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Sopra Steria: Intelligent Network Analysis in a Telecommunications Environment

  2. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA • We do IT Strategy, Consulting, and Solution Development • We are 2500 consultants in the Telecom & Media vertical • We work with clients across Europe Tamara Kreiling Senior Consultant Telco, Media & Tech 2 Franziska Schmidt Data Science Consultant Telco, Media & Tech Who we are What we do Banking Public Sector Insurance Aerospace Automotive & Industrial Goods Telecom & Media Energy & Utilities
  4. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA OUR CLIENTS CHANGE THEIR RUNNING NETWORK EVERY DAY 4 * Data from annual reports of Telekom, Vodafone und Telefónica from 2020 Of Network changes fail at first iteration 10% 1000 80% Network changes and manual data entries every day Of network outages due to changes
  5. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA Before: Manually maintained network documentation With INA: Daily updated digital twin of network topology Fragmented / spread data collection in silos No end-to-end view on the network Error-proneness in manual documentation Outdated, static planning data Building a meta inventory is cost and time intensive Contextual influence e.g. nw changes not considered Inventories not in sync with the real network status Analysis of network traffic flows not possible Prediction of topology changes and impacts not possible THE CHALLENGES WHEN MANAGING NETWORK CHANGES
  6. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA • Aligning network interfaces to multi vendor networks • Modeling and mapping multi vendor networks • Ensuring data completeness • On the fly calculation of end-2-end routing paths • Very performant analysis on huge, layered graphs • The use cases are endless • Dry-runs, what-if analysis, impact and root cause analysis… • Automated simulations to identify neuralgic points 6 Example real world network Complicating factors No problem with neo4j IT AIN‘T THAT EASY IN REALITY – IF YOU DON‘T USE NEO4J
  7. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA … Web-based application: INA Explorer utilizes thin web- based visualization services Great performance: Very fast rendering of network layout and computing of complex analyses High customizability: Graph layout, edge crossing avoidance method, and node icons customizable at runtime Customizable icons allow user- dependent visualization The complex calculation for preventing edge crossings can be performed at runtime. Deep analyses executable via right click quickly expandable INA EXPLORER VISUALIZES THE GRAPH IN AN INTERACTIVE WAY
  8. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung SIMULATION MODULE Simulation of any changes in the topology Evaluation of different simulated variants INA BASIS SYSTEM Network discovery including functional network model Storage and display in graph database Visualization interface Result: End-to-End network discovered TIME TRAVEL MODULE Before-and-after change comparisons of topology Root cause-analysis of network changes AI MODULE Topology evaluation and suggestions Iterative recommend. based on the as-is situation Saving of versions and entering into the inventory process ANALYSIS MODULE Root-cause analysis Impact analysis Prepared NW analysis: L2 L3 routing Network performance and data traffic analysis Result: Digital Twin SOPRA STERIA INTELLIGENCE LAYER AVAILABLE OUT-OF-THE-BOX MODULES INA
  9. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA INA‘s FEATURES
  10. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA • INA uses near real-time data that includes real network statistics, up-to-date topology and routing information across all network layers. • INA simulates topology changes and their impact on data traffic and latency. • Complex root-cause and impact analyses can be applied at any granularity, including subnetwork, site and individual devices down to a single port. SIMULATION BASED PLANNING INA as digital twin represents the as is E2E network and simulates planned network changes.
  11. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA A new link should be added in order to decrease the utilization on the overloaded red link If the link is inserted at this point, an overload will occur at a new point. SIMULATION BASED PLANNING This location for the new link is suitable as the traffic now runs via different routes and thus no longer causes congestion
  12. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA TROUBLESHOOTING INA: In case of an outage, not only directly connected antennas can be identified, but also wider effects on the network are easy to discover • Impact Analysis is easily possible to conduct - Identification of impacted sites - Consideration of all routed traffic - identification of all dependent antennas • Use cases: Power outages, malfunctioning network elements, environmental influences, sabotage • INA interfaces with ticketing systems and can correlate to actual incidents or changes in near real time.
  13. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA x PREDICTIVE MAINTANANCE INA tests the robustness of the network without your help. And helps to combat neuralgic points. • A virtual network engineer (Chaos Monkey) will run continuously in the background and randomly simulate failures by consecutively switching points in the network on and off. • This will identify sensitive/neuralgic points in the network. Similarly, the extent of the damage and the impact on other parts of the network will be revealed. x
  14. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA Simulated Annealing • If you would want to assign the antenna to a yellow backbone router through the blue routers so that utilization is minimized. • There are 800bn possible combinations: 517 = 800bn • Brute force calculation of all combinations would take ~25 years if we assume 1ms per configuration. • INA’s Annealer feature automatically analyses possible routing options and suggests the best option within the tested range. • Simulated Annealing finds optimized solution within 60 s after 1000 tested combinations. AUTOMATED ROUTING OPTIMIZATION
  15. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA A non optimal routing is selected. The Annealer starts to test other routing configurations (1000 combinations within 60s). The annealer proposes an optimized routing configuration next to the input configuration for better comparison. A data table describes the proposed changes. AUTOMATED ROUTING OPTIMIZATION
  16. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung INA SUSTAINABILITY Make the network more sustainable by discovering particularly energy- intensive components, and reduce CO2 consumption in the entire network SECURITY Detection of neuralgic points in the network, which e.g. supply large parts of the population or critical infrastructures FUTURE NETWORK Change analysis, simulation and planning to verify network changes before they are applied to the network PREDICTIVE MAINTANANCE Avoid network outages and misconfigurations as mismatches will be detected beforehand COVERAGE Measure network coverage and evaluate options to reach the expansion targets and increase service quality Model further, individualized cases and find answers to questions as you need them when you need them INA‘s potential for the whole telecom business. INA's technology allows users to combine data points that help to answer very specific questions in a variety of use cases. In addition, INA offers ready-made use cases, as well as the possibility to jointly develop even more. SUSTAINABILITY Discover particularly energy-intensive components, and reduce CO2 consumption in the entire network
  17. C2 - Eingeschränkte Verwendung All the charts To enrich your powerpoint presentations Chart Library INTELLIGENT NETWORK ANALYZER by Sopra Steria