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Charting New Territories in Virtual Worlds

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Five museum professionals discuss virtual worlds projects, promise, and challenges in informal learning environments.

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Charting New Territories in Virtual Worlds

  1. 1. Charting New Territory in Virtual Worlds Nina Simon, Tech Museum of Innovation nina@museumtwo.com David Klevan, US Holocaust Memorial Museum dklevan@ushmm.org Chris Lawrence, New York Hall of Science clawrence@nyscience.org Nora McCartney, New York Hall of Science nmccartney@nyscience.org Paul Sparrow, Newseum psparrow@newseum.org
  2. 2. first, some background
  3. 3. virtual worlds are communication platforms with 2 defining characteristics 1. Strong sense of presence in real-time interaction with others 2. Ability to share and manipulate 3D content