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NBOGroup and our 25 years [25th Anniversary eBook]

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NBOGroup celebrates 25th Anniversary in Singapore!

To all our clients, partners and team members, this ebook is created especially for you. Thank you for your commitment and support in the past 25 years. What we've accomplished could not be achieved without you.

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NBOGroup and our 25 years [25th Anniversary eBook]

  2. 2. NBOGROUP AND OUR 25 YEARS! by Gary & Bonnie Nelson! NBOGroup Ltd.!
  3. 3. Table of Contents! I.  The Beginning ……………………………………………… 3! II.  A Growing Family ……………………………………… 7! III. Our People ……………………………………………………… 9! IV.  Our Motto ……………………………………………………… 14! V.  Beyond the 25th ……………………………………… 16!
  4. 4. I. The Beginning! In 1989 we established Nelson Buchanan & Öostergard Pte Ltd (NBO) Singapore as our Asia Regional Headquarters. Having launched our first company, Nelson Buchanan Öostergard Ltd in Hong Kong in 1988, we decided to expand with a second office in Singapore. The move to Singapore was driven by the opportunity we saw in Southeast Asia and Singapore in particular. The markets were maturing and developing quickly and offered great opportunity for leadership and communication
 training and development in both private
 and public sector organizations.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 4! NBOGroup and our 25 years! Singapore Central Business District (CBD) in the 1980s.! Photo by courtesy of RememberSingapore.wordpress.com.!
  5. 5. Our initial offices were in a rental unit at the Hong Leong building. Lunch was many times at the Amoy (Maxwell St) hawker center or at the Telok Ayer food court. We made lots of interesting contacts with government ministries and global multi-nationals who were expanding and gaining a foothold in Asia. Singapore, with the consistent rule of law, was, and is, the favorite for regional headquarters.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 5! NBOGroup and our 25 years! Telok Ayer Market in the 1980s, later reopened in 1991 as Lau Pa Sat.! Photo by courtesy of RememberSingapore.wordpress.com!
  6. 6. As our Singapore business started to grow we hired two wonderful young ladies, Catherine Tay, who is still a consultant with NBO and the late Diana Lim who became famous as a trainer and facilitator for the NBOGroup.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 6! NBOGroup and our 25 years! (1992) Diana Lim far left (star Trainer) and Catherine Tay (client focused Consultant) far right. Bonnie Nelson second from left next to Diana… and so proud of the team.! 22 years ago...!
  7. 7. II. A Growing Family! When our business expanded to a team of 8 we moved offices to the newly constructed Suntec Tower Two. The only challenge in the move was leaving the great food courts of Maxwell St to the
 more expensive food courts of Suntec… but we all survived.
 This was also a launching
 point for us to establish
 partners in Indonesia and
 Malaysia who replicated what
 we did here in Singapore
 and in Hong Kong.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 7! NBOGroup and our 25 years! Suntec City & Fountain of Wealth! Photo by courtesy of www.GlassSteelAndStone.com!
  8. 8. The partners were all former participants in our leadership programs who experienced the value of our training and had a passion to bring those programs to their countries. Both PT NBO Indonesia and NBO Malaysia have been eminently successful in their markets and continue to grow today. Julie Kenny providing support from Singapore is the catalyst for shared creativity and innovation. We are very proud of what our partners have achieved.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 8! NBOGroup and our 25 years! NBO Singapore Leadership team with PT NBO and NBO Malaysia celebrating a great year!
  9. 9. III. Our People! As our businesses continued to grow so did our team. Our philosophy was to hire consultants and trainer/facilitators who had extensive business backgrounds and to train them in our programs, products and methodology. We believed, and still believe, that there is no substitute for having first hand business leadership experience. This enables our consultants and facilitators to provide knowledge and relevant insight to every client initiative.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 9! NBOGroup and our 25 years! Team photo at our Leadership Seminar, 28 Feb 2014!
  10. 10. Our consultants and facilitators come from a wide variety of industries and business sectors and over the years have developed and refined facilitation skills that are considered among the best globally.! ! ! ! ! ! Rebecca McPherson with more than 10 years as an NBO Senior Executive Trainer, and her colleagues including Lauren Swieter and Louise Shenton, are examples of the impact achieved when business experience is combined with excellent facilitation skills.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 10! NBOGroup and our 25 years! Dennis!Stella!
  11. 11. The focus is always on measurable results for every client activity.! ! ! ! ! ! NBO consultants, Catherine Tay and Faith Plevin, are two more examples of the power of past business experience combined with NBOGroup product expertise that achieves extraordinary results.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 11! NBOGroup and our 25 years! Gillian! Angela! Julie!
  12. 12. Our administration and technology team have been an integral part of the NBO culture and success. Working as a team with consultants and trainer/facilitators they share the values of customers first and they will move mountains to ensure every commitment is made or exceeded.! Without ever being asked, additional time and effort are put forth to make sure all are successful in achieving the best possible results. For more than 15 years, Yvonne Ho has been key to ensuring quality and responsive administrative support for clients and team members alike.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 12! NBOGroup and our 25 years!
  13. 13. In order to focus on our core business of leadership and communication skills development, we decided to outsource non- strategic functions. Areas outsourced included our accounting and bookkeeping functions to Aceprof International Pte Ltd. More than 10 years later we consider our outsourcing decisions to have been wise and these outsourcing partners a valuable extension of the NBOGroup family.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 13! NBOGroup and our 25 years!
  14. 14. IV. Our Motto! With our company motto "In Other Words Results" we have constantly looked for ways to provide more value add to our clients. To accomplish this we are committed to best practices and continuous innovation. Many programs and products have been born of our desire to bring extraordinary value add.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 14! NBOGroup and our 25 years! In Other Words Results!
  15. 15. The global software and hosting are still in Singapore and constantly updated to support the market needs and languages. Under the guidance of Ryan Tan, our Marketing and Technical Support Specialist, we continue to implement strategic enhancements to our 360 Feedback system. These enhancements ensure that we maintain our leadership role in providing the very best service and results to our current and future clients.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 15! NBOGroup and our 25 years! A hallmark example of this is the development
 of our unique 360 multi-rater feedback
 software. It was tailored for the needs
 of the Asian market. Using international
 specialists and a Singapore-based software
 developer we designed our 360 tool to be
 exceedingly user friendly, non-threatening
 and to provide more accurate feedback. An
 important foundation in the design was our frequency gap analysis methodology which gives a more accurate reflection.!
  16. 16. V. Beyond the 25th! Today, as we reflect on our 25 years and look at our current NBOGroup team, we feel great pride and gratitude. We are blessed with a talented and committed team who are motivated, innovative, committed to each other and to our clients. We are grateful for the ability to have grown our business in Singapore with a reach far beyond its borders.! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 16! NBOGroup and our 25 years! Thanking our clients at our special Achievement Awards Ceremony in 2011!!
  17. 17. As a business, NBOGroup helps organizations build their leadership competence. We are proud to say we reflect what we teach… NBOGroup is a team of “leaders” using their individual talents in a strong team environment to help our clients achieve measureable “results.”! The NBOGroup culture, “No one of us is as good as all of us,” is positioned for another 25 years of “In Other Words Results.”! To our clients, our team and our partners we say THANK YOU for a great 25 years.! ! Gary & Bonnie Nelson! Gary & Bonnie Nelson
 Members of the NBOGroup Team! © Published in 2014 by NBOGroup Ltd.! 17! NBOGroup and our 25 years! THANK YOU!