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Awareness on IoT Adoption for SMEs and Business Intelligence

  1. favoriot Awareness on IoT Adoption for SMEs and Business Intelligence Dr. Mazlan Abbas CEO - favoriot Email: KUALA LUMPUR AND SELANGOR INDIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY 11 Oct. 2021(3.00pm – 4.30 pm)
  2. favoriot Interesting Thing #1 Consumer vs Producer
  3. favoriot Problem of a Consumer Nation
  4. favoriot Become a Producer Nation #ProducerNation
  5. favoriot
  6. favoriot Malaysia as a Producer Nation University Industry Market R&D Product (Roadmap) Commercialise Maintain Loyalty Output Share Industry problems Sell Understanding Roles and Responsibilities • Publications • Knowledge • Time-to-market • Revenue • Solve their problems YouTube Video Prototype (Alpha) Prototype (Beta) Copyright: Dr. Mazlan Abbas (2020)
  7. favoriot Interesting Thing #2 IoT History
  8. favoriot FATHER OF IOT Kevin Ashton First Coined The Term IoT in 1999
  9. favoriot Earliest IoT Devices 1982 1990 Carnegie Mellon University By David Nichols, Mike Kazar, Ivor Durham and John Zsarnay John Romkey Invented first TCP/IP stack for IBM PC Connected Coke Machine Internet Toaster
  10. favoriot Every 3 to 7 years, organizations need to reinvent themselves According to The Boston Consulting Group - S&P 500 Companies from 50 years ago – only 19% are still in existence BUSINESS SURVIVAL IN 21stCENTURY
  11. favoriot Interesting Thing #3 Ripples & Fusion
  12. favoriot Technology Cycles
  13. favoriot IoT – From Ripple to Tsunami Internet of Things
  14. favoriot Why IoT is Now at an Inflection Point? Cheaper and smaller. Hardware Key Growth Factors Ripples of technologies. Simple and faster. Software Development Becoming pervasive. Connectivity New entrants and players IoT Ecosystem Number of transistors double every 2 years. Moore’s Law
  15. favoriot Interesting Thing #4 Simple to Understand
  16. favoriot I need to maintain the quality of my goods. Who is the intruder? Can I reduce my electricity bill? Am I healthy? When is my next bus? Where can I park? Monitoring of Assets – Typical Everyday Questions What IF we can connect ALL these assets and get the answers to ALL these questions? The Need To Connect Assets and Sense Environment
  17. favoriot Understanding IOT What is Exactly Internet of Things?
  18. favoriot IoT Sensors Connectivity Middleware Analytics
  19. favoriot [Source: ] From Analog to Digital
  20. favoriot World of Sensors [Source: Overview of Spintronic Sensors With Internet of Things for Smart Living, Xuyang Liu, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, VOL. 55, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2019]
  21. favoriot Sensors: • Camera – “Eyes” • Audio – “Ears” • Accelerometer – “Speed” • GPS – “Location” • Gyroscope – “Movement” • Compass – “Direction” • Proximity – “Closeness” • Ambient light – “Eyes” • Others… Context 1. Spatial – Location / Speed Orientation 2. Temporal – Time / Duration 3. Environmental – Temperature / Light / Noise Level 4. User Characterization – Activity (Mobility Pattern) / Social (Friends, Interactions) 5. Resource Availability – Storage / Memory / Computational / Battery Your Smartphone is an IoT Device
  22. favoriot [Source: ]
  23. favoriot Communications Technologies Examples of the various communication technologies that smart objects can use Source: “What the Internet of Things (IoT) Needs to Become a Reality”, Kaivan Karimi of Freescale Semiconductor and Gary Atkinson of ARM
  24. favoriot Which LPWAN to Choose?
  25. favoriot [Source: ]
  26. favoriot Interesting Thing #5 IoT – Core for IR 4.0
  27. favoriot Era of Industrial “Revolution” …and not “Evolution”
  28. favoriot Mechanization, steam power, weaving loom INDUSTRY 1.0 1784 1870 1969 TODAY Mass production, assembly line, electrical energy INDUSTRY 2.0 Automation, computers and electronics INDUSTRY 3.0 Cyber Physical Systems, internet of things, networks INDUSTRY 4.0 ERP What is Industry 4.0?
  29. favoriot What is Society 5.0? Hunting Society Agricultural Society Industrial Society 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0 5.0 Information Society Super Smart Society
  30. favoriot What is IR 4.0? IR 1.0 (Manual With Physical Tools) IR 2.0 (Electrical) IR 3.0 (Automation/ Internet) IR 4.0 (Intelligence) 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0
  31. favoriot 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies
  32. favoriot Enabling Technologies of Industry 4WRD
  33. favoriot Enabling Technologies of Construction 4.0
  34. favoriot Which Era of Industrial Revolution Are We in Now?
  35. favoriot The Way We Cook 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0
  36. favoriot The Way We Teach 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0
  37. favoriot The Way We Transact 1.0 3.0 2.0 4.0
  38. favoriot 2.7 Where are we now?
  39. favoriot Interesting Thing #7 Solves Seven (7) Business Problems
  40. favoriot Using IoT to Transform 7M in Businesses How IoT Benefit the Businesses?
  41. favoriot (1) Manpower • Increase productivity • Lower manpower costs
  42. favoriot (2) Material • Just in Time • Saves time and cost • Understanding condition about assets
  43. favoriot (3) Machine • Uptime • Predictive Maintenance • Reduce Errors
  44. favoriot (4) Method • Reduced “Red- Tapes” • Become agile • Faster and efficient
  45. favoriot (5) Market • Enter new market segment • Expand reach globally
  46. favoriot (6) Money • Create new products and revenue stream • New business models • Saves costs
  47. favoriot (7) Management • Data-driven decision management • Better decision making • Transparency
  48. favoriot Interesting Thing #8 Faces Nine (9) Challenges
  49. favoriot 9 Challenges of IR 4.0 The definition of new strategy. Rethinking your organization and processes to maximize new outcomes. Understanding your business case. Conducting successful pilots. Helping your organization to understand where action is needed. Examination of company culture. Recruiting and developing new talent. The genuine interconnection of all departments. Something that is too often overlooked. New Biz Model Business Case Rethinking Change Management Pilots Action Culture Talents. Interconnection
  50. favoriot Interesting Thing #9 4 Phases of IoT Maturity
  51. favoriot 4 Phases of IoT Maturity 4 Phases of IoT Maturity
  52. favoriot Interesting Thing #10 4 Reasons for IoT Trial
  53. favoriot 4 Reasons We Need a National Trial 4 Reasons We Need a Trial
  54. favoriot Interesting Thing #11 Steps to Build IoT Solutions
  55. favoriot Top IoT Programming Languages 1. Java 2. C 3. Javascript 4. Python 5. C++ 6. PHP 7. C# 8. Assembler 9. LUA 10. Go 11. R 12. Swift 13. Ruby 14. Rust Most Popular Languages DEVICES – C, C++ GATEWAYS – Java, Python, C, C++ CLOUD – Java, Javascript, Python, PHP Most Valuable Programming Languages Java, Python, C, C++ Why? 1. High-level scripting languages 2. Operate on pretty much any machine 3. Work across networks and multiple devices 4. Matured with extensive documentation and tutorials [Scan for More Info]
  56. favoriot 4 Main Components of IoT 01 02 03 04 Digital Sensors – Temp, humidity, pressure, gas, etc Fixed or wireless Platform that aggregate heterogeneous devices with different protocols Workflow, analytics and insights Sensors & Actuators Connectivity IoT Middleware Applications & Analytics
  57. favoriot Interesting Thing #12 4 Levels of Value Pyramid
  58. favoriot Data Ownerships 01 Personal 03 Public 04 Commercial 02 Private
  59. favoriot Wisdom Knowledge Information Data More Important Less Important B e n e f i t t o H u m a n i t y Evaluated understanding Appreciation of Answers to questions. Symbols Understanding Answers to questions WHO WHY HOW WHAT WHERE WHEN Value is Created by Making Sense of Data
  60. favoriot Levels of Business Intelligence Descriptive Analytics Diagnostic Analytics Predictive Analytics Prescriptive Analytics What Happened? Why did it happen? What will happen? How can we make it happen? Hindsight Insight Foresight Information Optimisation Difficulty Value
  61. favoriot Home Health Transport Office Waste IOT Platform – Blending IoT Data Blending Data - Creating New Compound Applications IoT Platform
  62. favoriot Interesting Thing #13 IoT Platform - favoriot
  63. favoriot favoriot IoT Middleware “Create your IoT vertical solutions rapidly”
  64. favoriot FAVORIOT – Platform-as-a-Service favoriot
  65. favoriot Categorization of IoT Platforms Publicly Traded Open Source End-to-End Connectivity Developer Friendly Platforms developed and maintained by large traded companies Platforms that provide data management services under open licenses Platforms designed based on supplied hardware and required solution Platforms can be easily integrated with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc favoriot
  66. favoriot Gateway 3G/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/LPWAN IOT Devices IOT Devices 3G/Ethernet/Wi-Fi HTTPS Push/Pull Service Social Media Integration DEVICE CONNECTIVITY (REST, MQTT) APPLICATION INTEGRATION DATA MANAGEMENT DATA STORE BUSINESS LOGIC NOTIFICATION ENGINE REST API IoT Analytics SECURITY BIG DATA TOOLS Application Development AUTHENTICATION 3rd party Data Analytics VALUE PROPOSITION CoAP REST To ”IoTise” Every Business
  67. favoriot Key Features of FAVORIOT IoT Platform • Rapid Development • User-friendly APIs • Ease of onboarding IoT Devices • Scalable platform • Notification Engine – Email and SMS • IoT Support Forum Discussion Board – Building Community • Examples – Videos and Sample Source Codes • Many new and enhanced features in Version 2.0 including ability to make Dashboard Public FREE Subscription
  68. favoriot
  69. favoriot CONTEST 1. Login to 2. Register as a FREE User with valid email address 3. The first (1), tenth (10) and twentieth (20) person who registered will get a BEGINNER PLAN 100% VOUCHER 1 year subscription worth RM 100 Winners will be notified via email after the Talk. All the Best!
  70. favoriot
  71. favoriot
  72. favoriot FAVORIOT Hierarchy Project Application 1 Group 1 Device 1 Device n Group n Device 1 Device Application n Group 1 Device 1 Device n Group n Device 1 Device n
  73. favoriot FAVORIOT Hierarchy Project (Smart City) Smart Water Monitoring River Quality Device 1 Device n Lake Quality Device 1 Device Smart Parking Parking Bay A Device 1 Device n Parking Bay B Device 1 Device n Example • Dissolved Oxygen • pH • Temperature • Turbidity Example • Infra red • Ferromagnetic • Camera
  74. favoriot Data Streams
  75. favoriot Dashboard
  76. favoriot Custom Dashboard
  77. favoriot Custom Dashboard
  78. favoriot Widgets
  79. favoriot Public Dashboard
  80. favoriot Public Dashboard
  81. favoriot Visualisation Options Favoriot Dashboard Export to .csv or json
  82. favoriot Visualisation Options Android App Inventor React & Plotly.js Vue & Chart.js favoriot Step-by-Step Tutorials
  83. favoriot
  84. favoriot
  85. favoriot Tutorial
  86. favoriot Favoriot IoT Tutorial - YouTube
  87. favoriot Interesting Thing #14 Solving IoT Puzzle
  88. favoriot Development Board
  89. favoriot Sensors
  90. favoriot Simple Steps to Start Your IoT Journey favoriot (1) Sensor (2) Connectivity (3) Platform (4) Application Scan for Free IoT Resources (Tips, Tutorials and Projects)
  91. favoriot Use Cases – Tracker Badge • Road , railway and construction workers • Postal, food delivery workers • Public transport, taxi, bus drivers • Retirement homes • Social worker, office, bank employee protection • Security / round control • Workers time management • Employee trip management • Forest workers and equipment favoriot SOS Alarm No Movement Man Down Detection GPS Location Personal ID Identification Two-way Voice Communication
  92. favoriot Power Monitoring – Case Study • Monitor main power source (AC) • Send Message AC Fail or AC Restored to FM or IT Issue Who should respond when network down? Is it network issue or power issues?
  93. favoriot Favoriot IoT Platform Users by Countries SCAN ME Join the Generation-IoT As of October 11, 2021
  94. favoriot Interesting Thing #15 Disruption
  95. favoriot Crossing the CHASM Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards THE CHASM Early Market Late Market
  96. favoriot Develop a small and focused solution that can have immediate impact Application Start to integrate the back-end with the existing system. Integrate New workflow, new business model and better analytics. Innovate 01 02 03 How Do We Start?
  97. favoriot Free Two (2) IoT eBooks
  98. favoriot LIMITED OFFER Voucher Code: FAVKLSICCI Valid Period: 11- 18 October 2021 Number of Vouchers Available: Only 20 Instructions (Link - ): • Register as FREE Plan User • User Voucher Code to upgrade to 1-Year Beginner Plan YouTube Instruction Video How-To Register and Redeem Voucher
  99. favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot favoriot