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Secrets of successful SharePoint Intranets

Presentation at Intranets 2013 Conference on what makes a successful SharePoint Intranet

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Secrets of successful SharePoint Intranets

  1. 1. Secrets of Successful SharePoint IntranetsMichal Pisarek | SharePoint MVP. Founder, Dynamic Owl Consulting
  2. 2. Who Am I2PolandAdelaideVancouverSydneyPerth
  3. 3. Founder of Dynamic Owl ConsultingMicrosoft SharePoint MVPOrganizer of the Vancouver SharePoint Users GroupBlog: SharePointAnalyst HQTwitter: @michalpisarekInternational SharePoint SpeakerIntroduction: Michal Pisarek3
  4. 4. Dynamic Owl4• SharePoint consulting services• Microsoft Gold Partner• Business focused- Strategy & Roadmap- Governance- Change Management- Requirements Elicitation- Intranets and Digital Workplaces
  5. 5. Today’s Agenda5• What will SharePoint be in your organization?• The impact of a SharePoint Intranet• Managing change• SharePoint Intranet quick wins
  6. 6. Understanding whatSharePoint is for YouWhat will you make of SharePoint?6
  7. 7. “SharePoint its kind of magical.Theres nothing like it in the market. Thecapability expands from custom developedapps, hosting sites, communities, contentmanagement, publishing, search, portal, businessinsights, mashups, rapid development, webapplication client tools, unifiedinfrastructure, consolidated workflows, documentmanagement, bring the worlds together in a costeffective way. Get more done with less than anyother solution”.Steve Balmer,SharePoint 2010 Launch Anaheim
  8. 8. SharePoint is Like Lego8It can be many thingsbut doesn’t need tobe everythingIt comes withmany pieces youcan build solutions withPart productpart platform
  9. 9. Your best chance of success9You need three things for a SharePoint to be successfulThanks Sharon Richardsonfrom Joining Dots
  10. 10. vision10Overall vision for SharePoint within an organizationProject XStrategy“How do you achieve the vision?”“What are the needs/issues/opportunities to be addressed”Business Needs“SMART results that wecan measure”Key OutcomesScopeRequirementsTechnical ImplementationGovernanceChange ManagementProjectX
  11. 11. vision11Project XStrategyBusiness Needs“Smart results that wecan measure”Key OutcomesScopeRequirementsTechnical ImplementationGovernanceChange ManagementProjectX“Pioneer the use of social technologies withinthe company to become a connectedorganization that is always learning”.• Encourage and promote innovation through a fair andsystematic method• Find employees with skills and interest that can helpanswer questions• Lower the cost of sharing information acrossthe organization• Encourage communities of practice for idea exchanges• Codify corporate knowledge with out of the box toolsTo attain and retain the best talent in the industry by providing a open workplacethat encourages sharing of ideas, collaboration and technical excellence
  12. 12. vision12Project XStrategyBusiness NeedsKey OutcomesScopeRequirementsTechnical ImplementationGovernanceChange ManagementProjectX• Improve the time to find experts by keyword by 80%• Have 20% of all staff members of one or morecommunities of practice• Implementation of the top 1% of employee ideasfor business savings• Usage of wikis across the organizationincreased by 50 %• User Profile Roll Out• Innovation Center Template Creation• Community of Practice Pilot• Wiki PilotTo attain and retain the best talent in the industry by providing a open workplacethat encourages sharing of ideas, collaboration and technical excellence”
  13. 13. What happens if you don’t?13Huge scopecreepUnclear expectationsaround resultsSince we don’t reallyknow what we want let’sjust put our faith in thetechnology
  14. 14. SharePoint Intranet Pitfalls14The easy things couldbe costly, the difficultthings cheapBoiling the ocean• “Just because you candoesn’t mean you should”An “Intranet” and“Collaboration” can bevastly different things
  15. 15. The Impact of SharePointIt’s more than software…15
  16. 16. SharePoint is unique16It’s not deployed like MicrosoftOffice but more like SAPIt’s not a silver bullet“SharePoint has no inherit business valueunless applied to a problem or opportunity”A double edged sword
  17. 17. SharePoint Means Change17Lots of little changesadd upWork DifferentlySocial sharing ofinformation vs emailThink DifferentlyUsage of metadatavs foldersAct Differently
  18. 18. Managing ChangeHow do we get people to use our SharePoint Intranet?18
  19. 19. Why so difficult?19People have alternativesMultiple way to share a documentUnclear expectations“Why am I doing this?”Lack of training“This makes no sense”
  20. 20. The Adoption curve of systems20• If you say that SharePoint will solveall your issues quickly you will fail• There is ALWAYS a loss of productivity• It’s the number one reason thatexecutive support is neededTimeProductivityTime to RecapOriginal Levelof ProductivityHeight of NewProductivityGainDepth of Lossof ProductivityTime to Achieve NewGain
  21. 21. Training21Train your users in theHOW and the WHYIntranet Training• How to search, how to fill inyour profile, filling informs, basic navigationCollaboration Training• Multiple Levels Required• 99% of people will only everedit a document, completetasks, put in a calendar entry
  22. 22. Communication22More communicationis always betterBuildexcitement, trust andenthusiasmPeople hatebeing blindsidedFree food worksany time, any where
  23. 23. Governance23Important for Intranets• Content Authoring Guidelines, Future GrowthCentralPortalDivisionAreasGroups & TeamsProjects & WorkspacesPersonal Sites• Permanent Division Portals• Business Process• Division News, Scorecards• Group Reporting• Permanent Central Portal• Enterprise Search• Enterprise Browse• Semi Structured• Group, Team, Project• Sites and Workspaces• Blogs, bios, socialCorporate BusinessTaxonomyWith DivisionalSkeholdersAd Hoc Self Servicesw/Life CycleManagementPer User10 X Important for “Collaboration”• IT Governance• Information Management• Application ManagementGovernanceRoles &ResponsibilitiesGovernancePrincipalsCommunicationsStrategyRiskManagementStrategyInformationArchitectureGovernanceBenefitsRealizationStrategyMaintenance &Review StrategySharePointGovernancePlanChangeManagementStrategy
  24. 24. Quick Wins with SharePoint24
  25. 25. Web Content Management25Start getting contentauthors trained earlyin adding real contentTrain people in theHOW and the WHYIts not like Word!
  26. 26. Web Content Management Tips• 10MB is still 10MB evenif you scale• Unless you are using SP2013Image Sizes• Site Collection: Reusable• Assets Site Images:Local pertinent assetsUploading Images Don’t copy andpaste from Word!!!26
  27. 27. SharePoint Search – Best Bets27• Inject your own organizationalintelligence into search• Easily Configurable• High Value, Low Effort
  28. 28. Best Bet Intranet Examples28“Intranet Based”• Training• Events• News• How Do IDepartmental Names• Accounting• Marketing• EngineeringLocations• Offices• Stores• DepartmentsCommon Actions• Printing• Mail• Holidays• Car Hire• Travel• Banking
  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. Profile Tips30Make sure that senior managementhas their profile filled in1Make it part of onboarding2Explain WHY people should fill it in!3
  31. 31. “As part of our SharePoint roll out eachuser has a profile. Please be sure to fillout the fields necessary in your profile byMarch 23rd 2010”.Thanks,Mr. Horrible CEOBad Example31
  32. 32. “As part of our ongoing attempts to tap into theamazing information in our organization eachemployee now has their very own user profile! Youruser profile contains a wealth of information such aspast projects, your skills, expertise and socialinterests. We encourage you to fill in the profile sothat you can find like minded individuals easier, findexperts in topics your are interested in, see whoworked in previous projects and help us all learnmore about each other to strengthen the ties in thiswonderful organization“.Thanks,Mr. Awesome CEOGood Example32
  33. 33. Profile Photos33• Provide people with guidelines• Have a day that you take photos for people• Make is part of the onboarding process• Don’t make it compulsory…
  34. 34. The Power of Forms34Custom Formswith Workflow• Nintex Forms withWorkflowWord/PDF withNo Workflow• Attach a status• Use Alerts to notify• Use security to seecorrect submissionsInfoPath with/withoutWorkflow• Fully Electronic FormsWord/PDF Formswith added Workflow• Complex PDFor Word Forms• SharePoint workflowsfor approval1 2 3 4
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. Why you shouldn’t just use a Team Site36Unless these people workwith you remove themIf you are not using thesefeatures remove themA small description should go hereinforming users of the sites purpose
  37. 37. Questions?37
  38. 38. Wrap-up: contact detailsMichal Pisarek (Vancouver)E: Michal@dynamicowl.comT: @michalpisarekW: www.dynamicowl.comB: www.SharePointAnalystHQ.com

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Presentation at Intranets 2013 Conference on what makes a successful SharePoint Intranet


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