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Plastic Free Island: Waste to Fuel

2014 Ocean Exchange Registrant

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Plastic Free Island: Waste to Fuel

  1. 1. PLASTIC FREE ISLAND: WASTE TO FUEL Transforms Collected Plastics to Fuels Through Single Shipping Container Portable Equipment
  2. 2. The pilot site is Kefalonia, Greece. The Drifters Project highlights art, technology, design and creative reuse of existing structures to re-envision a new socio-economic possibility for island nations. Partnering with Nexus Fuels, the island of Kefalonia, Greece will become a laboratory to develop a template program called Plastic Free Island. We engage cooperation with the expertise of local populations from various interdisciplinary backgrounds through our existing relationships with businesses, fisherman, cultural and political institutions to initiate a shift away from plastic use dependence towards sustainable alternatives. PLASTIC FREE ISLAND: WASTE TO FUEL
  3. 3. The Drifters Project involves site-based collection, documentation, and transformation of the contemporary marker of globalization without boundaries – the drifting plastic object. A proven multifaceted approach that socially engages localities to reimagine a future free of plastic waste with creative redesign of existing structures.
  4. 4. Nexus Fuels Plastic-to-Fuel technology transforms collected plastics to jet fuel, diesel, petrol and heating oil through single shipping container-sized equipment to be sailed from port to port collecting plastics and making fuel and jobs. Nexus Fuels, LLC (Nexus) is a waste management and energy development company that uses proven, patented, and commercially viable pyrolysis technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into very high grade synthetic crude oil. Existing hard waste plastics will be collected and transformed into fuel for heating public schools, diesel and petrol sold onsite and job creation for the local economy. Kefalonia can begin its progress toward energy independence.
  5. 5. To learn more about this and other innovative solutions Go to OceanExchange(dot)Org Kefalonia will be re-envisioned as an eco-tourism destination, boosting the failing Greek economy and a model for other Greek islands. Plastic Free Island is an exportable template for island nations of the world.