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Bring your ideas to video in no time with Storyboarding

  1. Bring your ideas to video in no time with
  2. Have you got something to show? Can you show it? How will you show it? If NO—then no VIDEO is needed. (Class dismissed!) Talking heads  (examples)
  3. Comic strip, cartoon Visual representation of shot list Does not show all the action Director’s cheat sheet Provides notes for camera operator
  4. What kind of video will it be? Interview Voiceover Event Demo Animation?? Final product desired dictates level of detail in storyboard.
  5. Conflict/Resolution Mystery/ Solved Question/ Answer Method/How to Think it through as much as you can!
  6. Beginning: sets the scene, intro characters, defines problem Middle: actions, demonstrations, event, steps End: conclusion, summary, punchline, resolution
  8. Make your storyboard! Artistic skills not required. (photos, ppt, notecards) Organize beginning—middle– end. (story) Think about the camera angles and shots. (vary) Assume 4-10 seconds per frame.(commercials) Keep message focused. (Lego Video)
  9. Audio/Sound Lighting Equipment
  10. Mary Spiro Science Writer Johns Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology [email_address] @Mary_Spiro