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Is your present marketing working for you?

Marketing has changed the way we sell and buy these days. Using some of the tried and true methods of days gone by are still relevant, however, business owners should also be interacting on social media in a way to get their brand noticed

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Is your present marketing working for you?

  1. 1. Conventional Ways to Market a Businesses • Door Knocking • Advertising • Good Images/Branding & Content • Letter Box Drops • Promotions • Free Publicity • Expos • Events • Do an event when asked • Email Newsletter • Email Signature • Social Media – Quicker: Easier : Wider Audience: Targeted • Consistent, Purpose/ Passion, Persistence, Engage, Interact, Like know & trust, Educate, Entertain, Participate
  2. 2. • Is your $500 a month in Yellow Pages working for you? • Do you know how many people actually ready your newspaper advert? • Do your letterbox brochures hit the bin and not even make it inside house? • Did you manage to monitor where your advertising dollars? • Were you achieving a ROI? Everyone says I need it but why?
  3. 3. The Answer Is SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! TRACKABLE MEASURABLETEST Hit your target market - right time - right ammunition (social media platform) Your customers are online they are using social media networks. You need to be there also .
  4. 4. • Increase your visibility & connectability • Improve your Google Page Rank - enhances search engine results • Review your competitors, customers, and partners For Job Seekers • Increase the relevancy of your job search. • Make your interview go smoother • Gauge the health of a company and the industry • Track startup business. Benefits of LinkedIN.
  5. 5. Getting Started on LinkedIN. • Make your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out – Fill all Fields – Add Professional Photo • Have a keyword rich Summary & keep it up to date it • Be Creative and Relevant • List your greatest achievements in business, volunteer & charitable contributions • List Professional Groups that you belong to and note any hobbies you may have • Connect with others by either following companies or individuals. • Interact with people already in your network • Offer to endorse those within your LinkedIn network • Involved yourself in LinkedIn Groups. • Being active in LinkedIn Groups - position you as an industry leader. • Double check your spelling and grammar.. • Check LinkedIn at least a few times each week
  6. 6. Facebook Profile • Facebook Personal Profiles are limited to 5,000 “Friends” • Facebook Personal Profiles can look unprofessional • Facebook Personal Profiles now offer ability to have Followers Facebook Pages • Facebook Pages Unlimited Likers(Fans) • Facebook Pages offer you ability to look at Facebook Insights • Access to Mounds of Data - Access to Advertising • Ability to Assign Admin Roles • Facebook Tabs and Contests - Facebook Offers • Make sure your settings are set for optimum results. Facebook Facts & Benefits
  7. 7. • Increase your online presence - build a global network of contacts • Reputation Management - Quality Tweets builds quality reputation & engagement • Listening to tweets can identify market trends • Perfect platform to promote your blog or website or deal of the day • Industry Conversation – Market Trends • Competitive Intelligence • Twitter and Mobile – effortless - 140 Characters. • Brand Awareness – SEO Increase • Feedback Mechanism • Ask Questions get quick response • News Management Why do I need Twitter for my Business?
  8. 8. Overall Social Media Benefits • Starts the Conversation Online • Interactive – No interaction = No Conversation! • Consumer Reach • Insights • With SM – Tailor Post to your Demographics • Consistency – create a vibrant WOM • Makes the company more personable • Gives an avenue of complaints/ reply • Offer advice about your product or service • Quick and manageable + more!!