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On schedule with the Last Planner System

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Full Day Workshop on Lean Construction

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On schedule with the Last Planner System

  1. 1. On Schedule with the Last Planner System Workshop Become certified by LCI-Canada as a Lean Project Coordinator mguy@i-designs.ca or more info www.leanlab.ca
  2. 2. Traditional Lean Project Delivery Over Budget, Late NetZero, Early Completion
  3. 3. Lean Design Workshop Part 1 1. Business Case • Busted Budgets, Broken Schedules • Inefficiency & Bad Behavior • There is a Better Way 2. How Lean Creates Value • Customer • Solve Problems/Eliminate Waste • Create Flow
  4. 4. TEAM
  5. 5. Moneyball What does Beane know about TEAMS Billy Beane Keynote at LCI San Francisco
  6. 6. Not a Team It takes a TEAM to deliver a WOW Project Team
  7. 7. Lean Design Workshop Part 2 1. Getting Started with the Last Planner System • Assemble the TEAM • Define the Milestones • Commit to the Schedule 2. Last Planner System • Develop a Plan • Collaborate • Commit Design to Target 3. Commitment Tools • Pull Planning • 6 Week Look Ahead (Constraints) • Weekly and Daily Coordination • Checklists
  8. 8. Design with DISCIPLINE Value Desig n
  9. 9. Plan with DISCIPLINE
  10. 10. Manage PRODUCTION
  11. 11. Stop to fix PROBLEMS JIDOKA
  12. 12. University of Winnipeg Science Complex & Richardson College for the Environment Integrate Team & Systems
  13. 13. BOOT Camp Okanagan College
  14. 14. Boot Camp Objectives • Last Planner System (LPS) is a Production Control System • We Learn LPS a hands on simulation (Villego) • Main Learning Objectives • Understand Last Planner System • How to get work to Flow • How to collaborate as a TEAM
  15. 15. Getting Started • Short Introduction • Name • Why you’re here? • Your best day Ever! • Teams 1,2,3 • Select a CM • Establish Team Roles, Get your Hats On • Let’s Get Started
  16. 16. On Schedule with Lean Construction Hey you Made it to the End! Let us know what you think about taking this or other Lean Lab Workshops mguy@i-designs.ca or more info www.leanlab.ca