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  1. 1. GROUP MEMBERSur Hazira - Group Leaderia Qi – Secretaryi Jing – Time Keeper
  2. 2. ABOUT US
  3. 3. THE QUESTIONow much money does Evergreen students in2 Thinking can save for a week?
  4. 4. HYPOTHESISirls can save more money than boys within aweek. Boys tends to spend more on eatingdue to heavy activities carried out afterschool such as gym and sports.
  5. 5. RESEARCHhere are 42 students in the class, 25 girls and 17boys. We collected the data from each andeveryone of them for their amount of pocketmoney and the amount of their savings.
  6. 6. EXPERIMENTollected a data of pocket money and savings one personcan save each day. We then total up the amount ofpocket money girls received and saved, as well as boys.From the results, the total amount of money girls get ismore than the amount of money boys get. Therefore,girls saved more than boys.
  7. 7. DATA Pocket Money250200150100 Pocket Money 50 0 Girls Boys
  8. 8. DATA Savings50403020 Savings10 0 Girls Boys
  9. 9. OBSERVATIONSe observed that girls have more pocket money thanboys. Girls can save more than boys. We observedthat bots intends eat more and has a bad habit notto save. We observed that parents intend to givetheir daughters more pocket money than sons.
  10. 10. CONCLUSIONhis is not a fair test as there are more girls than boysin this class. By looking at the bar graph, girls tendto save more money than boys.
  11. 11. Done by: Nur Hazira Diana Jia Qi Ibnoor Qi Jing