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2 finding the principles

  1. Bell work 10/18 Look back at activity #18: According to your images, how would you define 1. Republicanism 2. federalism **we will need the book: R43** **#19 was graded- no questions, no headings=loss of points!!**
  2. 20 The principles in the Constitution
  3. 1. Limited Government (10 minutes) (for each article, give a specific place (section and #) and short description of the limit placed on that branch) A. Article I B. Article II C. Article III
  4. 2. Article VI (#2) (3 min) A. The Constitution is called the “Supreme Law” of the land. According to this article, what does that mean?
  5. 3. popular sovereignty (6 min) Article 1, section_1 OR 2__, #___= ________________ (describe the wording in that article that reflects popular sovereignty- you will have to search/read in the textbook)
  6. 4. Amendments (12 minutes) A. How many are there? When was the last one ratified? B. (fill in the chart connecting principles to the Amendments- first was done for you): # Principle reflected Explanation of connection 14 Republicanism Sec.2 all must be allowed to vote for representatives 17 9 15 22
  7. Next few slides are notes to take together
  8. 5. Judicial Review A. Marbury V Madison- court case decided that court needed more power to review decisions B. Power of the court to determine the constitutionality of a government (does a law follow the Constitution?) C. Supremacy Clause -- the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land- final judge D. Elastic Clause- “stretches” the power of the government, some things could not have been predicted when they wrote the constitution - New laws MUST be related to the 17 enumerated powers
  9. 6. Due Process A. Fair and swift justice for every human, no one deserves better treatment than anyone else (Kalief) B. Which Principles of the Constitution were lost in this case? (explain which Principles were neglected/ignored)
  10. Final draft: The Principles • Everyone must have TWO complete • No repeats at a table/group- decide who will get which. Groups of 4, there can be ONE doubled • Include: • Detailed image • Colors • The Principle that is being depicted