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Lancaster new city cavite.pps

A presentation about Lancaster New City Cavite as a home, a micro city and a sound investment

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Lancaster new city cavite.pps

  1. 1. LANCASTER NEW CITYA Micro City , A Home
  2. 2. YOU AND YOUR FAMILYThis presentation is especially made for
  3. 3. LANCASTER NEW CITY CAVITEBuilding relationships, strengthening bonds
  4. 4. A MICRO CITYancaster New City is a 1,500 hectare development (64 phases) byPROFRIENDS. It is an English-inspired estate.ancaster New City has its own mall, church, school, bus terminal andwill even house the 1stIT Park in Cavite.Micro City where everything is within reach, yet, with vast greeneryand unpolluted surroundings.
  5. 5. THE DEVELOPER Property Company of Friends, Inc., also known as PRO-FRIENDS, is now the Philippines TOP 6 developer and isnow included in the prestigious FORTUNE 500 list ofcompanies. In a span of 12 years, we have finished and delivered 52projects. This year, we have 36 on-going horizontal projects.
  6. 6. OPEN THE DOOROpen the door to a grander home with these benefits
  7. 7. VARIETYe know that you like more flavors/options to choose from.o, what we have here are 9 different homes suited to cater yourfamily’s needs and wants with special characteristics like:• Most affordable home as low as 7,300 php/mo• Big bedrooms• Big balcony• Town homes with big bedrooms + balcony• Near Amenities
  8. 8. ERE THEY ARE =)
  9. 9. ALICE
  10. 10. CATHERINE
  11. 11. DIANA
  12. 12. SOHIE
  13. 13. COLLEEN
  14. 14. HAVEN
  15. 15. MARGARET
  16. 16. GABRIELLE
  17. 17. ALEXANDRA
  18. 18. DETAILSes,e know you love details and comparethem, right?
  19. 19. HouseModelHouseTypeLot AreaFloorAreaBeds Bath Car SlotSpecialFeatureMonthlyPayment(PhP)TotalPrice(PhP)AlexandraSingleHome120sqm 100sqm 4 3 3LargeBalcony24-27,000 3,000,000GabrielleSingleHome120sqm 84sqm 3 2 3GrandMasterBedroom21-24,000 2,600,000HavenSingleHome85sqm 80sqm 4 3 2 RFO19,000-21,0002,200,000MargaretSingleHome100sqm 72sqm 3 2 2ExcellentFloor Plan16-19,000 2,200,000ColleenSingleHome80sqm 60sqm 3 2 2 RFO18,000-20,000php2,000,000SophieSingleHome80sqm 54sqm 3 2 2MostAffordable Single14-17,000 1,850,000DianaTownHouse50sqm 60sqm 3 2 1MiniBalcony10-13,000 1,350,000CatherineTownHouse50sqm 50sqm 3 2 1CompleteHouse9-10,000 1,050,000AliceTownHouse40sqm 40sqm 3 1 1Mostaffordable; Attic7-8,000 940,000
  20. 20. ound one that you like?ES you may have! But there’s MORE!ant to know more about Lancaster New Cityas a community?
  21. 21. LANCASTER NEW CITYffers a complete set of community features, facilities and amenities inthese special NEEDS and WANTS category:• Safety and Security• Comfort• Spiritual• Education• Health• Accesibilty• Legal needs• Construction quality• Sound investment
  22. 22. DETAILSere’s the complete details withPICTURES and DESCRIPTION=)
  23. 23. SAFETY AND SECURITYEach of the 29 villages has a gated community.
  24. 24. SAFETY AND SECURITYGuards roam and secure the area 24/7 everyday
  25. 25. SAFETY AND SECURITYYour home has a provision for CCTV.
  26. 26. SAFETY AND SECURITYLights in the streets brighten up the way. Night outs are no problem
  27. 27. SAFETY AND SECURITYA Police Station is situated at the entrance of the estate.
  28. 28. SAFETY AND SECURITY4-lane concrete roads make it safe, and traffic-free in entering and exiting Lancaster.
  29. 29. SAFETY AND SECURITYUnlike Marikina, Taguig, Rizal and Laguna, Lancaster ISN’T in the fault line declared byPhiVocs 12 years mature already. You are investing in the right location
  30. 30. SAFETY AND SECURITYLancaster is 300 ft above sea level compared to Manila’s 250 ft. Lancaster has itsown flood and drainage control ensuring 100% flood free community.
  31. 31. SAFETY AND SECURITYPre-cast construction (Buhos) doesn’t have air in between unlike low-cost housing constructionthat uses hollow blocks. Robustness and durability of the house is ensured for more than 70 yrs.
  32. 32. SAFETY AND SECURITYAll of the comfort rooms are installed with anti-slip concrete tiles
  33. 33. SAFETY AND SECURITYUnlike wood and corrugated roofs, concrete roof tiles are fire, rust and rot-proof.
  34. 34. COMFORTMeralco’s improved delivery of electricity and power energizes Lanacaster.
  35. 35. COMFORTSouthLink’s Centralized Water System provides clean and clear water, with monthly inspectiondone routinely
  36. 36. COMFORTWet and dry market is a walk away from your home as it is situated inside the Lancaster
  37. 37. COMFORTGas up your ride in Petron Gasoline Station inside the Estate’s rotonda.
  38. 38. COMFORTBanking is easy with at least 4 banks are located in front of Lancaster’s church.
  39. 39. COMFORTYour backyard looks like this. First of its kind in Philippine Real Estate, Lancaster features the linear park. It brings back the days.Children can play safely. Adults can meet peacefully in an unpolluted, well ventilated area full of warmth and greens.
  40. 40. COMFORTCathedral type windows allow air and sunlight to pass thru invigorating your family.
  41. 41. LUXURYParks and playgrounds allow relaxation and play to veer away from stress and promote growth
  42. 42. LUXURYThe luxury of a balcony where you can stretch in the morning as you embrace the warmth, havea cup of tea in the afternoon or celebrate with a wine in the evening.
  43. 43. LUXURYThe luxury of space inside your house comes with well partitioning to serve yourfamily’s needs to dine, watch and sleep in separate areas.
  44. 44. LUXURYA 3 story country club has an accommodation area for you and your friends in the Leightonhall. 2ndfloor is a gym and the top floor is a function room for your events.
  45. 45. LUXURYTake a vacation inside Lancaster’s resort type pool.One for the children and one for you.
  46. 46. LUXURYDine or get a tan beside the pool and watch your kids frolic in the water.
  47. 47. LUXURYPlay ball and train your kids to be like Rose and Bryant inside Lancaster.
  48. 48. LUXURYExteriors are finished with sand blast that gives a unique accent to your home.
  49. 49. LUXURYShopping is easy. MOA is 20 mins away, 2 SMs are 15 mins away. Enjoy =)
  50. 50. SPIRITUALGods warmth, light, hope and love is just steps away from your home.This churchs presence truly embraces Lancaster Village and its residences.
  51. 51. SPIRITUALWe truly respect everyone’s belief. These churches are just 5 mins away from Lancaster.
  52. 52. EDUCATIONQuality Education under La Sallian management will start its school year this June 2012. Working and homemoms and dads will have comfort and peace of mind that their children is just a few steps away from home.
  53. 53. ACCESSIBILITYStrategic location with exit points to Manila, Makati, Alabang , Bacoor and Paranaque. 20-25 mins. near toMOA, NAIA, LRT EDSA, MRT TAFT via 4 lane drive Coastal Road Extension makes the travel a
  54. 54. ACCESSIBILITYFirst in real estate history with a bus terminal inside an estate. With existing bus travelling to andfrom Baclaran, Taft and Lawton, this route will soon extend up to Monumento, Malanday..
  55. 55. ACCESSIBILITYTravelling inside Lancaster isn’t a hassle because of shuttle services and tricycles are also available
  56. 56. ACCESSIBILITYComing home has never been sweeter. NAIA is just 15-20 mins near Lancaster.
  57. 57. ACCESSIBILITYThe new 4 lane drive coastal road extension changed everything here in Cavite. The right of wayhas been established to provide Lancaster residences comfort in coming to work and home.
  58. 58. ACCESSIBILITYWith LRT 1 EDSA station near, everywhere is within reach.
  59. 59. ACCESSIBILITYMobility with MRT connects you to the metro at MRT TAFT station, 20 mins near Lancaster.
  60. 60. HEALTHKawit Kalayaan is a public hospital 5 mins near to Lancaster.Your health needs are within reach.
  61. 61. HEALTHImus Medical Center is a private tertiary hospital where you can maintain your health,15 mins near Lancaster
  62. 62. LEGAL NEEDSRegister your business, fulfill tax obligations and satisfy your legal needs at KawitMunicipal Office 5 mins near to Lancaster
  63. 63. CONSTRUCTIONLancaster New City has its own construction army inside.Perfecting homes is what PROFRIENDS do.
  64. 64. SOUND INVESTMENTHouse Model Previous TCP Updated TCP AppreciationAlexandra 2,595,000 2,995,000 400,000 (4mos)Gabrielle 2,195,000 2,595,000 400,000 (4mos)Margaret 1,795,000 2,195,000 400,000 (4mos)Sophie 1,395,000 1,745,000 350,000 (4mos)Diana 850,000 1,300,000 450,000 (6mos)Catherine 900,000 1,000,000 100,000 (2mos)Alice 750,000 950,000 200,000 (6mos)
  65. 65. SOUND INVESTMENToint for Appreciation #1:Right of way: (all are 4 lanes)•CAVITEX•Centennial Road
  66. 66. SOUND INVESTMENToint for Appreciation #2:rban Planning:• Micro City• 1,200 hectares of Residential andCommercial Lot• Strategic Location with entry and exit pointsto Manila and Alabang
  67. 67. SOUND INVESTMENToint of Appreciation #3:carcity of Land• In the next coming years, Manila’s space would only beallotted for vertical improvements.• Biggest and most trending housing Micro City at themouth of the south, nearest to Manila and Alabang.• Extra Space, unpolluted.
  68. 68. SOUND INVESTMENTasy to own Financing Schemenitial cash out is Reservation FeeOnly.
  69. 69. SOUND INVESTMENTown Payment MAY be payable in 15mos. ZERO interest.own Payment still to start AFTER 30-45 days from reservation.
  70. 70. SOUND INVESTMENTlexible terms to complete remaining balancealance can be completed up to 25 years if:• Locally Employed• Not more than 44 years old
  71. 71. SOUND INVESTMENTlexible terms to complete remaining balancealance can be completed up to 15 years if:• Overseas Filipino Worker• Not more than 39 years old
  72. 72. SOUND INVESTMENTEasy Owning OptionsBig Discounts
  73. 73. DISCOUNTS0% discount (from Total Selling Price) onFull Payment of Contract Price.5% discount (from Total Downpayment)upon Full Downpayment
  74. 74. OWNING SCHEMEption 1: Full payment of Contract Price:dvantages:. BIG 10% Discount
  75. 75. OWNING SCHEMEption 2: 2 Years to pay (Deferred Payment method -In HouseFinancing)dvantages of Deferred Payment:. ZERO interest. Shorter period to own the house
  76. 76. OWNING SCHEMEption 3: In House Financing. Total DP payable in 24 mos at 0% interest.. Very few requirements needed.
  77. 77. OWNING SCHEMEption 4: Full Downpayment. 7.5% discount from Total Downpayment:. Next Scheduled Payment is on the 16th Month.
  78. 78. OWNING SCHEMEption 5: Easy to own Financing (Bank Financing). Total Down payment payable in 15 mos at 0% interest.. Low interest rates compared to others.. No Salary income required.
  79. 79. VALUE FOR MONEYBenefits Your MoneySafety and Security Very High AppreciationComfort Extremely Low Initial InvestmentLuxury DP instalment 0% interestAccessibility Flexible TermsSpiritual Great Discount on FULL DPEducation Excellent Discount on CASHHealth Reservation DiscountLegal needs Excellent Service
  80. 80. WHAT IF?oss of opportunity to own a LancasterHome.oss of savings on TCP due to highappreciation.
  81. 81. VALUE FOR MONEYBenefits Your MoneySafety and Security High AppreciationComfort Easy to Own FinancingLuxury DP instalment 0% interestAccessibility Flexible TermsSpiritual Great Discount on FULL DPEducation Excellent Discount on CASHHealth Reservation DiscountLegal needs Excellent Service
  83. 83. WOULD YOU LIKE TO OWN ALANCASTER HOME?I am here to assist you step by step, all the way .I am here to give you all the best options possible.Own your OWN HOME.
  85. 85. ABOUT THE BROKERarlo Franco Canieso is a real estate registered broker who has helped numerous families,mostly OFWs, in investing and owning their very first home in Lancaster New CityCavite. He is a leader, a trainer and a speaker.. He is married, has one daughter and ownsa Diana House and Lot in Lancaster New City Cavite.“It’s all about constant communication and good relationship”Communicate with him through:Globe/Viber: +63915-235-44-19Sun: +63943-826-27-27FB: www.facebook.com/ofwhomesrealtySkype/YM: carlo_canieso