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Regard sur notre école power point english oct 2014

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Our school

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Regard sur notre école power point english oct 2014

  1. 1. Our town is located in the north west of the Fance in‘’Normandy ’’. The village is rural. The sea is 10km away. Le Havre is the nearest big city. Nearby, there is a small seaside resort, Etretat, which is known for its big and beautiful cliff. Further away, there is Fécamp, a large fishing port and Rouen, famous for his city centre medieval. Paris is 200km away.
  2. 2. Mannevillette 900 inhabitants Mayor : Mr Grancher 15 assistants 1 school
  3. 3. School : 90 students - 4 classes The head mistress : Véronique Crayon 4 teachers 1 nursery assistant Mrs Crayon Véronique 23 pupils 8 and 9 years old Mrs Gallais Stéphanie 23 pupils 9 and 10 years old Mrs Masson Marie-Pierre 24 pupils 6 and 7years old Nursery school : 1 classe, 18 children Mrs Saffores Sandra 20 pupils 2, 3,4 and 5 years old Primary : 3 classes 74 children
  4. 4. Monday : 5 hours 15 minutes of work Tuesday : 5 hours 15 minutes of work Wednesday : 3 hours of work Thursday : 5 hours 15 minutes of work Friday : 5 hours 15 minutes of work Saturday : rest Sunday : rest
  5. 5. Organization of the school year 5 periods of 7 weeks of work. 4 periods of little holydays (15 jours) A period of summer vacation ( juillet/août) september october november décember january February march april may June July august
  6. 6. In the playground, there are outdoor games and a small hut. Nursery school TPS PS MS GS 20 children 2 years old 3 years old 4 years old 5 years old
  7. 7. Nursery school The teacher is Sandra. We take part in art activities. In the playground: we are in the habit of cycling, running…
  8. 8. They learn to read and to count up too 100. They will go to the swimming pool in February. Their classroom is in the new building of the school, next to the garden. Primary CP/CE1 20 children 6 AND 7 years old
  9. 9. The CE2/CM1 have two teachers : Véronique and Angeline. Miss Crayon (the head mistress), works with the children for days a week, the other teacher is here on Friday. They learn english since 2 years. They work on the project ‘’sound machine’’ Primary CE2/CM 1 23 children 8 years old 9 years old
  10. 10. They have been learning English for 2 years. Primary CM1/2 23 children 9 years old 10 years old
  11. 11. All the classes come here once a week to borrow books. There are albums, comics, novels, documentary books.
  12. 12. Since the beginning of the year, we have small laptops, there are 14, we can work on our tables in the classroom.
  13. 13. In the sports hall: we take part in motor activities, games, dances… The climbing wall: Students of the school have created an art climbing wall with the 3 primary colors and geometric shapes
  14. 14. The canteen has 80 children enrolled, but they do not all eat every day. This is Yolande, Valerie, Delphine Noelle, who are in charge of the service and the meals. There are 2 sittings. On Monday and Tuesday the older children eat first. Thursday and Friday are the days for the younger children.
  15. 15. A young artist, Jenny Brial worked in our school. She created a huge mural on the wall of the sports hall. She used secondary colors. On all three parts there are the children’s words which talk about the school.
  16. 16. The children worked on the theme of the garden. They made a giant plate and cutlery. The vegetables are made from wood pulp. An artist, Cyril Plate, came to school in the nursery class to do this work with them.
  17. 17. The children were introduced to land art in the gardens of Bois Guilbert. Then, they collected natural materials. They created works in the playground of the school with the moss, branches, leaves and bark they found. .
  18. 18. The children regularly travel to Le Havre, a city near Mannevillette. They are greeted at the center of contemporary art the ''Spot'‘ where they discover amazing works both inside and outside.
  19. 19. Every week, classes meet in the gymnasium to listen, learn and sing songs. At the end of the school year, we organize a show and sing in front of the families, the children like it a lot.
  20. 20. At the end of the school year, we organize a party school where parents are invited A small fair is organized with stalls of games. Parents can come into classrooms and explore the various exhibitions made from student works. All children of the school sing the songs learned throughout the school year. Finally, the mayor give a book to each student. They give "a drink of friendship" to the community too.
  21. 21. Véronique and Corinne are the town clerk, they are also mothers of school students.
  22. 22. the bowling green and tennis court
  23. 23. Around our village This town was almost completlely destroyed during the second world war. The architect Auguste Perret who rebuilt Le Havre created a very modern town for the period after the second world war. Concrete is the main material used in this city.
  24. 24. Located on the Alabaster Coast, Fecamp, has a rich maritime and ducal past . The abbey, the Palace of the Dukes of Normandy, the rich collections of the Museum of Newfoundland and the impressive Palace with its famous Benedictine liqueur, are the witnesses of this prestigious history. The Seaside architecture of that time is still present today. Other typical architecture of our landscape cauchois, the ‘’clos masure’’ is to be discovered in our villages.
  25. 25. The city, also known as the ‘Ville aux cent clochers’ dear to Victor Hugo, has preserved much of it’s historical centre which is now largely composed of pedestrian streets. Rouen is a city of art and history.
  26. 26. 200 kilometers