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Check Six Gaming Partnership Presentation

  1. 2009
  2. Thank you for taking the time to consider our organization and read through this partnership proposal. We would like to give you a synopsis of our team and how a sponsorship of CheckSix would be an extremely successful business venture/marketing campaign for your company. By sponsoring us, you will be providing one of the most stable, professional, and successful gaming teams with the things we need to compete in today’s challenging and complex gaming world. More and more, video games are becoming a profession as opposed to a hobby. Much like teams in the NFL, Nascar and other professional leagues, professional gaming teams require sponsorships in order to acquire the funding and equipment necessary to operate. There are numerous gaming tournaments where large groups of gamers meet to compete for cash prizes. LAN events such as the Major League Gaming (MLG) offer prize pools as much as $750,000. In addition to these huge events, there are also smaller events at local LAN centers, where teams have the opportunity to prove to the world that their skills are legitimate, and another opportunity to win prizes. These professional gaming teams have fans and followers just like any sports team. Tens of thousands of fans have the ability to tune in and watch the players play matches, as well as listen to live broadcasts of the matches. Professional teams’ websites have a large variety of content regarding the team, and receives hundreds of thousands of hits from fans. CheckSix has achieved a higher traffic ranking in the United States than any other professional team in the world! In addition, these fans have the capability to chat live with the players of the team at any time, through a program called IRC (Internet Relay Chat). At any one time, hundreds of fans can connect to CheckSix’s IRC chat room and website to discuss gaming and gaming equipment with the team and community, a feature unseen and unheard of in professional sports, but readily available in the world of professional gaming.
  3. E-Sports will gain in momentum and potentially become the next sporting entertainment explosion.  “ ...If you're over 35, chances are you view video games as, at best, an occasional distraction... If you’re under 35, games are a major entertainment and a part of life. In that sense, they are similar to what rock ‘n’ roll meant to boomers.” “ Whatever these games ‘mean’ to the people who play them...they mean a lot. Fifteen years ago, video games were barely more than a cottage industry, if by cottage you mean the sticky back corner of a strip mall bowling alley. Last year game sales hit $7 billion, in the same exclusive ballpark as movies (about $9 billion). We should count ourselves lucky. The video game is a brand-new medium, and we get to see it evolve from the very beginning.” “ Videogames have become a key driver behind today’s pop culture and we are excited to embrace the new frontier of professional competition in bringing the head-to-head action to our audience,” "We couldn’t help but notice that gaming had actually become a sport. Not only in the way the gamers created teams to compete, but also in their conditioning and mind set and dedication while playing. So it wasn’t a quantum leap to then determine if it was becoming a sport, we should cover it like a sport, "
  4. Nick Borelli is one of the original Managing Directors of Check Six due to his ability to lead and his prowess at marketing. He has a background in Electrical Engineering, has built and sold custom computers, and currently is working as a Treasury Trader at TransMarket Group. Nick has played competitive gaming since 2003 and has a history of top placements in many games such as Day of Defeat, Doom 3, Quake IV as well as a world championship in Halo PC. He lives in New York City and has helped this team grow to one of the finest professional gaming teams in the world. Matt has been an avid gamer since he could hold a controller. Growing up on Atari systems, and consoles eventually evolving to online gaming. Matt joined the Check-Six team because of his remarkable leadership abilities and one on one communication skills with teams and sponsors. He runs the day to day communications within the teams. He has a background in Communications and a degree in Visual Arts. He works for a leading medical animation/design company in Houston TX.
  5. Check-Six 1.6 recently placed 4rth at ESEA Invite playoffs in Dallas TX, and are planning to go all the way against other top teams like Complexity and EG at WCG in New York. This up and coming group proved they have what it takes to tangle with the top 3 NA teams, and plans on doing it. The WoW team is currently one of the top lan teams in the world. Made up of players who are top10 in 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. Recently placing 2 nd at MLG Ohio, and 4rth at Blizzcon Regionals in Germany, this team is looking to take 1 st at the next stop on the MLG PC Circuit in Dallas TX. CheckSix is known for their amazing talent in Quake, and have placed 1st in numerous worldwide Quake events. Our newest addition is the famous Raffik 'LoSt-CaUzE' Bryant who has appeared in multiple gaming documentaries, and events, and is currently planning on a 2009 Quakecon take down!
  6. Rafik “LoSt-CaUzE” Bryant; the AMERICAN STEEL is the 2006 number one Quake 4 Athlete in the USA taking first place in 3 of the 5 major Quake 4 tournaments and is ranked 7th in the world by the GGL. He has traveled the world playing in the biggest tournaments from the WSGV and CPL to Rage in South Africa. Rafik started to rack up win after win and took first place in 3 of the top 5 tournaments in the USA. With a 2nd place finish in Germany and 3rd place in London he set his eyes on South Africa where he took 1st place at Rage and became the first African American to hold a title in that country. He has been featured on MTV, BET and is one of 5 Cyber Athletes to appear on the CBS/CSTV special sponsored by Intel “Video Game Super Stars” which aired December 30th 2006. LoSt-CaUzE was featured in the March issue of KING Magazine, a nationally distributed urban publication. He’s signed on with Ableplanet (designers of noise cancellation headphones) to become their worldwide spokesmen and is one of only two Cyber Athletes in the world to have a branded product. The headphones hit retailers in June 2007. To his credit, Rafik has donated over $25,000 to charity and plans to open a LAN Center in South Africa with the focus on education. David "Xp3" Garrido is our Counter-Strike 1.6 leader. He has had various top placings at events such as: 1st CPL Italy 2006, 4th CPL Winter 2006, 1st French Cup 2006, 1st Gamers Assembly 2006, 8-12th ESWC 2006, and most recently 4th ESEA Inivte Playoffs 2009. He also individually placed 2nd in the French QTOUR Championship 2008. He has had the distinct privilege of playing in France's best CS 1.6 teams Against All Authority and Dimension4. Now he looks to cement himself as one of the top North American players in Check-Six Gaming.
  7. Your Logo!
  8. 1 st Place PDX LAN 04 1 st Place WCG Canada Qualifier 04 1 st Place WCG Canada Finals 04 2 nd Place WCG USA Finals 04 5 th Place WCG World Finals 04 1 st Place TFL 04 3 rd Place Digital Life 2005 1 st Place GGL Americup 2 nd Place PDX LAN 04 1 st Place Fragzilla I 1 st Place Fragzilla II 1 st Place Fragfest IV 1 st Place Fragfest V 1 st Place Rampage 3v3 1 s Place iGames S1 1 st Place iGames S2 1 st Place iGames S3 1 st Place CAL S2 3 rd Place CEVO S3 2 nd Place CyberHub Lan 07 4 th CPL World Tour 2005 UK 2 nd WEG3 Qualifier Europe 5 th WEG3 Korea 4 th CPL World Tour 2005 Turkey 2 nd Novella Lan Sweden 3 rd WSVG Dreamhack 06 4 th WSVG Lanwar 06 7 th Intel Summer Championship 06 Season 2 CAL-Main 10-0 Season 3 CAL-Invite Champions Season 4 CAL-Invite Champions 1 st place Lanfest 2k5 CA 1 st place 1 st place PDX Lanfest 2k6 2 nd place CPL Summer 2005 2 nd place Lanfest 2k5 NYC 3 rd place XPC temecula 4 th place Winter Everlan 2006 3 rd Place Winter CPL 2006 3 rd Place CAL-M Season 3 3 rd Place CAL-M Season 4 1 st Place CAL 5v5 Season 1 Champs 1 st Place ESWC 2005 2 nd Place ESWC 2005 1 st Quakecon 2005 1 st Place Atlanta LAN 2 2 nd Place LanMash 2 2 nd Place Winter CPL 2004 1 st Place Summer CPL 2005 1 st CAL-I Season 3 Champs 2 nd Place SLAP LAN 11 1 st Place Relic Tourny 1 st Place Gamerreplays 1 st Place CAL-M 1v1 S1 2 nd Place CPL 06 2 nd Place CAL-I 3 rd Place Gamecaster 1 st Place CPL Winter 03 4 th Place CPL Summer 04
  9. As our team travels around the continental United States and around the World to compete, it is very difficult for us to maintain a strong monetary foundation. Because of this, our team lacks the ability to travel to more competitions at which we would easily be a top team, but can’t do so due to financial issues. Your company can consider any or all of the above as marketing and advertisement costs. In return for your help and sponsorship, our organization is dedicated to promoting your products not only on an entry level, but on a partnership level. Through the help of sponsors, this team can start competing at the next level. We request that you take into account the following proposal. As an official sponsor of the CheckSix Organization, your corporation will receive a banner advertisement on our website, ad space, chat channel advertisements, a banner on competition attire, a banner on competition computers, promotional giveaways, promotional articles, and anything else that we may accommodate for your generosity and support. 1. Being Able to Travel to Tournaments - There is no use in being professional if you can’t afford to travel to the various events and tournaments here at home and abroad. Travel and accommodations represent the majority of our costs. 2. Being Able to Train - Professional gamers train for up to 12 hours per day, every day to stay at the top of their game. This does not allow much time for work, and often professional gamers are forced to drop out because they need financial stability to survive. A monthly living allowance would not only allow us to focus on training, but it would also bring greater stability to the team members. Your contribution to meeting these objectives can come at a financial level. We would like to find at least one Head Team Sponsor, who will cover most of our expenses, and who will be the driving force that will help us reach our goal. Of course, the Head Sponsor will be most prominently featured in all of our marketing, and will be by our side at the top of professional gaming. In professional gaming, it is usually a team of sponsors who make it all happen. If you have already committed most of your marketing dollars for the year, you may want to consider becoming a Premier Sponsor instead. You will still receive all the benefits of exposure to millions of people worldwide, and will be prominently featured in all of our clothing, website, and word of mouth marketing. Once you have made the decision to sponsor our organization, we will work with you on the details of the agreement. We are extremely flexible, and we do not have any official sponsorship rules, conflicts of interest, regulations, or guidelines. Essentially, we want to make sure that you are happy with the arrangement, and ultimately to help you profit from it.
  10. Professional gaming otherwise known as eSports is quickly growing in popularity,both as a participatory sport and as a spectator sport. Major League Gaming (MLG) quotes that with their yearly gaming events, viewer ship is in the hundreds of thousands. It is clear that this number is expected to grow; this year’s MLG Circuit . All of the aforementioned features are prime examples of how CheckSix can provide your company with unique advertising opportunities. CheckSix directly reaches gamers through multiple avenues. When we attend any LAN event, we wear attire that have our sponsors’ logos on them; much like sports teams have such logos on their jerseys. Just like at sporting events, LAN events have fans that pay a fee to watch teams play live. LAN events such as the CPL have been covered by networks such as ESPN and MTV, reaching millions of people worldwide. Pictures, articles, and journals are posted on thousands of websites that specialize in gaming coverage. CheckSix has been covered and interviewed countless times by such media outlets, and recognized as one of the top gaming organizations. We work hard to provide our sponsors with direct exposure to the people buying their products– gamers and gaming enthusiasts. This is a prime opportunity for your company to obtain major media exposure for the market demographic of ages 18-35. All of the participants and most of the spectators are extreme, dedicated gamers, and demand the best in computer equipment to heighten their gaming experience. This group as you know is also one of the higher consumers of computer parts, fast foods, soda products, movie tickets, music, and other similar products (quoted by President of the CPL, Angel Munoz). Whether or not your company is directly connected to computers, your primary target audience is. While professional gaming grows in popularity, the gaming industry has already been featured in several mainstream media outlets like ESPN, MSNBC, and The New York Times, just to name a few. For our Head Team Sponsor, we will feature your company name right inside the game, hundred’s of thousands of gamers spectate many of the events that our team plays in. We are flexible, and open to discussing your own marketing ideas with you. Sponsoring CheckSix will bring your products and/or brand names into the spotlight of gamers worldwide. Your brand will be synonymous with the youthful intelligent image that pro-gaming has.You will have prime advertising space on our website, IRC channel every hour 24/7 and clothes, which we will wear at competitive events all year round. Also if desired, we could sell your products from our pro-gaming shop! Our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chat room has hundreds of fans that connect to talk with our team on a personal and professional level. We have the ability to place a text advertisement in this channel that can broadcast what you want the fans to see. The ad can also have a link to your website which will provide immediate exposure to your company. Our website ( has places for your company to add banner advertisements. We will add your company’s logo to the sponsors. In addition, we will provide your company with space under the "Sponsors" section, to place an overview about your company. Our web team is currently working on a"Pro Shop," where we will have the ability to sell all of our sponsors’ products. We can set up a link to buy directly from your website, and add pictures and reviews of your product upon your wishes. CheckSix IRC Channel - 200 users/regular night, 400+ users/match night (ScoreBot of the match)‏ We will automatically endorse your product and/or brands in any possible television, magazine or online promotion we are involved with, and any interviews we participate in. To promote your company further we will do reviews and features on your products to boost awareness in the online gaming scene. Aside from the public reviews, if requested we can also produce some private reports giving constructive criticism and feedback about your product, helping you further develop your hardware/application to suit the growing needs of a pro-gamer. We will endeavor to make ourselves available for media events on your behalf, such as demonstrating your products, and will also grant you the access to contracted players from the organization for promotional advertisements in television commercials and other possibilities, represented by photos, quotes, video and audio recordings. If you require a custom package or anything else from us, just ask!
  11. We hope you consider sponsoring CheckSix. We look forward to hearing from you and are excited by the potential to benefit both of our organizations. Regards, CheckSix Gaming E-Sports Finest