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coaching philosophy

sports coaching

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coaching philosophy

  1. 1. Sports Coaching • Involved process of direction (with plan), instruction, training and evaluation of an athletic team or of individual athletes on various component of performances.
  2. 2. Why Coach? • Many different reasons • Knowing Why? Help to understand different roles & responsibilities • Also encourage to reflect your own attitudes, beliefs and motives within your coaching practice • Importantly help you to establish your own coaching philosophy on what you feel is important in coaching
  3. 3. Coaching Philosophy
  4. 4. How to developing your coaching philosophy? • Know Yourself • Understanding overall coaching context • Know your athletes personalities & abilities
  5. 5. Developing a team coaching philosophy? “He’s absolutely brilliant in bringing a group together to accomplish one common goal” – Kobe Bryant
  6. 6. Process versus Outcome?
  7. 7. Should your philosophy be verbal or written?
  8. 8. Example Coaching Philosophies from Sports Coaches • "My coaching philosophy is: I am a firm believer "If you have knowledge pass it on to those who do not". I also believe that playing sports as a child, not only builds character and confidence but also gives them a sense of accomplishment. It also prepares them for life. Working as a team or as a team player. Not as an individual. I also feel it can bring a child out of his/her shell or shyness.“ Coach George Hornung, Head Coach, Stafford Soccer Club
  9. 9. Example Coaching Philosophies from Sports Coaches • “My coaching philosophy is pretty basic: “To have an environment that encourages athletes to learn and develop on and off the playing field, to create a positive learning environment in good and bad times” I developed this by reading, listening and observing other coaches, Wayne Bennett, Bo Hanson, John Buchanan and John Wright.” Mark Coles, Vanuatu Cricket
  10. 10. Conclusion? • By developing coaching philosophy: Your learn about yourself Increase understanding of problem you have to face Get to know your athletes