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One Year Later SMEM11

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How far we have come @Hal_Grieb and how far yet to go. At this juncture seem to be moving backwards in many ways, static blogs, pushing information, & cookie cutter training. Assuredly two steps forward, one step back, may we move forward without bias & make use of the Whole Community knowledge-base we are so fortunate and blessed to have

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One Year Later SMEM11

  1. 1. One Year LaterBackground SMEM11, highlights, and Social Media wisdom still relevant.
  2. 2. Created Concept, DirectedPlanning, Presented/ModeratedWith help from great friends and Social Connections. Special thanks to Robin BlanfordDirector d4h and Neil McDevitt then CEPIN, former FEMA now with Leadership Foundry.Coordinated with Individuals and they provided own content, group direction suggestiongiven.Thanks to voluntary tech support for coordinating LiveStream/Skype and NEMA.Intent and end result was to show how Social Media was being used in the Field keepingAccessibility and the Whole Community in mind. Meant to stimulate thought and conversationand give EM’s and Industry partners an inside real world view from my personal involvementin the virtual world as @northlandfoxSocial Media - Current Technology Use:Live (via Feed )Demonstrations, Use of Applications, Day to Day Operations, Emergencies & Disasters,Communication Options, & ICS
  3. 3. Some Highlighted Tweets
  4. 4. Part of the Team
  5. 5. Whole Community
  6. 6. No Tech SpeakI view it as speaking “Vulcan” and agood reminder
  7. 7. Making An AgendaDefinite flexibility built in to breakout sessions
  8. 8. Thought Provoking
  9. 9. Tip: UStream was down because techsupport was using it in the lobby, 2 orthree people, and wasn’t presentingwhen Skype was on.All efforts should be concentrated onpresenters not outside projects infairness to all especially those viewingremotely. And tested long before notday of the event.Believe without doubt the Plenary wascut with intent as it was the onlyportion of the day that was neverofficially spoken of again or streamed.
  10. 10. Good to Hear!Can only hope to one day see that toactually be true.
  11. 11. Wilson CenterIt was unfortunate nothing on the“practice in the field” aspect was in thefinal report. It was a great disservice tothe Emergency ManagementCommunity as a whole.Perhaps an academic issue notunderstanding this component but thevisual portion and large amount ofcontent seemed to resonate with allexcept those writing up the report.Transforming the Response Enterprisehttp://www.wilsoncenter.org/sites/default/files/SMEM_Report.pdfAcknowledgment & one line rePlenary
  12. 12. Do You Know 2.0Many different versions, often updatedand always a good resource
  13. 13. Knew that wasn’t going to happen.Much behind the scenes in the SMEMworld.
  14. 14. Only a Slide then, anotherSlideShare nowhttp://www.slideshare.net/northlandfox/how-smem-evolved-14609323Social Media - CurrentTechnology Use:Live (via Feed )Demonstrations, Use ofApplications, Day to DayOperations, Emergencies &Disasters, CommunicationOptions, & ICS
  15. 15. Crowdsourcing AnswersFact vs. Fiction with informationsources takes experience and knowhow and in particular for SMEM allplatforms for a length of time.Because of the volume of informationand the speed at which it is postedbeing someone with expertise is agiven.Level of education has nothing to dowith being able to gleam Intel. So ifyour using only B.A.’s & PhDs that isin fact very limiting.
  16. 16. Many Asking Virtuallywhat is #SMEM
  17. 17. Web 2.0
  18. 18. Black Swan Events
  19. 19. • Part IIRobin Blandford d4hhttp://www.d4h.org/blog/post/20110324-nema
  20. 20. Global ReachAnd to demonstrate not just globallybut locally to others. With emergingtechnologies the possibilities areendless.
  21. 21. Act Locally Think Globally
  22. 22. Decisions 4 Heroes
  23. 23. Generating Lot’s of Excitement!
  24. 24. The Public is already engaged are you?
  25. 25. Resuming
  26. 26. Value, How it Translates
  27. 27. The Speed of InformationAcknowledging the fact now additionalway to communicate and knowing itimpacts everything you do, say, andpractice is a great way to start.Not being afraid to ask questions thenmove toward adapting is critical. Nowmore than even there is growingsupport with many questions answeredand in use on a broader scale than oneyear ago.
  28. 28. Real TimeThese were real-time examples fromTweeting it as it happened not just pulledfrom the Internet or someone elsesexperience. Originally “reported” as anExplosion:“Real Time Location of AnnapolisPackage Explosion” IncidentBut corrected real time as the eventunfolded from Explosive device toIncendiary.The phrase I’ve coined from my@northlandfox account on Twitter,“Tweeting Disasters”.If your not getting advice or trainingfrom those in the proverbial trenchesyour shortchanging yourself and perhapsbeing exposed to incorrect ormisinformation.
  29. 29. Mobile PhonesJim Chipchase – No Phones The Economist
  30. 30. The Driving Spirit and BestExample of SM Use @craigatfema
  31. 31. Courthouse ShooterLloyd George Federal Building January 4, 2009
  32. 32. Trusted Source?I look for Intel as the first few seconds and minutes of an event areincident setting. By the time you figure out if you trust someone, well, this thought process doesn’t have a place at this stage. Notto be confused with confirming information or high probabilitytruth.
  33. 33. Multiple SourcesAlso tells the story from differentviews both virtual and contextual.
  34. 34. Critical Point Made
  35. 35. Shots Fired at CourthouseNot everyone is participatory . . .
  36. 36. Situational AwarenessOften times video & Tweets are more accurate as thereis a rush to report by the media.These were video captures from my Tweets during theactual event. One of dozens . . .
  37. 37. Embrace a New Way toCommunicate
  38. 38. Gas Explosion
  39. 39. Tweeting DisastersExamples from1000’sof real eventsfrom my TweetStream
  40. 40. San Bruno FiresAndroid Cell Phone Videos side byside and as it happens and 1 minutelater. Ground source information vital.
  41. 41. Info is Intel
  42. 42. Japan Tsunami Video
  43. 43. Japan TsunamiCars swept up in wave of water withpeople still in them
  44. 44. • Part IIEMCampNMhttp://emcampnm.wikispaces.com/+Home+
  45. 45. EMCampNMEmergency Management Camp NewMexico – Bridging EmergencyManagement and Social Media in NewMexico
  46. 46. No VideoNot sure why it was deleted. Originallyon UStream by ewhitmore
  47. 47. EOC’sAs in my 2010 concept example of aMobile Command from the Sherriff’sDept there is a need to think smalleroperations then escalating incidentopposed to large scale operations andRed Cross DigiDoc type of monitoring.
  48. 48. • Part IIIAccessibilityNeil Mc Devitt then @CEPIN andCatharine McNally @cmcnally theinterpreterhttp://northlandfoxsmem11.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/cepin-neil-mcdevitt-director/http://www.leadershipfoundry.com
  49. 49. Testing for 508 Compliancehttp://www.hhs.gov/web/508/testdocuments.html
  50. 50. ROINot about the numbers it’s about therelationships and results
  51. 51. New Madrid EQDefinitely did look different due toscreen color and opaquenesshttp://is.gd/CDtfatA little late starting and an earlyending yet info packed session.Great live Tweeting during the Plenaryand much thanks to all forcontributions and keeping the virtualconversation going.
  52. 52. • Blog Write-upsIn Closing • Patrice Cloutier http://crisiscommscp.blogspot.com/2011/03/quick-update-on- mornings-activities-at.htmlI hope you’ll open the links provided in http://crisiscommscp.blogspot.com/2011/03/learnings-from-the presentation. social-media-and.htmlRobin Blanford and d4h: one of the • Kim Stephens iDisastermost innovative and consistently http://idisaster.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/smem-1st-ever-coming up with ideas to enhance SAR camp-for-emergency-management-community/and benefit Public Safety@robinb and @d4h • Heather Blanchard Crisis Commons http://crisiscommons.org/2011/03/26/social-media-emergency-Neil McDevitt in the same class for management-camp-comes-to-nema/innovation and specificallyaccessibility and enhancing • Key takeaway : other than an occasional acknowledgement andcommunication for Public Safety some Tweets no mention of this information packed@neilmcd presentation. Important because I’ve come to believe most everything your reading has been designed and scripted in support of a small percentage cross promoting each other. The community deserves an unbiased approach and should be allowed to decide for themselves if something has value. Not having someone dictating content in this critical area which ultimately is a matter of Public Safety. - DD
  53. 53. Thank YouDawn Dawson @northlandfox