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4 Common Myths About Veterans | Michael G. Sheppard

In this presentation, Michael G. Sheppard describes 4 common myths about veterans.

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4 Common Myths About Veterans | Michael G. Sheppard

  1. 1. 4 COMMON MYTHS ABOUT VETERANS Michale G. Sheppard
  2. 2. M Y T H S A B O U T V E T E R A N S Although there are 22 million veterans in the United States and two holidays dedicated to those who have served, there are still a few myths associated with veterans. The following are the most popular of those myths and why they are far from the truth.
  3. 3. M Y T H # 1 : E V E R Y V E T E R A N H A S P T S D . Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a pressing issue within the veteran community. While serving the country, many servicemen and servicewomen will witness death and violence up close. Sometimes witnessing these experiences can lead to PTSD. However, not every person who has served will return home with PTSD. 
  4. 4. M Y T H # 2 : V E T E R A N S W H O H A V E P T S D A R E V I O L E N T . Although not every veteran will have PTSD, there are those who suffer from the disorder. A common association with PTSD is that it makes people violent and irrational. Less than 8% of PTSD patients have violent outbursts. 
  5. 5. M Y T H # 3 : T H E R E A R E B A R E L Y A N Y F E M A L E V E T E R A N S . Women have been working alongside men on the battlefield since the Revolutionary War, American Civil War, and the Spanish War. In the United States (including Puerto Rico and Foreign Terrorities) you can find almost 2 million female veterans.
  6. 6. M Y T H # 4 : V E T E R A N S G E T H I R E D E A S I L Y A F T E R R E T U R N I N G H O M E . When veterans begin their job search after serving, they often find that the skills they used in combat don’t easily transition to a typical 9 to 5. Employers may also be apprehensive about hiring a veteran due to upcoming deployments or stereotypes surrounding veterans.