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Ipr and fair use

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Ipr and fair use

  1. 1. Introduction to IPR and Fair Use (R.A. 8293)– Use of Media INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES [Republic Act No. 8293]http://www.chanrobles.com/legal7copyright.htm#INTELLECTUAL%20PROPCopyright Issues: Multimedia and Internet Resources Georgia Harper - http://www.utsystem.edu/ogc/intellectualproperty/mmfruse.htm
  2. 2. Esplanade Art Beetle
  3. 3. This is a portion of the Esplanade façade in Singapore.
  4. 4. MAKATI CITYSource: http://www.makati.gov.ph/
  5. 5.  Original works – section 172 Derivative works – section 173 Copy or economic rights – section 177 Limitations on copyright – section 184
  6. 6. Original Works Books, pamphlets, articles and other writings; Periodicals and newspapers; Lectures, sermons, addresses, dissertations prepared for oral delivery, whether or not reduced in writing or other material form; Letters; Dramatic or dramatico-musical compositions; choreographic works or entertainment in dumb shows; Musical compositions, with or without words; Works of drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving, lithography or other works of art; models or designs for works of art;
  7. 7. Original Works Original ornamental designs or models for articles of manufacture, whether or not registrable as an industrial design, and other works of applied art; Illustrations, maps, plans, sketches, charts and three-dimensional works relative to geography, topography, architecture or science; Drawings or plastic works of a scientific or technical character; Photographic works including works produced by a process analogous to photography; lantern slides; Audiovisual works and cinematographic works and works produced by a process analogous to cinematography or any process for making audio- visual recordings; Pictorial illustrations and advertisements; Computer programs; and Other literary, scholarly, scientific and artistic works.
  8. 8. Fair Use of a Copyrighted Work The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for non-profit education purposes; The nature of the copyrighted work; The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
  9. 9. Reproduction of Published Work 187.1. Notwithstanding the provision of Section 177, and subject to the provisions of Subsection 187.2,the private reproduction of a published work in a single copy, where the reproduction is made by a natural person exclusively for research and private study, shall be permitted, without the authorization of the owner of copyright in the work.
  10. 10. SHORT QUIZGet a one half, crosswise sheet yellow paper
  11. 11. 1. Liquified version of Spiderman- is this subject toinfringement?
  12. 12. The photo is converted to a digital art for classroom presentation.2. Is the car subject to permission?3. Is the photo as digital art an infringement? The photo converted to a digital art for student exhibit in the Yuchengco lobby. 4. Is the car subject to permission? 5. Is the photo as digital art an infringement?
  13. 13. 6. Is the photo an infringement of the dept store image?7. Why or why not?
  14. 14. 8. Image of a funny Darnawith Gloria Arroyo’s face asthe face of Darna– is thissubject to damage of Pres.Arroyo’s name?9. In ref. to no. 8–is theremisuse of Darna’s image?10. Image of Darna with amodified costume—is thissubject to permission?11. The improved andmodified version of Darnaon the left used in a newComics– is this subject toIPR laws and policies?12. Why or why not?
  15. 15. Is any of the item below subject to IPR infringement?13. Web publication of IPR laws14. Use of underground music in a classroom video15. Use of a Disney music in a school play