Culture Orisa

29 de Mar de 2015

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Culture Orisa

  1. Presented to: Monika Chaudhary Presented By: G.niket bhandari
  2. Located on the eastern coast of India. At 17° 49' North - 22°0 34' North Latitude & 81° 29' East-87° 29' East Longitude. Adjacent to Madhya Pradesh in the west, Andhra Pradesh in the south, West Bengal in north-east, Bay of Bengal in the east and Bihar in the north. Area = 1,55,707 Sq. Km. LOCATION
  3.  Capital of Orissa is Bhubaneswar.  Language spoken is Oriya. Orissa consists of 30 districts.
  4.  The ancient name was Kalinga.  Controlled and traded with most of the sea routes in the Bay of Bengal.  Mahapadmanabh of Nanda dynasty who ascended the throne of Magadha in 362 B. C. conquered and instituted Kalinga to his extensive empire.  Kalinga became economically prosperous under the Nanda rule.
  5. Orissa has many ancient names like :  Kalinga  Utkal  Utkalraata  Udra  Odra  Odrabisha Trikalinga Koshala Kangoda Toshali Chedi (Mahabharata) Matsa (Mahabharata)
  7.  ‘Odissi’ is the classical dance of Orissa.  Originally developed in the temple of Lord Jagannath.  This dance has been closely connected with the day to day activities of the temples.  Strongly linked with the religious movements of Orissa.
  8.  Gained recognition in early 60s.  The dance form nearly went extinct during the British period.  Before that, there were devadasi nritya and gotipua nritya.
  9.  Chhau dance (or Chau dance)  Sambalpuri dance originated from the western region of Orissa.  Tribal dance in the district of Koraput known as dhemsa dance.
  10.  Odissi music is a combination of four distinctive kinds of music namely: Chitrapada, Dhruvapada, Panchal and Chitrakala.  A unique feature of Oriya music is the Padi, which consists of singing of words in fast beat.  the five broad categories of oriya music are Tribal Music, Folk music, Light Music, Light-Classical Music and Classical Music.
  11.  The pipili work and the silver filigree work at Cuttack Filigree Work
  12. The Sambalpuri textiles is famous for its artistic grandeur. Artistic grandeur
  13. The handloom sarees available in Orissa can be of four major types; these are Ikat, Bandha, Bomkai and Pasapalli. Pasapalli sarees Bandha sarees Ikat sarees
  14.  Pata painting is considered an important form of Orissan painting which originated from the temple of Jagannath at Puri in the 12th century.
  15.  A unique type of art form is developed at Puri.  To carve a sand sculpture, the raw material is the only clean and fine-grained sand mixed with water.  Poet Balaram Das is famous for his sand art of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra.  Sudarshan Pattnaik is one of the famous sand artists of the present time.
  16.  Major Jagannath Temple Festivals include Rath Yatra  Special Festivals include Konark Festival, Puri Beach festival, Rajarani Music Festival, Kalinga Mahotsav, Ekamra Utsav,Shreekshetra Utsav  Tribal Fairs and Festivals include Bali Yatra,Chaita Parava