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Internet of Things Workshop

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Internet of Things Workshop

  1. 1. INTERNETOFTHINGS WORKSHOP Dr. Mazlan Abbas CEO - REDtone IOT Sdn Bhd Email: mazlan.abbas@redtone.com Dec. 13, 2016
  2. 2. AGENDA • Introduction to Internet of Things – Definition – Benefits • IOT Applications • Introduction to Smart Cities – Building Your Smart City Solutions – Challenges
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGIESTHATENABLEIOT Cheap sensors (50% cheaper) Cheap bandwidth (40x cheaper) Cheap processing & smarter (60x cheaper) Ubiquitous wireless coverage (free wifi) Big data (unstructured data) IPv6 Smartphones (personal gateway) For the Past 10 Years
  4. 4. [Source: http://postscapes.com/what-exactly-is-the-internet-of-things-infographic ]
  5. 5. [Source: http://postscapes.com/what-exactly-is-the-internet-of-things-infographic ]
  6. 6. [Source: http://postscapes.com/what-exactly-is-the-internet-of-things-infographic ]
  8. 8. I need to maintain the quality of my goods. Who is the intruder? Can I reduce my electricity bill? Am I healthy? When is my next bus? Where can I park? Monitoring of Assets – Typical Everyday Questions What IF we can connect ALL these assets and get the answers to ALL these questions? THENEEDTOCONNECTASSETS
  9. 9. http://visual.ly/future-internet-things
  11. 11. Monitoring Autonomous OptimizationControl IOTMATURITY
  12. 12. MONITORING Vehicle Tracking
  13. 13. CONTROL Security Lock Immobilizer
  14. 14. OPTIMISE Best Route Safe Fuel Optimize Engine
  15. 15. AUTONOMOUS Self-Driving Safe-Driving
  17. 17. SECURITY Safety
  19. 19. CREATENEWPRODUCTS Autonomous Cars
  21. 21. DEFINEYOURDATA…BUTWHATDATA? How to Start Building Your First IoT Solution
  22. 22. DATAOWNERSHIPS Personal/Household Private Public CommercialSensorDataProvider
  23. 23. Wisdom Knowledge Information Data More Important Less Important Evaluated understanding Appreciation of Answers to questions. Symbols Understanding Answers to questions WHO WHY HOW WHAT WHERE WHEN VALUEISCREATEDBYMAKINGSENSEOFDATA
  24. 24. Wisdom Knowledge Information Data More Important Less Important Understanding VALUEPYRAMIDFORSMARTPARKING N/A Empty (0), Full (1) Who park at this lot? What kind of vehicle? Where is the empty parking lot? When is the peak period? How to implement a tiered charging? How to find “overstayed” vehicles? Why my parking utilization is low?
  25. 25. DELIVERINGTHEWHOLEIOTPUZZLE Internet Biometric Ultrasonic Temp Humidity Pressure Motion Position Light Image Motor Switch Lighting Valve SensorsActuators IOT Platform Analytics Applications WiFi 2G/3G/4G LoRa SigFox An IoT platform is able to connect to devices and sensors in real time, process data and drive big-data analytics in the cloud.
  26. 26. Home Health Transport OfficeWaste IOTMAKESENSEWHENYOUBLENDTHEDATA Creating New Compound Applications
  29. 29. According to Whirlpool, life balancers are young millennial women who live on an active lifestyle with a family and career. Life balancers don't have time to learn how (they're far too busy) to use their home appliances, they just want something that works.
  30. 30. • Tell what materials your clothes are made from – kinds of detergent, temp, etc • Weather reports – outdoor or drier • Visual timeline – time to complete • Feedback to Whirlpool’s engineers and retailers – maintenance and supply
  32. 32. PHOTOFINISH The new Scan ‘O’ Vision MYRIA cameras from Omega captured the photo finishes as runners cross the line. The camera can take 10,000 digital photos per second.
  33. 33. LAPCOUNTER Swimmers benefited from new underwater lap counters that helps them keep track of how much of the race is left. The lap count would update each time a swimmer touched the wall—helping them focus on the race.
  34. 34. ARCHERY New sensors placed under the classic paper targets. These located the exact spot where an arrow hit the target within an accuracy of 0.2 mm, and would instantly display them on the screen within one second for spectators.
  35. 35. IOTSECURITY The IoT camera system set in place by Altave Security provided the Rio Olympic security team with comprehensive coverage of the facilities throughout the Games.
  36. 36. IOTINFACILITIESMANAGEMENT Managing Your Assets
  38. 38. EXAMPLE-HOTDESKMONITORING http://www.occupeye.com
  40. 40. OTHEREXAMPLES • Washroom: Consumables Tracking – (Hand towels, Soap Dispensers, Air Fresheners, Hand Sanitiser etc). Proximity sensors on dispensers can monitor consumable levels, and replenish based on real-time data. This can optimise (and often reduce) the number of checks and refills carried out by the maintenance team. • Waste Bin Levels – Proximity detection sensors can be used to monitor and create a work schedules when bins need emptying. This provides cleaning efficiency improvements, as well as better client satisfaction. • Asset Maintenance – Condition based maintenance for building assets such as air handler / fan units. Regular maintenance service checks are manually intensive and costly – often in hard to access areas that are not convenient to inspect, or hook up to traditional BMS systems. There is an increased risk to lone workers with ladders often required for access. Using simple retro-fit vibration/pressure differential sensors, it is possible to monitor the efficiency of an asset, predict time-to-failure, and service/replace parts only when necessary.
  41. 41. VARIOUSINDUSTRYVERTICALSFORIOT Manufacturing 35% of manufacturers already use smart sensors. 10% plan to implement them within a year, and 8% plan to implement them within 3 years, according to PwC Transportation Connected cars are a top IoT device. We estimate there will be over 220M connected cars on the road by 2020. Oil,gas,andmining In five years, it is predicted that 5.4 million IoT devices will be used on oil extraction sites. BI Intelligence said that these devices will primarily be internet- connected sensors used to provide environmental metrics about extraction sites. Insurance A survey has found that 74% of insurance executives believe the IoT will disrupt insurance within the next five years. 74% also plan to invest in developing and implementing IoT strategies by 2016, according to an SMA Research survey. [Source: http://www.cbronline.com/news/internet-of-things/m2m/smart-connected-always-on-10-huge-iot-impacts-on-10-huge-sectors-4709736v]
  42. 42. ENVIRONMENTS Defense We estimate spending on drones will reach $8.7B in 2020. In addition, 126K military robots will be shipped in 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan. Agriculture We estimate 75M IoT devices will be shipped for agricultural uses in 2020, at a 20% CAGR. These devices are primary sensors placed in soil to track acidity levels, temperature, and variables that help farmers increase crop yields. ConnectedHome smart meters are already a reality, and from the 313 million installed in homes worldwide in 2013, Navigate Research predicts that number to jump to 1.1 billion by 2022 FoodServices With the world population on the rise, IoT will help to keep food production levels at good pace. BI Intelligence estimates 75 million IoT device installations for agricultural uses by 2020, at a 20% CAGR. [Source: http://www.cbronline.com/news/internet-of-things/m2m/smart-connected-always-on-10-huge-iot-impacts-on-10-huge-sectors-4709736v]
  43. 43. ENVIRONMENTS Infrastructure We estimate municipalities worldwide will increase their spending on IoT systems at a 30% CAGR, from $36B in 2014 to $133B in 2019. This investment will generate $421B in economic value for cities worldwide in 2019. Retail Beacons, paired with mobile apps, are being used in stores to monitor customer behavior and push advertisements to customers. In the US, we estimate $44.4B will be generated from beacon triggered messages. Utilities Energy companies throughout the world are trying to meet the rising demand in energy. To do this, they will be installing nearly 1 B smart meters by 2020. Hospitality 31% of hotels use next-generation door locks, 33% have room control devices, 16% have connected TVs, and 15% use beacons throughout the hotel, according to Hospitality Technology’s 2015 Lodging Technology survey. [Source: http://www.cbronline.com/news/internet-of-things/m2m/smart-connected-always-on-10-huge-iot-impacts-on-10-huge-sectors-4709736v]
  44. 44. ENVIRONMENTS Logistics Tracking sensors placed on parcels and shipping containers will help reduce costs associated to lost or damaged goods. In addition, robots such as Amazon Kiva robot, help reduce labor costs in warehouses. Banks There are nearly 3M ATMs installed globally in 2015, according the World Bank. Some teller-assist ATMs provide live-stream video of a teller for added customer support. Healthcare We estimate 646M IoT devices will be used for healthcare by 2020. Connected healthcare devices can collect data, automate processes, and more. But these devices can also be hacked, thereby posing a threat to the patients who rely on them. SmartBuildings 43% of building managers in the US believe the IoT will affect how they run their building within the next 2 to 3 years, according to a survey from Daintree Networks. [Source: http://www.cbronline.com/news/internet-of-things/m2m/smart-connected-always-on-10-huge-iot-impacts-on-10-huge-sectors-4709736v]
  47. 47. CLASSIFICATIONOFPEDOMETER-DETERMINEDPHYSICALACTIVITY • < 5000 steps/day - "sedentary lifestyle index” • 5,000-7,499 steps/day - "low active" • 7,500-9,999 steps/day - "somewhat active” • 10,000 steps/day - "active” • > 12,500 steps/day - "highly active" The recommended 10,000 steps a day originated in Japan in the early 1965. Japanese researchers led by Dr Yoshiro Hatano determined the average person took 3,500 to 5,000 steps per day, and that if they were to increase their steps to 10,000 steps per day, the result would be healthier, thinner people! Dr. Hatano’s calculations also showed that we should walk 10,000 steps a day to burn about 20% of our caloric intake through activity.
  48. 48. LIFELOGGING TAKEASTROLLDOWNAVIRTUALMEMORYLANE “How much more IOT can do is only left to your imagination and to your budget. You can do as little or as much with IoT as you want.”
  49. 49. Digital memories can do more than simply assist the recollection of past events, conversations and projects.
  50. 50. How to automatically records your real life story, as told by the places you visited and the things you've done because some of us have a great story to tell. BENEFITSOFLIFELOGGING
  51. 51. The 150 Days of My Life Life-Logging
  52. 52. AUTOTAGGING • Fast browsing through memories will be dependent on such annotation • To do this efficiently, we'll need machine learning algorithms that can automatically recognize and tag all forms of life-logged data. • Only then will we get the killer applications, LIFELOGGING – BEYOND THAN JUST COUNTING STEPS How can you organize and browse all the video, audio, image and text data you amass?
  53. 53. NEUROWEAR“NEUROCAM”CONCEPT[VIDEO] If you can capture emotions, you can tag it!
  56. 56. CHECK OUT PRESENTATION SLIDES AT: http://www.slideshare.net/mazlan1
  57. 57. THANK YOU @REDtoneIOTREDtoneIOT • EMAIL: mazlan.abbas@redtone.com • TWITTER: @mazlan_abbas • FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/drmazlanabbas • LINKEDIN: my.linkedin.com/in/mazlan/ • SLIDESHARE: www.slideshare.net/mazlan1 • ABOUT ME: about.me/mazlan.abbas