Apps More designer improvements Trigger State Failover for HA Connectors: SAP ECC, Azure Data Factory, Oracle EBS, etc. Testability improvements And more: aka.ms/logicappsroadmap Ask and vote: aka.ms/logicappswish
  20. 20. Global Integration Bootcamp Additional Resources Twitter @logicappsio Documentation aka.ms/logicappsdocs Blog aka.ms/logicappsblog Live Web Cast aka.ms/logicappslive Release Update aka.ms/logicappsupdate Feature request aka.ms/logicappswish Roadmap aka.ms/logicappsroadmap Demo aka.ms/logicappsdemo Mexia’s Logic Apps Blog Posts blog.mexia.com.au/tag/logic-apps
  21. 21. Global Integration Bootcamp Global Integration Bootcamp @pacodelacruz linkedin.com/in/pacodelacruz slideshare.net/pacodelac pacodelacruzag.wordpress.com