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CV_Nut Pinngoen

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CV_Nut Pinngoen

  1. 1. MR.NUT PINNGOEN 585/87 I2 Building, City Home Ratchada condominium, Soi Ratchadaphisek10, Ratchadaphisek Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok, 10310 Mobile : 66(0)81-306-9773 E-mail : nut_z8@hotmail.com PERSONAL DATA Date of birth : February 17th, 1984 Nationality : Thai Sex : Male Religion : Buddhism Marital status : Single EDUCATION M.E., Telecommunication Engineering, May 2013 King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Bangkok, Thailand B.E., Telecommunication Engineering, April 2006 King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Bangkok, Thailand Overall GPA: 2.92 EXPERIENCE Total working experience: 8 years in telecommunication field. Huawei Outsource supports Enames co.,LTD November 2012 - Present Position: Senior Engineer for Huawei CS Product Company Industry: Telecommunication Responsibilities: - Support Huawei AIS/AWN Core Network CS products (MSoftx3000, UMG, RGMSC and HLR) - Support CS Core Network O&M, Troubleshooting and fault analysis to identify root cause. - 3G Network analysis and optimization consultant (Develop KPI for drive quality improvement) - 2G/3G Network planning consultant. - Feature testing support on 3G, IN and new IMS/4G LTE. - Upgrades new released software of CS product in AIS/AWN operator. Gaushyang Telecommunication Engineering October 2011 - October 2012 Position: Senior Specialist for Huawei HLR&CDB Company Industry: Telecommunication Responsibilities: - Support Huawei AIS Core Network CS product MSoftx3000, UMG, RGMSC. - Be a trainer of BFKT Enhanced Babysitter Project for Huawei HLR&CDB. - Support BFKT and TrueMove operation & maintenance in part of HLR&CDB. - Support subscriber profile database management on BFKT HLR&CDB. - Support maintenance and implement project of 20 HLRs in AIS operator.
  2. 2. - Upgrades and test for new released software of HLR in AIS operator. Huawei Technology Co.,Ltd. March 2010 – September 2011 Position: Core network engineer / Technical Support Department Company Industry: Telecommunication Responsibilities: - Responsible for Huawei’s HLR product. - HLR Installation and perform the product acceptance testing at MPT Myanmar - Support maintenance and implement project of 20 HLRs in AIS operator. - Support subscriber profile changes on HLR. - Upgrade and patch new release software of HLR. - Support IBM product troubleshooting that served on HLR’s server. - Support STP SG7000 (Signaling gateway) and SANEX product acceptance and IP network acceptance testing for DTAC. Total Access Communication Co.,Ltd. (DTAC, Thailand) April 2006-February 2010 Position: Shift Leader / Front End Unit. Grade: Supervisor Company Industry: Telecommunication. Responsibilities: - Control & making decision for resolve or escalate the incident. - Coordinate for work achievements with SOC’s (Service Operation Center) management level and create incident report. - Review and approval for changes request on live network. - Manage and tracking the Engineering team to follow changes procedure in operation window time. - Coordinate with international operators (Roaming partner) in case IR service. - VIP complains investigations. - Troubleshoot on GSM/PS network (NSN core network’s product) and VAS services (SMSC,MMSC,RBT) COMPUTER Operating systems: UNIX, Solaris SKILLS Database Systems: SQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle Software: Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, Visio. Languages: Visual C++.NET, Visual Basic. ACHIEVEMENTS - Support customer enquiry and incident on AIS CS maintenance project. - Be a trainer and support of BFKT Enhanced Babysitter Project for Huawei HLR and CDB. - Accomplish all BFKT HLR&CDB requirements. - Finish upgrades HLR software version on AIS HLR on June 2011. - Finish HLR V9 Installation and Product acceptance test at MPT Myanmar on March 2011. - Finish SG7000 (Signaling Gateway) product acceptance and IP network acceptance test for DTAC on August 2010. - Be a trainer of SG7000 for Hardware structure and installation on August 2010. - Be a shift leader during March 2008-February 2010. - Be a senior engineer on January 2009 and be a supervisor on January 2010. COURSES - Advance training for V9 HLR - TCP/IP for engineer
  3. 3. - Data communication - 3G on DTAC network CERTIFICATE OSIX 4.0 Protocol analyzer on DTAC IDD/IR service (PolyStar Product) LANGUAGE Thai (Excellent), English (Good) REFERENCES Furnished upon request.