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Startup rebranding

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Startup rebranding

  1. 1. Startup rebranding Re-defining the RiteTag brand message
  2. 2. For 18 months we were #reachbeyondyourfollowers “Reach beyond your followers”
  3. 3. The RiteTag brand message ● at the top of the website ● everything posted on in social media got tagged #reachbeyondyourfollowers
  4. 4. I tagged RiteTag video tutorials #reach...
  5. 5. I blogged the hell out of #reachbeyondblahblahblah
  6. 6. A SlideShare (of course)
  7. 7. We went from why to how to what - all with #reachbeyondyourfollowers (I even said that)
  8. 8. I created lists and shared them far, wide and tagged everything #reachbeyond- (oh, hell, when’s this gonna work?!)
  9. 9. Because...
  10. 10. Until we realized that our core value was in helping users do more of what’s working for them.
  11. 11. We suggest starting with your RiteTag Top-performing
  12. 12. And we’re now all about #returnonhashtags Because why bother using them without knowing which get the most link-clicks, RT’s and more for your topics?
  13. 13. “Return on hashtags” will be on ● ● ● ● our tutorials our pages our articles our posts And right at the top of our new home page
  14. 14. < Clear? If you earn more or need to achieve objectives in Twitter, does this resonate?
  15. 15. “return on hashtags” Does getting this read like money ?
  16. 16. We’re asking - because we know we’re not done. The service is terrific. We all eat our own dogfood. Please let us know what you make of the new http://ritetag.com homepage and our tag-line: return on hashtags
  17. 17. Visit ritetag.com or search #ritetag Talk to us in Google+ Search: “Saul Fleischman” Talk to us in Twitter - @osakasaul Sign up free at http://ritetag.com to try the ultimate social media optimization tool.