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ENUMERATE Workshop, Luxembourg

  1. ENUMERATE MSEG Workshop Luxembourg 9th April 2013
  2. Welcome!
  3. Aims for today • Remind MSEG members of the scope, aims and activities of ENUMERATE as well as the broader context for the project • Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of ENUMERATE so far • Communicate the findings from the first phase of delivery • Look ahead to the next steps with the project • Secure engagement and participation from MESG members/National Coordinators in promoting ENUMERATE in their Community
  4. Agenda Session 1. • Welcome and introductions • Reviewing the scope and aims of ENUMERATE • ENUMERATE Data Platform • ENUMERATE Core Survey Quick Review • ENUMERATE Thematic Survey
  5. Agenda Session 2. • ENUMERATE Thematic Survey Results • Planning next steps • Group discussion on the medium-term future for ENUMERATE • Q&A discussion • Meeting ends
  6. Why ENUMERATE? • Developed from the earlier NUMERIC methodology • A need for evidence to support policy & prioritisation • Better understanding of key trends in digitisation – Europe – National – Institutional
  7. What is ENUMERATE? • A Thematic Network supported by the European Commission • Led by a consortium of 10 partners in 9 countries • With 30 National Coordinators • And an Expert Advisory Group • Running for 3 years starting from February 2011 to February 2014
  8. Work Packages • WP1: Community Engagement (SPK) • WP2: Survey Methodology (DEN) • WP3: Data Collection, analysis and Reporting (Digibis) • WP4: Project Management (CT) ENUMERATE is unusual as a Thematic Network because it is commissioning analysis and producing outcomes like the Data Platform
  9. Achievements to Date • Active community of interest & expertise • Creation of brand and Communications Plan • Design and implementation of survey methodology • Rollout of Core Survey in 16 languages (c. 1,900 responses) • Analysis and reporting • Creation of ENUMERATE Data Platform
  10. Stay involved • Quarterly newsletter ( • Twitter: @EnumerateEU • Community site: • Project site: • National coordinators: ors/
  11. Thankyou!