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Introduction to piwik analytics platform 2015

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Introduction to Piwik, the open analytics platform.

Updated in 2015 - enjoy!

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Introduction to piwik analytics platform 2015

  1. 1. Table of Contents 1) Introduction, mission, values 2) Presentation
  2. 2. Who am I? ● Matthieu Aubry ● Frenchman living in New Zealand ● Founded Piwik, Lead dev ● Co-founded Piwik PRO ● Software Engineer ● Favorite things in life: Privacy, Freedom, www, Peace, Truth, Love and Nature.
  3. 3. Why is analytics useful? You spend a lot of time building websites, apps, products... ● Learn who are the people using it ● Understand their behavior ● Monitor over time → Improve your sites and apps!
  4. 4. What is ? The leading open Web Analytics platform Used by more than 1% of the Internet 1,100,000 websites worldwide Translated in 54 languages Free/Libre software
  5. 5. Piwik Mission Statement "To create, as a community, the leading international open source web analytics platform, that gives every user full control of their data."
  6. 6. Brief history
  7. 7. A few project stats 90 releases in 7+ years
  8. 8. Our core values at Piwik ● Alternative to Google Analytics ● Decentralised Open Platform ● Security ● Reliability, QA ● Freedom ● Engineered to last
  9. 9. Our community values ● Be Open ● Be Easy to use ● Be Available in more languages ● Be Accessible to more humans ● Be Agile as a community
  10. 10. Let's see how Piwik can help you understand your audience
  11. 11. What can I use Piwik for? ● Website analytics ● Ecommerce analytics ● Intranet analytics ● Mobile app analytics ● Web Server log analytics
  12. 12. What types of devices are popular?
  13. 13. Where are users connecting from?
  14. 14. Geolocating regions and cities
  15. 15. What do users search for in the search box?
  16. 16. Track your Goals
  17. 17. Which channel brings you “highest engaged” visitors?
  18. 18. View where users click on each page
  19. 19. View the flow of clicks before and after a page, here for the Résumé page
  20. 20. Most analytics tools give only aggregated reports... Piwik offers insights on a per-user level
  21. 21. Users appear in Real-Time on the map
  22. 22. View details of all visits
  23. 23. And much more! Segmentation, Event tracking, Awesome APIs, Campaign tracking, Real time analytics, Ecommerce analytics, Measure page speed, Customisable dashboards, Email reports (pdf/html/csv), Track users across devices...
  24. 24. Piwik Mobile
  25. 25. Extend Piwik with Marketplace
  26. 26. Alert me by email when the site becomes slow
  27. 27. Piwik vs. other platforms User-centric reporting Build user profiles and store sensitive data. Customizable Extend and customize the platform to your needs. Unlimited data No limits for users, sites, traffic or custom variables. Platform ownership Full control over the data and the software.
  28. 28. Measure Anything Measure... ● Retail shops ● APIs ● the Internet of Things (Machines, Sensors, Wearables...) ● Monitor IT infrastructure
  29. 29. More than just Analytics... We recognise Piwik can have an even bigger impact in the web tools ecosystem. ● A/B Testing Framework ● Tags manager ● Big insights? ● Recommendation engine?
  30. 30. Thank you! Note: we are hiring an experienced Application Engineer (PHP/JavaScript) to work with us full time and build the future of Piwik!
  31. 31. Questions?