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FIFA World Cup Scorecard 2010

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Introducing the 2010 Scorecard on CNBC: Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates. Measuring the 10 Benchmarks of delivering President Mbeki's 2010 Promise to "host the best FIFA World Cup ever".

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FIFA World Cup Scorecard 2010

  1. 1. 2010 ScorecardDestination Branding
  2. 2. 2010Scorecard
  3. 3. Net Promoter Score1. Delivering the Brand Promise2010ScorecardThe
  4. 4. Net Promoter Score: Visitors1. Delivering the Brand Promise2010ScorecardThe
  5. 5. Net Promoter Score: Visitors2010ScorecardThe1. Delivering the Brand Promise1.1 Has the 2010 Brand Promise been defined ?1.2 Has the 2010 logo been aligned to the Brand Promise ?1.3 Are prospective visitors aware of the Brand Promise ?1.4 Are South Africans aware of the 2010 Brand Promise ?95%95%Did the Brand Promise transform SA’sPerceived Archetype from Orphan toHero ?100%100%100%100%100%100%80%80%2010ScorecardThe
  6. 6. Doing the Nation Proud2010ScorecardThe2. Winning Hosting Team
  7. 7. 2010ScorecardThe2.1 Has a compelling vision been declared for the team ?2.2 Is the nation emotionally engaged to support the team?2.3 Is the team geared towards reaching the semi or quarter finals ?2.4 Is the team connecting with the 2010 vision to be“significant global players in human endeavour” ?90%90%Has Bafana Bafana made the nation proudduring the world cup?100%100%100%100%80%80%80%80%2. Winning Hosting Team
  8. 8. Best Party Experience Ever3. Partyotism2010ScorecardThe
  9. 9. 3. Partyotism3.1 Fan Festivals to extend the soccer experience to the entire population?3.2 Public Viewing utilized to convey the unique African Flair of SA and Africa?3.3 Are Public Viewing Events being provided in each community?3.4 Are the Public Viewing Events free of charge?100%100%80%80%80%80%100%100%90%90%Did Public Viewing Events during the 2010 FIFAWorld Cup™ convert 90%+ of Visitors to BrandAdvocates for Country and Continent?2010ScorecardThe
  10. 10. Best Female Participation Ever4. Gender Equality2010ScorecardThe
  11. 11. 2010ScorecardThe4. Gender Equality4.1 Does Women Soccer in South Africa become a Catalyst for Gender Equality ?4.2 Does Female Participation at the CC and WC translate into increasedPremier Soccer League Attendance by Women?4.3 Is a Professional Women League established by the PSL and made viableby commercial sponsors?4.4 Are the Public Viewing Events free of charge?60%60%80%80%100%100%80%80%80%80%Did Female Participation at the 2010 FanFestivals surpass the 2006 Benchmark(45%)?
  12. 12. Target: 0 Major Incidents2010ScorecardThe5. Visitor Safety
  13. 13. 5. Visitor SafetyNet Promoter Score: Visitors5.1 Are prospective Visitors perceiving South Africa to be a safe Destinationfor 2010?5.2 Is the South African Public perceiving South Africa to be a safeDestination for 2010?5.3 Does the International Media report South Africa to be a safeDestination for 2010?5.4 Does the Domestic Media report South Africa to be a safe Destinationfor 2010?95%95%Did South Africa meet internationalstandards in Visitor Safety during the 2010FIFA World Cup?100%100%100%100%100%100%80%80%2010ScorecardThe
  14. 14. Net Promoter Score: Media6. Media Centricity2010ScorecardThe
  15. 15. 90%90%2010ScorecardThe6. Media CentricityNet Promoter Score: Visitors6.1 Are all relevant positive touch-points being communicated to theInternational Media?6.2 Are negative touch-points being counteracted by providing theinternational media with the relevant facts and figures?6.3 Is a concerted Effort undertaken to convert the International Media frombrand agnostics to brand advocates?6.4 Are all conceivable efforts undertaken to reign in 2010 curveballthrowers?Is South Africa achieving a 85% NetPromoter Score of media reports duringand after the 2010 FIFA World Cup™?100%100%80%80%100%100%80%80%
  16. 16. Best Football Event Ever2010ScorecardThe7. Joga Bonito
  17. 17. 2010ScorecardThe7. Joga Bonito7.1 Does the 2010 World Cup showcase African Soccer as globally competitiveand highly attractive?7.2 Does the 2010 World Cup reverse the traditional hegemony of Europeannations in favour of African teams?7.3 Does the 2010 World Cup stand out for its Fair Play and lownumber of yellow and red cards?7.4 Does the 2010 World Cup provide spectators with compelling soccer thatresults in goals scored rather than prevented and an attacking brand of soccer?60%60%60%60%100%100%100%100%80%80%Does the 2010 World Cup serve as acatalyst to accelerate the development ofthe beautiful game on the continent?
  18. 18. Best WC for the Sponsors2010ScorecardThe8. Sponsoring
  19. 19. 2010ScorecardThe8. Sponsoring8.1 Does the 2010 World Cup generate the biggest sponsoring income ever?8.2 Does the 2010 World Cup generate a sponsoring awareness ROIgreater than 24%?8.3 Does the 2010 World Cup generate a sponsoring ROI greater than40% year-on-year?8.4 Does the 2010 World Cup generate record viewing rates in excess of26.29 billion viewers?100%100%80%80%80%80%100%100%90%90%Does the 2010 World Cup generate record FIFAbroadcasts i.e. greater than 43,600 broadcastsin 214 countries?
  20. 20. Best WC for the Hosting Nation2010ScorecardThe9. Nation Building
  21. 21. 2010ScorecardThe9. Nation BuildingNet Promoter Score: Visitors9.1 Is the 2010 World Cup being leveraged to unite the nation andfocus attention on the common goals rather than the differences?9.2 Does the 2010 World Cup make South Africans feelproud of their country?9.3 Does the 2010 World Cup result in a significant uptake inthe National Pride Index?9.4 Does the 2010 World Cup help South Africans overcome thedivisions of the past and purge the feelings of guilt and resentment?95%95%Did the 2010 World Cup assist inrecalibrating national energy levelstowards love and joy?80%80%100%100%100%100%100%100%
  22. 22. Best Economic WC Legacy2010ScorecardThe10. Economic Legacy
  23. 23. 10. Economic LegacyNet Promoter Score: Visitors10.1 Does the 2010 World Cup contribute to achieving the target of breakinginto the top ten of the Nation Brand Index?10.2 Does the 2010 World Cup contribute to achieving the SA Tourism target of10 million visitors?10.3 Is the 2010 World Cup leveraged to take local products and services to theworld market and grow South African Exports by 15%?10.4 Will the environmental impact by the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ beneutralized through the 2010 Green Goal Program?95%95%Is the 2010 World Cup leveraged to createjobs and reduce unemploymentsignificantly?100%100%100%100%80%80%100%100%2010ScorecardThe
  24. 24. 2014 FIFA World Cup Host2010ScorecardThe11. The Biggest Compliment
  25. 25. 2010 ScorecardDestination Branding