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Neo4j Graph Data Platform: Making Your Data More Intelligent

Philip Rathle, VP of Product Management, Neo4j

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Neo4j Graph Data Platform: Making Your Data More Intelligent

  1. 1. Neo4j Graph Data platform Making your data more intelligent Philip Rathle, VP Product Management, Neo4j
  2. 2. 175 ZB Data Generated by 2025 (IDC) 55% Data Unquantified and Untapped (TRUE global intelligence Survey) Data is the new OIL, our greatest asset, Now and in the future Yet, half of THE Data is still UNTAPPED 60% Data remains unconnected (multiple) and, unconnected Data is growing 294 BIL 4TB 5 BIL 65 BIL 4PB Data generated each daY (source: raconteur)
  3. 3. how do you harness YOUR data to drive business value?
  4. 4. datA-accelerated innovation A UNLOCK THE CONNECTIONS INSIDE of YOUR data C accelerate, with CLOUD-First developer agility B activate them with AI and Machine Learning
  5. 5. the Connections are as Valuable as the Data Itself A
  6. 6. connections in data are core to building modern, intelligent applications Personalization Product Recommendations Personalized Health Media and Advertising Decision Analysis Fraud Prevention Network Analysis Forecasting Massive Data Integration Customers/Data 360 Compliance Optimize Operations Data Science AI & ML Behavior Prediction Patient/Customer Journey Disambiguation Data Driven Discovery & Innovation Drug Discovery Intelligence & Security Product & Process Innovation
  7. 7. connected data elevates use case effectiveness The plateau of aggregate data Use Case Effectiveness (value) Use Case Maturity (time) Connected data potential Your opportunity with Graphs
  8. 8. graph databases: designed for connected data RELATIONAL DATABASES Store and retrieve data NoSQL DATABASES Aggregate and filter data Connections in data Real time storage & retrieval Real-Time Connected Insights Long running queries aggregation & filtering “Our Neo4j solution is literally thousands of times faster than the prior MySQL solution, with queries that require 10-100 times less code” Volker Pacher, Senior Developer From Disparate Silos To Cross-Silo Connections
  9. 9. GRaph UNLOCKS NEW LEVELS OF APPLICATION INTELLIGENCE “Graph Relates Everything. By 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021, facilitating rapid decision making across the enterprise” Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021 “Up to 50% of Gartner inquiries on the topic of AI involve discussion of the use of graph technology.” Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021 “Neo4j...lead[s] the pack” Q4 2020 The Forrester Wave: Graph Data Platforms
  10. 10. Impact: business agility “Flexible” Data Model Easier to understand, evolve and collaborate
  11. 11. Minutes to “milliseconds” performance advantage Connectedness and Size of Data Set Response Time Relational and Other NoSQL Databases 0 to 2 hops 0 to 3 degrees Thousands of connections Tens to hundreds of hops Thousands of degrees Billions of connections 1000x Advantage at scale Neo4j “Minutes to milliseconds”
  12. 12. B
  13. 13. Machine Learning is Based on Graphs
  14. 14. 6584 AI Research featuring graphs
  15. 15. All machine learning will SOON BE usING graphs Machine Learning Pipeline A B C D E
  16. 16. graphs in the enterprise 01 02 03 Applications Data ScientistS Business userS Graph data science & AI/ ml • Sentiment analysis • Customer segmentation • Machine learning • Cognitive computing • Community detection operational Graphs • Fraud detection • Real-time recommendations • Network and IT operations management • Knowledge graphs • Master data management Graph Visualization • Fraud detection • Network and IT operations management • Product information management • Risk and portfolio analysis
  17. 17. Power of graph visualization Cybersecurity example - Neo4j bloom
  18. 18. Neo4j Graph DATA Platform Making your data more intelligent, WHEREVER IT MAY BE 18 Development & Administration Analytics Tooling BUSINESS USERS DEVELOPERS ADMINS Graph Analytics Graph Transactions Data Integration Discovery & Visualization DATA ANALYSTS DATA SCIENTISTS Drivers & APIs APPLICATIONS AI openCypher & ISO GQL Cloud
  19. 19. RUNS ANYWHERE: Cloud-first AGILITY C
  20. 20. Database-as-a-service Cloud-native service Zero administration Pay-as-you-go Self-service deployment Cloud-native stack FULLY MANAGED infraSTRUCTURE Cloud Managed Services (CMS) White-glove service fully managed by Neo4j experts Fully customizable deployment model and service levels Operate In own data centers or Virtual Private Cloud GETTING STARTED - DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS SCALING your data YOUR WAY Self-hosted CHOOSE YOUR CLOUD: PRIVATE OR PUBLIC Bring-your-own-license Self-manageD YOU MANAGE THE INFRASTRUCTURE & data PRIVATE, HYBRID, PUBLIC
  21. 21. Graphs of Activity & Behavior 10B - 1T+ Graph scaling with Neo4j Graph Scale Graphs of Things Graph Usage Maturity Graphs of Transactions 100M - 100B 1M-1B Aura, Commodity Hardware Replicated Clusters Aura, Commodity or Larger Replication and/or Partitioning CMS, Replicated Partitions (Fabric), or “EXOTIC Hardware” (IN-MEMORY)
  22. 22. securing your data in neo4j LDAP & Active Directory User & Roles Procedure Access Controls Kerberos SSO Certs Intra-Cluster Encryption Security Event Logging TLS Wire Encryption Schema Based Security
  23. 23. your opportunity: Solve Complex And Valuable Problems leveraging graphs With Neo4j
  25. 25. Questions?