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Baby names

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Hai, my dear friends here is the List of Hindu Baby Names which includes both Baby Boy and Baby Girl with meaning, you can use this file to name your baby, wish you bright future for your baby, for more information plz visit www.maruthivishnuvardhan.blogspot.com and contact Maruthi k.B. , maruthivardhan200@gmail.com, Mobile-9008435923

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Baby names

  1. 1. 1In this file every page 1&2 coloumns contains Boy name and 3 &4 coloumn contain Girl NamesBOY NAME MEANING GIRL NAME MEANINGNAME MEANING Aaarti worshipAadi first; most important AaditAafreen encouragement Aafreen encouragementAalam the whole world AahukAalap musical AanuAandaleeb bulbul (type of songbird) AaptaAarman desire AashayAaron high mountain Abani EarthAatish dynamic person; explosive Abha beautyAayush long life AbhayaAayushman long life AbheeshtAbhay son of Dharma AbhilashaAbheek fearless AbiramiAbhijat unconquerable Aboil name of a flowerAbhijay unconquered Achala constantAbhijit a constellation dear to Hari AchitAbhilash desire Adarsh idealAbhiman pride Adela nobleAbhimanyu Arjunas son Adhira lightningAbhinav novel AdimulaAbhirup pleasing Adishree exaltedAbhishek anointing; bath for a god AdisimhaAbhra cloud Aditi EarthAchal constant Adrienne dark oneAchintya a name of Lord Shiva; unimaginable Adrika heavenlyAchyut a name of Lord Vishnu; imperishable AdwithiyaAchyuta a name of Lord Vishnu AgneyaAdarsh ideal Agrata leadershipAdesh command Agrima leadershipAdhik greater wife of Rishi Gautam; woman who was saved by Ahalya Lord RamaAdil just; sincere Aiesha womanAdinath Lord Vishnu; the first lord Aishani Goddess DurgaAdit from the beginning Aishwarya wealth
  2. 2. 2Aditya Lord of the Sun a famous Buddist Ajanta caveAdwaita Akhila totalAdway united AkritiAftaab sun Akshaya indestructibleAftab sun Akshita seenAgasti name of a sage Akuti princessAgastya name of a sage Alaka girl with a lovely hairAgha preeminent a river in the Alaknanda HimalayasAgharna moon Alana light; offeringAghat destroyer of sin Alena lightAgniprava bright as fire Aletea truthAgrim first; leader Alka girl with a lovely hairAgriya best; first Almas diamondAhsan mercy Alpana decorative designAijaz favor Amala the pure oneAiman fearless AmarthyaAinesh suns glory Ambika Goddess ParvatiAjamil a mythological king born from a lotus; Ambuja Goddess LakshmiAjatashatru a name of Lord Vishnu Amita without limitAjay unconquerable Amla the pure oneAjit invincible Amodini happyAjitabh conqueror of the sky famous courtesan who became a Amrapali devotee of BuddhaAjitesh Lord Vishnu Amrita immortalityAjmal pious sweet smelling Amritkala peachAkaash sky Amrusha suddenAkalmash stainless Anagha without sinAkash sky Anahita gracefulAkbar powerful Anala fieryAkeel Anamika ring fingerAkhadanand Anandamayi filled with happinessAkhand Anandi jovialAkhil complete Anandini happyAkhilanadan Ananya without a secondAkhilesh Lord of all Anasooya wife of Rishi AtriAkmal complete Anasuya wife of Rishi AtriAkram excellent the decorative end of Anchal a sariAkrodh attractive women; Angana suspicious womanAkroor kind Angarika flame-colored flower
  3. 3. 3Akshan eye AnikaAkshar imperishable Anindita beautifulAkshath indestructible Anisha uninterruptedAkshay indestructible Anita graceAkshit permanent Anjali offeringAkul a name of Lord Shiva Anjana mother of HanumanAlam the whole world person who lives in Anju the heartAlamgir Lord of the whole world Anjushree dear to ones heartAlarn Anjushri dear to ones heartAlden old friend AnkitaAleem knowledgeable generous with food; Annapurna Goddess ParvatiAlhad happiness Anshula sunnyAli protected by God the second note in Indian classical Antara musicAlok man with lovely hair Anu atomAloke light Anumati consentAmal bright; clean; pure Anupama without equalAmalendu unblemished moon Anuradha bright starAmalesh pure AnushaAmar forever AnushreeAmartya immortal Anuva knowledgeAmbarish sky AnvitaAmber sky Anwesha questAmbuj lotus name of a learned Apala woman of the pastAmeen divine grace AparajitaAmeya immeasurable name of a flower; Aparijita undefeatedAmil invaluable Aparna Goddess ParvatiAmin divine grace Apoorva uniqueAmir rich Apsara heavenly maidenAmish honest Apurva uniqueAmit endless Aradhana worshipAmitabh ArathiAmitabha limitless lustre; name of Lord Buddha Arati worshipAmitav limitless lustre; name of Lord Buddha Archa worshipAmitava Archan worshipAmitbikram limitless prowess Archana worshipAmitiyoti limitless brightness ArchiAmitrasudan destroyer of enemies Archit worshippedAmiya delight; nectar Arka sun
  4. 4. 4Amlan ever bright; unfading ArkeshAmlankusum unfading flower Arpana surrenderedAmmar the maker Arpita dedicatedAmod pleasure Arshia heavenlyAmogh a name of Lord Ganesh Aruna dawnAmol priceless ArunamshuAmolak priceless Arundhati starAmolik priceless Aruni dawnAmrik nectar Arunima glow of dawnAmrit nectar AryaAmulya priceless AryakaAnadi eternal name of a raga (an Indian musical Asavari melody)Anal fire Aseema without limitAnamitra sun Asgari devoteeAnand bliss Asha hopeAnanda happiness Ashima without limitAnang name of Kamadeva Ashis benedictionAnanga name of Kamadeva Ashna friendAnant infinite Ashoka without griefAnanta infinite AshritaAnarghya priceless Ashwini starAnay Asita the river YamunaAngad ornament daughter of Prajapati Askini ViratAngada son of Lakshmana Aslesha starAngel angel; messenger Asmita prideAnil the wind God Atasi blue flowerAnimesh attractive; open-eyed Atmaja daughterAnimish attractive; open-eyed Atreyi name of a riverAnirudhh Avani EarthAnirudhha free; grandson of Lord ancient Malwa; Krishna Avanti UjjainAnirvan undying Avantika city of UjjainAnish Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu person who has a Ayushmati long lifeAnjum symbol born in the first Babita quarter of the dayAnjuman symbol Bahula starAnkit conquered Baidehi SitaAnkur new life; sprout garland of Lord Baijayanthi VishnuAnkush an instrument used for guiding elephants; of the month check Baisakhi Baishakh
  5. 5. 5Anmol priceless Baishali an ancient cityAnniruddha son of Pradyummna Bakul the name of a flowerAnoop incomparable; the best Bala energy; force; powerAnshu sun Balika daughterAnshul radiant Ballari creeperAnshuman sun Banamala forestsAnshumat luminous Banani forestsAnthahkaran Bandana prayerAnthariksh Bandhula charmingAnu atom Banhi fireAnuj younger brother Banhishikha flameAnuja younger brother Banita womanAnunay consolation; supplication Bansari fluteAnup without comparison Bansuri fluteAnupam without comparison BanuAnuraag love Barsha rainAnurag love wife of the Lord of Baruna the oceanAnuttam unsurpassed Baruni Goddess DurgaAnwar devotee of God Basabi wife of Lord IndraApoorva unique Basanti of SpringApparajito undefeated jasmine (type of Bela flower)Apurva unique jasmine (type of Beli flower)Arabinda lotus Belicia dedicated to GodArav peaceful Bhadra gentleArchan worship raga (a type of Indian musical Bhageshree melody)Archit worshipped Bhagirathi GangaArdhendu half moon a name of the Bhagvati Goddess LakshmiArghya offering to the Lord Bhagwanti fortunateArhant destroyer of enemies Bhagya destiny; fateArindam destroyer of enemies Bhagyashree fortunateArjit earned Bhagyawati fortunateArjun one of the Pandavas raga (a type of Indian musical Bhairavi melody)Arka sun Bhakti devotion; loveArnav ocean BhamaArnesh Lord of the ocean Bhamini womanAroon charioteer of the sun; dawn Bhanu sun
  6. 6. 6Arshad pious Bhanumati luminous; radiantArte noble Bhanupriya loved by the sunArul Bharati IndianArun charioteer of the sun; dawn Bhargavi Goddess ParvatiAruni name of a devoted pupil Bhavana meditation; thinkingArvind lotus Bhavika expressionArvinda lotus Bhavini Goddess ParvatiAryaman sun Bhavna meditation; thinkingAsao essence Bhavya splendorAsav essence Bhilangana riverAseem without limit Bhoomi EarthAsgar devotee Bhoomika EarthAshim without limit Bhumi EarthAshis benediction Bimala pureAshish blessing Bina a musical instrumentAshit the planet the wife of sage Binata KashyapAshok without grief BindiyaAshraf without grief Bindu a dropAshu fast Bindya small dotAshutosh Lord Shiva Binita humbleAshwin a Hindu month attractive; beautiful Binodini RadhaAshwini star Bipasha riverAsija brother of Brihaspati; great sage Bishakha starAsim without limit Bratati creeperAsit the planet a name of Radha; Brinda surrounded by manyAslesh embrace Brishti rainAsuman Lord of vital breaths Bulbul a type of songbirdAsurari Bulbuli a type of songbirdAsvathama son of Drona Calida loving; warmAsvin (Nasatya and Dasra) Gods of medicine CauveryAtal immovable CaveryAtanu beauty; shade; Chaaya shadowAtharvan knower of the Arthara vedas Chadna loveAtma soul born in the month of Chaitali ChaitraAtmaja son Chaitan consciousnessAtmajyoti light of Atma bird fascinated by Chakori the moon
  7. 7. 7Atmananda bliss of soul Chameli creeper with flowersAtre Champa flowerAtul matchless Champabati the capitalAtulya matchless Champakali bud of champaAvadhesh King Dasaratha Chanchala restlessAvanindra Lord of the Earth Chanda moonAvanish Lord of the Earth Chandana parrotAvatar incarnation Chandani riverAvinash indestructible Chandanika smallAvishkar diminutive of Chandika ChandanaAvkash limitless space Chandni moonlitAyog institution Chandrabali Krishnas girl-friendBadal cloud Chandrabhaga river ChenabBadri Lord Vishnu Chandrajyoti moonlightBadrinath Lord Vishnu Chandrakala moonbeams peacock (type ofBahubali a Jain Tirthakar Chandrakin bird)Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya Chandraleksha ray of the moon a name of LordBajrang Hanuman Chandrani wife of the moonBalaaditya young sun Chandrika moonBalachandra young moon Chandrima moonBalagovind baby Lord Krishna Chandrin made from goldBalaji like Lord Vishnu Changuna good womanBalakrishna baby Lord Krishna Chapala lighting; restlessBalamani young jewel Charita goodBalaraj strong Charu beautiful; charming the brother of LordBalaram Krishna Charulata beautifulBalavan powerful Charumati beautifulBalbir strong Charuprabha beautifulBaldev strong Charusheela jewelBalgopal baby krishna Charvi beautiful womanBalik Chatura skillfulBalkrishna Chhabi pictureBalram ChhavviBalvinder strong Chhaya shadowBalvindra strong Chimayi blissfulBalwant strong Chintamani philosophers stoneBalwin Bold Protector Chintan meditationBanbihari Lord Krishna Chintana meditationBandhu friend Chintanika meditationBandhul pleasing Chiti loveBankebihari Lord Krishna Chitkala knowledgeBankim curved Chitra picture
  8. 8. 8Bankimchandra crescent moon Chitralekha artistBansi flute Chitrali series of pictures Lord Krishna; LordBansilal Vishnu; the first lord Chitramala series of pictures one of ArjunasBaradwaj star Chitrangada wivesBarid cloud ChitrangdaBaridbaran color of the cloud Chitrani riverBarindra ocean Chitrarekha pictureBarun Lord of the ocean Chitrita picturesqueBasanta spring ChudaamaniBasistha a sage Cora maidenBasudha Earth Daivya divine person with beautifulBhadraksh eyes Daksa perfect; talented Earth; Sati; wife ofBhagat Daksha Shiva person brought the riverBhagirath Ganga to the Earth Dakshata skillBhagwan Dakshayani Goddess DurgaBhagwant fortunate Damayanti Nalas wifeBhagyaraj Lord of luck Damini Goddess DurgaBhairav Lord Shiva DamyantiBhajan adoration Danita God is my judgeBhanu sun Darpana mirrorBhanudas a devotee of the sun DarshanaBhanuprasad gift of sun Daya compassionBharadwaj a mythical bird; a sage Dayamayee kind a name of Bhisma andBharat Yudhisthira; India Dayanita tenderBhargava Lord Shiva Dayita belovedBhargyaraj Lord of luck Deeba silkBhaskar sun DeenaBhaskara sun Deepa lightBhaumik attached to the Earth Deepabali row of lampsBhavesh Lord of the world Deepali row of lampsBhavya Deepamala row of lampsBhim Deepanwita lit by lamps person who has taken aBhishma terrible vow Deepaprabha fully lightedBhiswajit Deepashikha flameBhooshan decoration Deepika small lightBhooshit decorated Deepta shiningBhrigu Deepti flame; lustreBhudev Lord of the Earth Deeptikana a beam of lightBhupen king Deeptimoyee lustrous
  9. 9. 9Bhupendra king of kings Devahuti daughter of ManuBhuvan Devak divine Lord of the world; Lord mother of LordBhuvanesh Vishnu Devaki KrishnaBibek conscience Devangana heavenly maiden raga (a type of IndianBibhas musical melody) Devasree divine beautyBibhavasu fire; sun Devi GoddessBijal Devika minor Goddess conquering; victor; daughter ofBijay victory Devyani ShukraacharyaBikram prowess Dhanashree beauty raga (a type of Indian musicalBilva sacred leaf Dhanashri melody)Bimal pure Dhanishta starBipin forest Dhanya greatBiswanath Dhara Earth person who does not mystical verseBitasok mourn Dharani recited to ease painBodhan kindling Dharitri EarthBoudhayan the name of a sage Dhatri Goddess Parvati creator of the universe;Brahma evolution; growth Dhriti patienceBrahmabrata ascetic Dhuti dedicated to LordBrahmadutt Brahma Dhvani soundBramha Diksha initiationBratindra devoted to right deeds Dilber loverBrijesh Dilshad happyBrijmohan Lord Krishna Dipali row of lightsBuddhadeva Gautama Buddha Dipika small lampBudhil learned Dipti brightness the Zodiac sign of Aries Disha direction wife of the sageChaitanya a name of Lord Krishna Diti Kashyap bird fascinated by theChakor moon Divya brilliant; heavenlyChakrapani Lord Vishnu Diya lightChakshu eye Dory golden-hairedChaman garden Doyel songbrid wife of theChamanlal garden Draupadi PandavasChampak flower Drishti sight a form of the Devi;Chanchal restless Dristi sight
  10. 10. 10Chand moon Dulari dearChandak moon Durba sacred grassChandan sandalwood Durga the GoddessChander moon Durva sacred grassChandra moon Dwipavati riverChandrabhan moon Eha desirousChandrachur Lord Shiva Ekakitaa lonelinessChandrahas bow of Lord Shiva Ekansha undividedChandrak peacock feather Ekaparana wife of HimalayaChandrakanta moon Ekata unityChandrakishore moon Ekavali single-stringChandrakumar moon Ekavira the bravestChandramohan beautiful like the moon EktaChandran moon Ektaa unityChandranath moon Ela cardamom treeChandraraj moonbeam Elena bright oneChandrasekhara a name of Lord Shiva Eleni light; torch the zodiac sign ofChapal quick Ena CapricornCharan feet Enakshi doe-eyedChaturbhuj Erekhsha shining Lord Brahma; personChaturmukha with four faces Esha pleasureChetan conscience; soul Eshana searchChetana intelligence Eshita person who desires charioteer of Lord Arjun; born in FalgunChhandak Buddha Falguni (a Hindu month) person with a heart asChidambar big as the sky Fanibhusan Lord Shiva the cosmic serpentChidananda Lord Shiva Fanindra Shesh the cosmic serpentChinmay blissful Fanish Shesh Lord of serpents;Chinmayananda blissful Fanishwar Vasuki like an elephantsChintamani philosophers stone Gajagamini walk; majesticChintan perception; thought Gajra garland of flowersChirag a lamp Gandhali fragrance; perfumedChiranjeev lifelong Ganga sacred river of IndiaChirantan immortal Gangika river GangaChirayu immortal Gangotri sacred river of IndiaChitrabhanu fire Gargi an ancient scholarChitraksh beautiful eyed Gatita riverChitral of variegated color Gauhar pearlChitramukha having a beautiful face Gaura fair woman
  11. 11. 11Chitrarath sun GauriChitrasen a king of Gandharvas Gaurika young girl river Godavari; wife aChitta knowledge Gautami sage GautamChittaranjan happiness of inner mind Gayatri mother of the VedasChittaswarup the supreme spirit Geena silvery music; sacred HinduChittesh Lord of the soul Geeta bookCholan a South Indian dynasty Geetha jewel adorned by theChudamani Gods Geeti songDabeet warrior Geetika poemDagan corn; grain Gillian sweetheart; youth born from a mountain; GoddessDahana Girija ParvatiDaman person who controls GitaDamian tamer Gitanjali offering of songsDamodar Lord Ganapati GitikaDamon blue sky Godavari sacred river of IndiaDarpan mirror Gomati name of a riverDarshan religious text Gool flowerDaruka Gopa Gautamas wife a cowherd; cowherdDasharath the father of Lord Rama Gopi womanDasharathi Lord Rama Gopika a name of RadhaDattatreya a God; son of Atri Gorochana Goddess Parvati devotee of LordDavid beloved Govindi KrishnaDebashis benediction of God Greeshma SummerDeenabandhu friend of the poor Gulab roseDeep that which illuminates Gunjana buzzing of a beeDeepak small lamp Gunwanti virtuous raga (a type of Indian musicalDeepan lighting up Gurjari melody)Deepankar Lord of light Gyanada Goddess Sarasvati Goddess Parvati;Deependu bright moon Haimavati Lord Shivas wifeDeepesh Lord of light Hanima waveDeepit lighted Hansa swanDeeptanshu sun Hansika small swanDeeptendu bright moon Hansini swanDeeptiman lustrous Harhsa born in the season ofDeeptimoy lustrous Harimanti Hemanta
  12. 12. 12Dev God; king Harinakshi doe-eyedDev Kumar son of Gods Harini consort of Lord Vishnu; GoddessDeva deity Haripriya LakshmiDevabrata a name of Bhisma Harita green delight; happiness; one of the three sonsDevadas follower of God Harsha of DharmaDevajyoti brightness of the Lord Harshada giver of happinessDevak divine Harshini happy person who givesDevandra Harshita happinessDevarsi sage of the Devas Hasina beautifulDevashish blessings of God Hasita happyDevdutta king Hasumati happy flower; floweringDevendra God of Gods Heather healthDevesh Lord Shiva Hedy sweet or pleasantDeveshwar Lord Shiva HeenaDevkumar son of Gods Heera diamondDevnarayan king Helli lightDevnath king of Gods Hema goldDhakshesh Lord Shiva Hemali goldenDhananjay Arjuna Hemangi golden-bodiedDhanesh Lord of wealth HemanginiDhanraj Lord Kuber Hemanti early WinterDhansukh happy; wealthy Hemavati golden ParvatiDhanvant wealthy Hemlata golden creeper Shesh the cosmicDharanidhar serpent Hena flowerDharma Hetal friendly person who serves hisDharmadas religion Hima snow; Winter a name of the person who takes Goddess Parvati;Dharmanand pleasure in his religion Himani snowDharmavira Hina fragrance raga (a type of Indian musicalDharmendra God of religion Hindola melody) a name of the Goddess Lakshmi;Dharmendu light of religion Hira diamondDharmpal protector of his religion Hiral lustrousDharmveer religious Hiranmayi golden
  13. 13. 13Dharuna ascetic; wise man Hirkani small diamond son of Lord Vishnu andDhatri the Goddess Lakshmi Hiya heart attractive; dazzlingDhavala white HoorDhawal white Husna beautifulDheeman intelligent Iccha wishDheemant intelligent; wise Iha EarthDheer gentle Ihina enthusiasmDheerendra God of courage Ikshu sugar cane Earth; mother;Dhiraj emperor Ila priestessDhiraja born from tolerance Ina motherDhritiman patient Inayat kindnessDhritman Indira Goddess LakshmiDhruba Indra God of the skyDhruv eternal; fixed; star Indrani wife of Lord Indra the Pole Star; daughter of KingDhruva unshakeable Indrasena Nala the name of a sacredDhwani sound Indrayani riverDhyanesh meditative Indu bright dropDiego the supplanter Induja narmada river a name of Lord Shiva;Digambar sky clad Induleksh moonDilawar courageous Indumati full moon ancestor of Lord Rama;Dilip king Insiyah womanDinanath protector Ipsa desireDinar gold coin Ipsita desired; wantedDindayal kind to the poor Ira Earth; museDinesh Lord of the day Iravati the river RaviDinkar the sun Isha person who protectsDipak small lamp Ishana rich a name of the Goddess Durga;Divakar sun Ishani gifted by GodDivyanga divine body Ishika paint brushDivyendu moon Ishita desiredDivyesh Ishrat affection a king; father of the best among theDrupad Draupadi Ishvari divineDuff dark faced Ishwari GoddessDulal beloved one Jabeen forehead mother of theDuncan brown warrior Jagadamba universe
  14. 14. 14Duranjaya heroic son JagratiDurjaya difficult to conquer Jagriti vigilanceDurmada Jahanara queen of the world a king from the epicDushyanta Mahabharata Jaheel lakeDustin courageous warrior JahnaviDvimidha Jaishree honor of victoryDwaipayan the sage Vyasa Jaisudha nectar of victoryDwijaraj king of Brahmins; moon Jaiwanti victoryDwijendra king of Brahmins; moon Jalabala riverDwijesh river Jalaja lotusDylan son of the waves Jamini nightEashan Lord Shiva Jamuna holy riverEbhanan Ganpati Janaki a name of Sita person who worships aEkabhakta single god Janhavi river GangaEkachakra son of Kashyapa Jannat heavenEkachit with one mind Jasmine flower; sweet renowned for his mother of LordEkalavya devotion to his guru Jasoda Krishna mother of LordEkambar sky Jasodhara BuddhaEkanath king Jaya victory the Goddess ofEkatan attractive Jayalakshmi victory victorious GoddessEkatma one soul Jayalalita DurgaEknath poet; saint Jayamala garland of victoryEkram honor Jayani a sakti of Ganesha raga (a type of belonging to Iran; helper Indian musicalErach of the Aryans Jayanthashree melody)Erman friend; God Jayanti victorious at the end Goddess Durga;Ervar befitting a hero Jayantika Goddess Parvati a name of Lord Vishnu;Esa desirable Jayashree Goddess of victoryEshwar Lord Shiva Jayasri Goddess of victoryEswar God Jayati victorious Arjun; born in Falgun (aFalguni Hindu month) Jayita victoriesFanibhusan Lord Shiva Jeet victory the cosmic serpentFanindra Shesh Jeeval filled with life the cosmic serpentFanish Shesh Jeevankala art of life
  15. 15. 15Fanishwar Lord of serpents; Vasuki Jeevanlata creeper of life raga (a type of Indian musicalGafur invincible Jetashri melody)Gagan sky Jhanavi GangaGajanand Lord Ganesh Jharna streamGajendra elephant king Jhilmil sparklingGanapati Lord Ganesh Jhinuk oysterGandharva heavenly musician Jigya curiosityGandhik fragant Joella Lord is willingGanesh elephant God Joline He will increaseGangadhar a name of Lord Shiva Joshita pleasedGangesh Lord Shiva Jowaki a fireflyGangeya of the Ganga JuanaGangol Juanita God is graciousGaronman house of heavenly song Juhi flowerGaruda king of birds Jui flowerGaurang Juily flower brilliant; light of theGaurav dignity; glory Jyoti sunGaurinath Lord Shiva Jyotibala splendorGautam the wisest Jyotika flame; lightGeet Song Jyotirmoyee lustrousGhaibi heavenly; hidden Jyotishmati lustrousGhalib excellent Jyotsna moonlightGhanashyam Lord Krishna Kadambari Goddess coming from theGiri mountain Kadambari: kadamba treeGiridari Lord Krishna Kadambini cloudsGiridhar Lord Krishna Kaishori Goddess ParvatiGirik Lord Shiva Kajal eyelinerGirilal Lord Shiva Kajjali kohlGirindra Lord Shiva Kakali chirping of birdsGiriraj Lord of the mountains Kala artGirish Lord of the mountains Kalanidhi treasure of artGokarna Kalavati filled with qualities a place where Lord flower bud; GoddessGokul Krishna was brought up Kali ParvatiGopal Lord Krishna Kalika flower budGopesh Lord Krishna Kalindi the river Yamuna gurgling of water;Gopichand name of a king Kallol large wavesGorakh cowherd Kalpana imaginationGourishankar Mount Everest Kalpita the imaginedGovind Kalyani benefitGovinda master of the mountain Kamakshi a Devi
  16. 16. 16 beautiful; born ofGudakesha the archer Arjuna Kamala from a lotus person whose eyes are as beautiful asGul Kamalakshi lotusesGulfam Kamalika lotusGulzar gardener Kamalini lotusGulzarilal name of Lord Krishna Kamalkali the bud of a lotusGumwant virtuous Kamana desire a name of Lord Shiva; Lord ofGunjan buzzing of a bee Kamesh desireGunnar army; battle Kamini attractive womanGupil a secret Kamna desireGurdeep light of the teacher Kana an atomGurpreet love of the teacher Kanak goldGuru teacher Kanaka goldGyan knowledge Kanakabati fairy-taleGyandev Lord of knowledge Kanaklata golden creeper God of wind; son ofHanuman Vayu Kanakpriya lover of gold the monkey God ofHanumant Ramayana Kanan forest; gardenHardik heartfelt Kananbala forest nymphHarekrishna Lord Krishha Kanav a great RishiHarendra Lord Shiva Kanchan heavenly Apsara a heavenly Apsara;Haresh Lord Krishna Kanchana gold a ray of light; fire; theHari Zodiac sign of Leo Kanchi waistbandHaridas servant of Lord Krishna Kanika atomHarigopal Lord Krishna Kankana braceletHarihar Lord Vishnu Kanta beautiful Lord Vishnu and LordHariharan Shiva conjoined Kanti lustreHarikrishna Kanya name of theHarinarayan Lord Vishnu Kapila heavenly cowHariom Lord Vishnu Kapotakshi eyes like a pigeonsHariprasad blessed by Lord Krishna Karabi flowerHariram Lord Rama Kari feminine; strongHarish Karishma miracleHarishankar Lord Shiva Karuna compassion; mercy charitable; king of SuryaHarishchandra dynasty Karunamayi mercifulHaritbaran green Kashi the holy city;
  17. 17. 17 VaranasiHarjeet victorious Kashmira from KashmirHarkrishna Lord Krishna Kasturi scented with muskHarmendra moon Katina pureHaroon hope Katyayani Goddess ParvatiHarsh happiness Kaumudi moonlight mother of LordHarshad happiness Kausalya RamaHarshavardhan creator of happiness Kaushalya cleverness; skillsHarshil happiness Kaustubha heavenly jewel a holy Indian river;Harshit happiness Kaveri filled with water person who givesHarshita happiness Kavita poemHashmat glory; happy Kavya poemHasit happy Keely gracefulHeer diamond Kelsy fountain; springHem gold Kesari lion; saffronHemadri the Himalayas KeshiHemal KeshikaHemamdar golden creeper KeshiniHemanga golden-bodied Ketaki goldenHemant gold Ketana homeHemanta early Winter KetikaHemendu golden moon Keya flowerHeramba Lord Ganesh Khyati fameHimachal the Himalayas Kimaya divineHimadri the Himalayas Kiran dust; ray of lightHimaghna sun Kiranmala garland of lightHimanshu a name of Chandra Kirtana praise a form of the Devi;Himmat courage Kirti fameHimnish Lord Shiva Kishori youngHiranmay golden KituHiranya gold Kokila cuckooHirendra Lord of diamonds Komal soft; tenderHiten Komala delicateHitendra well-wisher Koyel cuckoo the sky and theHitesh Krandasi EarthHriday heart Kranti revolution beloved; Lord of theHridaynath heart Kripa mercyHridya sweetheart Krishnaa DraupadiHrishikesh Lord Vishnu Krishnakali flowerHulas happiness Kriti work of art
  18. 18. 18 a constellation ofIham expected Kritika starsIhit honor; prize Krittika the Plaids a form of the Devi; forgiveness;Indivar blue lotus Kshama patienceIndrajeet conqueror Kshanika momentaryIndrajit Kshitija horizon day before the fullIndrakanta Lord Indra Kuhu moonIndraneel sapphire KuhukIndranil sapphire Kumari unmarriedIndravadan Kumkum vermilionIndresan Kumud lotusIndubhushan moon Kumudini lotusInduhasan like the moon Kundan pureIndukanta like the moon Kundanika flower; golden girlIndulal moons lustre Kunjalata forest creeperIndusekhar Kunjana forest girlIndushekhar like the moon Kuntal hair woman withIntekhab chosen Kuntala luxurious hair mother of theIra descendants Kunti PandavasIravan son of Arjuna Kurangi deerIrshaad signal Kusum flowerIsar eminent; Lord Shiva Kusumanjali flower offeringIshaan king Kusumavati floweringIshan Lord Vishnu Kusumlata flowering creeperIshrat affection Labangalata flowering creeper a name of Lord Shiva;Ishwar God; the supreme being Laboni graceJag the universe Lajja modesty a plant; modestJagadbandu Lord Krishna Lajjawati womanJagadip lamp of the universe Lajwanti a plantJagadish Lord of the universe Lajwati modestJagan the world Laksha white rose Duryodhanas daughter; person spread over the with auspicious signsJaganmay universe Lakshana on her consort of LordJagannath Lord Vishnu Lakshmi Vishnu; GoddessJagat the world Lakshmishree fortunateJagdeep lamp of the world Lalan nurturing
  19. 19. 19Jagdeesh Lord of the universe Lalana beautiful womanJagdish Lalima redness consort of Lord Shiva; form of the Goddess Parvati;Jagjeevan worldly life Lalita Goddess consort of Lord Shiva; form of the Goddess Parvati;Jagjit conqueror of the world Lalitha GoddessJahan the world Lalitya charm; lovelinessJai conqueror Lamiyah lustrousJaichand victory by the moon Lana floatJaidayal victory by kindness Lata creeperJaideep Latangi creeperJaidev victory of God Latika small creeperJaigopal victory of Lord Krishna Lavanya beautiful consort of LordJaikrishna victory of Lord krishna Laxmi Vishnu; GoddessJaimini an ancient philosopher Lea wearyJainarayan victory Leela charmingJaipal Lord Brahma Leelamayee playful Goddess Durga;Jairaj Lord of victory Leelavati playfulJaisal famous folk Leelu form of sugarJaishankar victory of Lord Shiva Leena devotedJaison son of victory Lehar wave crescent moon;Jaisukh joy of winning Lekha lightning; lineJaiwant victory Lipi scriptJalendu moon in the water Lipika short letterJamil attractive Lochan eyeJanak Buddha; father Lolaksi a sakti of GaneshaJanamejay Lord Vishnu Lopa wife of sage wife of sageJanardan Lord Vishnu Lopamudra AgastyaJapa chanting Lubna storax treeJapendra Lord Shiva Luluah pearl date flower; intoxicating drink;Japesh Lord Shiva Madhavi sweetJasbeer victorious hero Madhu honeyJashan celebration Madhuchhanda person who showersJasjit Madhuksara honeyJaspal Lord Krishna Madhulata sweet creeper
  20. 20. 20Jaswant famous Madhulekha beautifulJatan nurturing Madhulika honeyJatin pertaining to saint Madhumalati flowering creeperJawahar jewel Madhumati filled with honeyJay Madhumita filled with honeyJayant a Rudra; victorious Madhunisha pleasant nightJayanta victorious in the end Madhur sweet charming;Jayanti Madhura melodiousJayasimha Madhuri sweetnessJeemutbahan filled with life Madhurima sweetnessJeevan life Madhushri Spring woman withJhoomer ornament Madirakshi intoxicating eyesJignesh curiosity to research Mahabala strengthJihan the world Mahadevi Goddess Parvati one of the names of theJimuta sun God Mahagauri Goddess DurgaJishnu Arjuna Mahajabeen beautifulJitendra conqueror Mahak fragrance one of the names of theJivana sun God Mahalakshmi Goddess LakshmiJivitesh God Mahamaya Goddess DurgaJoginder Lord Shiva Mahasweta Goddess SarasvatiJogindra Lord Shiva Mahati greatJograj Lord Krishna Mahi EarthJugnu a firefly Mahijuba hostessJusal pari Mahika EarthJyotichandra splendor Mahima greatnessJyotiprakash splendor of the flame Mahua flowerJyotiranjan happy flame Mahubala sweet girlJyotirdhar holder of the flame Maina birdJyotirmoy lustrous Maithili a name of Sita disciple of sagejewel Jayanta; Lord Vishnu Maitreya Parasara learned woman ofKailas abode of Lord Shiva Maitreyi the past abode of Lord Shiva; a mountain in theKailash Himalayan range Maitri friendshipKailashchandra Lord Shiva MaitryiKailashnath Lord Shiva Makshi honeybeeKalash sacred pot Mala necklace devotee of the Goddess early eveningKalicharan Kali Malashree melodyKalidas musician; poet Malati small fragrant flower
  21. 21. 21 devotee of the GoddessKalimohan Kali Malavika of Malva devotee of the GoddessKalipada Kali Malaya creeper devotee of the GoddessKaliranjan Kali Malika jasmineKalpanath Malina dark a name of theKalyan welfare Malini Goddess ParvatiKamadev God of love Mallika jasmineKamal lotus flower Malti small fragrant flowerKamalakar Lord Vishnu Mamata affection mothers love for child; wife of sageKamalapati Lord Vishnu Mamta AsijaKamalnayan lotus-eyed Manali birdKamil perfect Manasi spiritual adoration raga (a type of IndianKamod musical melody) ManaviKamraj Manda river branch of the GangaKanad ancient Mandakini river; the Milky WayKanak Gold Mandakranta a Sanskrit meter garland of heavenlyKanan garden Mandarmalika flowers melodious;Kanchan heavenly Apsara Mandira veneratedKanhaiya Lord Krishna Mangala auspicious lamp made ofKanhaiyalal Lord Krishna Manideepa precious stones person whose hair isKanishka name of a king Manikuntala like gemsKannan Manimala string of pearlsKantilal lustrous Manimekhala girdle of gemsKantimoy lustrous Manisha intellectKanu Lord Krishna Manjari blossom; springKanvar young prince Manjira ankle-bellsKanwal lotus Manjistha extremelyKanwaljeet lotus Manju sweetKanwalkishore Lord Krishna; lotus Manjubala sweet girlKapil name of a wise man Manjula sweetKapish Lord Hanuman Manjulika sweet girlKaran son of Arjun Manjusha treasure chestKareem kind Manjushri sweet lustreKarna the firstborn of Kunti Manjyot light of the mindKartar master Manmayi jealous; Sri Radha
  22. 22. 22 giver of courage andKartik happiness Manorama beautiful Skanda; son of Lord Shiva and the GoddessKartikeya Parvati; Subramanyam MansiKarunakar merciful ManushiKarunamay filled with light Marcia martial oneKarunashankar merciful Margarite pearlKashinath Lord Shiva Marichi name of a starKashiprasad blessed by Lord Shiva Marisa mother of Daksa devotee to LordKashyap name of a sage Markandeya ShivaKausar lake of paradise Maruti Lord HanumanKaushal perfect Matangi a Devi hermit who lived in the palace of Yudhisthira; person who knows ofKaushik hidden treasure Maushmi monsoon wind gem worn by LordKaustav Vishnu Maya illusion; magic peacock (type ofKaustubh jewel of Lord Vishnu Mayura bird) peahen (type ofKavi poet Mayuri bird) a form of the Devi;Kaviraj doctor Medha intelligence raga (a type of IndianKedar musical melody) Medini EarthKedarnath Lord Shiva Meena gem fish-eyed; womanKenen Meenakshi with beautiful eyesKeshav a name of Lord Krishna Meera saint cloud; raga (a type of Indian musicalKetan banner; home Megha melody)Kevalkishore absolute Meghamala cloudsKevalkumar absolute Meghana thunderKeyur Mehal cloudKhadim servant of God Meher benevolenceKhajit Lord Buddha Mehrunissa benevolentKhemchand welfare Mehul rainKhemprakash welfare Mekhala girdleKhursheed sunshine Melanie darkKhushal perfect Melba slender; softKinshuk flower Melosa gentle; sweetKiran dust; ray of light Mena mother of Menaka
  23. 23. 23Kiranmay filled with light Menaka heavenly damselKirit crown; tiara Mina gem an incarnation of theKirtikumar famous Minakshi Goddess ParvatiKishore youth Minal gemKishorekumar young Minati prayer boundary; limit;Knud kind Mira oceanKripa has a twin sister Kripi Mirium wished for childKripal merciful Mita friendKrishanu fire Mitali friendshipKrishna Lord Krishna Mohana beautyKrishnachandra Lord Krishna Mohini most beautifulKrishnadeva Lord Krishna Mohisha intellectKrishnakanta Lord Krishna Monisha Lord KrishnaKrishnakumar Lord Kirshna Mridula softKrishnala Lord Krishna Mriganayani doe-eyedKrishnamurari Lord Krishna Mrinal lotusKrishnamurthy Lord Krishna Mrinali lotusKrishnaroop dark Mrinalini lotusKrishnendu Lord Krishna Mrinmayi of EarthKshaunish king Mudra expressionKuber God of wealth Mudrika ring beautiful; innocent;Kuberchand God of wealth Mugdha youngKularanjan star of family Mukta pearl freedom from lifeKulbhushan ornament of family Mukti and deathKuldeep light of family Mukul soulKulvir Muniya name of a birdKumar prince Muskaan smileKunal lotus Mythili a name of Sita dancer; suggestiveKundan pure Nachni lookKundanlal golden Nadia hopeKunja grove of trees Nadira pinnacleKunjabihari Lord Krishna Nagina jewelKusagra a king Naina eyesKush son of Lord Rama Naini relating to eyes pupil (the part of theKushal skill Nainika eye) coming from theKushan Nairita SouthwestKusumakar spring Najma starLagan appropriate time Nalini mother of the VedasLakshman brother of Lord Rama Namita devotee
  24. 24. 24Lakshmibanta fortunate Namrata humility; modestyLakshmidhar Lord Vishnu Nanda a sakti of GaneshaLakshmigopal Lord Vishnu Nandana daughterLakshmikanta Lord Vishnu Nandini delightfulLakshya aim Nandita happyLalit beautiful NaomiLalitkishore beautiful Narayani Goddess LakshmiLalitkumar beautiful Nargis flowerLalitmohan beautiful Narmada mother of the VedasLamar near to the ocean Narois flowerLambodar Lord Ganesh Nartan danceLankesh Ravana Naseen cool breezeLatafat elegance Natun new delicate; mysterious;Latif subtle Nauka boatLatifah elegance Navaneeta butterLav son of Lord Rama Naveena newLiyaqat elegance; worthiness Nayana eyeLochan the eye Nayantara irisLohitaksha Lord Vishnu Neeharika light of the world; LordLokapradip Brahma Neela blue Lord Brahma; Lord ofLokesh the world Neelabja blue lotusLoknath Lord Vishnu Neelakshi blue-eyedLokranjan Lord Vishnu Neelam sapphireLuv son of Rama Neelanjana blueMadan love; passion Neelkamal blue lotusMadangopal Lord Krishna NeenaMadhav Lord Krishna Neepa name of a flower Goddess Lakshmi;Madhavdas servant of Lord Krishna Neeraja lotusMadhu honey; nectar Neerja lotus flowerMadhuk honeybee Neeta uprightMadhukanta moon Neeti good behaviorMadhukar honeybee Neha yearningMadhup honeybee Nehal attractive; rainyMadhur sweet Netra eyeMadhusudan Lord Krishna Netravati beautiful-eyedMadhusudhana Lord Krishna Nidhi mother of the VedasMagan engrossed Nidi shine uponMagesh Nidra a form of the DeviMahabahu Arjuna Niharika nebulaMahabala strength Nikhita EarthMahadev Lord Shiva Nila blueMahaniya worthy of honor Nilasha blueness
  25. 25. 25 a Jain prophet;Mahavir courageous one Nilaya homeMahavira son of Priyavrata Nileen surrenderedMahendra Lord Vishnu Nilima blue perpetuator of theMaher adept Nilini Kuru race one of the names ofMahesh Lord Shiva NilouferMaheshwar Lord Shiva Nima the mother of KabirMahin Earth Nimeesha split secondMahindra a king NimmiMahipal king Nina ornamentedMahish king NiraMahtab moon Niradhara peak on the Himalayas (from a Hindu epicMainak poem) Niral Goddess Durga; name of a river; the disciple of sage night of the fullMaitreya Parasara Niranjana moonMalay mountain Nirguna raga (a type of IndianMalkauns musical melody) Nirmala mother of the VedasManas mind Nirmayi without blemishManasi spiritual adoration Nirupa mother of the VedasManav man Nirupama mother of the VedasManavendra king Nisha nightMandar heavenly tree Nishadee nightMandeep light of the mind Nishithini nightMandhatri prince Nishtha devotionMangal auspicious NitaMangesh a form of Lord Shiva NitiMani gem NituManibhushan supreme gem Nitya Goddess ParvatiManik ruby Nityapriya ever pleasingManindra Lord of the mind Niva sunManish a profound thinker; wise Nivedita dedicated to GodManishankar Lord Shiva NivrittiManjeet conqueror of the mind Niyati fateManmatha Noopur ankletManmohan pleasing Nusrat help that which steals theManohar heart Nutan new a name of Kama; bornManoj from the mind Ojal vision
  26. 26. 26Manoranjan pleasing Ojaswini lustrousMansukh pleasing Olena lightManu intelligent; wise Padma lotusMardav softness Padmaja born from a lotusMarkandeya wise man Padmakali lotus budMartanda sun Padmal lotusMarut the wind Padmalaya lake of lotusesMaruti Lord Hanuman Padmalochana lotus-eyed advisor to Devi Lalita; person with lotus-Matanga sage Padmaloshni shaped eyesMayank moon Padmavati Goddess LakshmiMayanka moon Padmini lotusMayur peacock (type of bird) Pakhi birdMegh cloud Pakshi bird cloud; raga (a type ofMegha Indian musical melody) Pallavi bloomMeghashyam Lord Krishna Pallavini with new leavesMehdi flower Paloma doveMehul a derivative of Mukul PalomiMichael like the Lord Panchali Draupadis nameMihir sun Pankaja lotusMilan meeting; union Panna emeraldMilap union PaolaMilind bee Parama the bestMilun union Parameshwari Goddess DurgaMirza a prince Paramita wisdomMisal example Pari fairy father of Sita; Janak; theMithilesh king of Mithila Paridhi realmMithun Gemini ParmilaMitra friend; sun Parnal leafyMitul measured; moderate Parnashri leafy beautyMohajit attractive Parni leafyMohak attractive Parnik creeperMohal attractive Parnika auspicious Apsara a name of Lord Shiva;Mohan charming Parnita auspicious ApsaraMohit attracted Parthivi SitaMohita attracted Parul name of a flower festival; full moon;Mohnish Lord Krishna Parvani special dayMohul attractive Parvati riverMorse son of the dark one Parveen star raga (a type of Indian musicalMoti pearl Patmanjari melody)
  27. 27. 27 a name from ancientMotilal pearl Patralekha epics Eastern and WesternMoulik valuable Pauravi horizonsMriganka moon Pavani mother of the VedasMrigankamouli Lord Shiva Pavi lightningMrigankasekhar Lord Shiva Payal ankletMrigendra lion Payoja lotus full moon day in theMrigesh lion Phalguni month of FalgunMrityunjai victorious in death Phiroza turquoiseMrityunjay Lord Shiva Phoolan flower as delicate as aMubarak congratulations Phoolwati flowerMudita happy PhutikaMujeeb name of God Pia beloved a demon in the form of a boar; a name of Lord Shiva; given because heMukesh killed " Muka" Piki cuckooMuktananda liberated Pingala Goddess LakshmiMukul soul Pival treeMukund a name of Lord Krishna Pivari wife of SukhaMukunda Lord Krishna Piyali treeMukut crown Pooja prayerMulkraj king Poonam full moonMuni sage Poorbi easternMurad prowess PoorviMurali flute Poushali of the month PoushMuralidhar Lord Krishna Prabha light; radianceMuralimanohar Lord Krishna Prabhati of the morningMurari Lord Krishna Prachi EastMurarilal Lord Krishna Pradeepta glowingMurgesh Pradnya knowledgeMurthy Pragati progressMusheer advice Pragna knowledgeNaayantara star of our eyes Pragya wisdomNabarun morning sun Pragyaparamita wiseNabendu new moon Pragyawati a wise womanNabhi focus; the best Prakruti natureNachik short form of Nachiketa Prama knowledge of truth fire; name of an ancientNachiket sage Pramada woman an ancient wise man; one of ArjunasNachiketa fire Pramila wivesNadir pinnacle Pramiti knowledge of truth
  28. 28. 28Nagendra Pranati prayerNagesh Prapti gainNahusha a mythological king Prarthana prayer a mythological forest;Naimish momentary; transient PrashansaNairit Southwest Prashanti peace a hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha; KingNaishadh Nala Prateeksha long waitNakshatra star Prathysha early morning name of one of theNakul Pandavas Pratibha keen intellectNalin lotus Pratima idolNalinaksha lotus-eyed Pratishtha preeminenceNaman salutation Pratyusha dawnNamdev poet; saint Preeti loveNand happy Prem loveNanda Prema loveNandan pleasing Premala loving Lord Shiva; the bull ofNandi Lord Shiva Premila delightful; follower ofNandin Lord Shiva Prerana inspirationNaotau new Prerita to inspireNarahari Lord Vishnu Preyasi beloved an incarnation of LordNarasimha Vishnu Prisha an incarnation of LordNarayan Vishnu Prita beloved one the mother of theNarayana Lord Vishnu Pritha Pandavas renowned wife of Pulastya and Sukha;Narendra God of men Priti satisfactionNaresh king Pritika beloved oneNarotham Pritikana atom of loveNarsi poet; saint Pritilata creeper of loveNartana makes others dance Privrata son of SatarupaNatesh king Priya beloved one; darlingNathan solid pillar Priyadarshini lovelyNatraj Priyal belovedNatwar Lord Krishna Priyam belovedNaval wonder Priyamvada sweet spokenNavaneet butter Priyanka beloved oneNaved justice; reward Priyasha beloved one
  29. 29. 29Naveen new Puja prayerNavin new; young Pujita worshipped wife of the sageNavrang beautiful Puloma BhriguNayan leader Punam full moonNeel blue Punarnava starNeeladri the Nilgiris PundariNeelambar blue sky Punita holy; sacredNeelanjan blue Purandhri mother of the VedasNeelesh Lord Krishna; moon Purna abundant; completeNeelkanta Lord Shiva Purnima mother of the VedasNeelmadhav Lord Jagannath Purva elderNeelmani sapphire Purvaja older sisterNeelotpal blue lotus Pushpa blossom; flowerNeeraf river Pushpanjali offering of flowers decorated withNeeraj lotus; pearl Pushpita flowers a form of the Devi; nourishment; wife ofNibodh knowledge Pusti GanapatiNigam treasure Putul doll full moon in the Sravan month;Nihal gratified Raakhi symbol of protectionNihar dew; mist Rabia famous; godlyNiket home Rachana creationNikhat fragrance Rachita createdNikhil complete; entire; whole Rachna full moon in the month of Vaisakha;Nikhilesh Lord of all Radha lightning a form of the Devi; fifth Sakti; wife ofNikunja grove of trees Radhika Krishna color; filled withNilay home Ragamaya passion; musicNilesh a name of Lord Krishna Ragini melodyNimai Chaitanya Rajalakshmi Goddess LakshmiNimish spilt second Rajani dark one; nightNinad gentle murmur; sound Rajanigandha flowerNipun expert Rajata sovereigntyNirad cloud Rajdulari dear princessNiraj lotus flower Rajeshvari princessNirajit illuminated Rajeshwari Goddess ParvatiNiramay without blemish Rajhans swanNiramitra son of pandava Raji shining
  30. 30. 30 Sahadeva Goddess Durga; name of a river; night of the fullNiranjan moon Rajkumari princessNirav silent Rajnandhini princessNirbhay fearless Rajshri sage-like kingNirijhar waterful Rajvi queenNirmal pure Raka full moonNirmalya pure RakhiNirmeet created Raksha protector enchanting; son ofNirmit created Rama DasarathaNirmohi unattached Ramani womanNirupam without comparison Ramanika attractiveNirvaan ultimate bliss Rambha heavenly dancerNirvan liberation Ramita pleasingNisarg nature Ramona mighty protector enchanting;Nischal calm Ramya enjoyable seventh note in theNishad octave Rangana flowerNishanath moon Rangita charming; coloredNishant end of the night Rani queenNishesh entire Ranita tinklingNishikanta moon Ranjana satisfactionNishita night Ranjini pleasingNishith night Ranjita adornedNishok happy Rashi collection rays of the morningNissim without bounds Rashmi sunNitesh Rashmika ray of light knowledgeable about interested in all goodNitin the law Rasika thingsNitish master of the right path Rasna the tongueNitya-Sundara good-looking Rati a DeviNityagopal constant Ratna jewel; wealth always happy; LordNityananda Krishna Ratnabala jewelledNripa king Ratnabali string of pearlsNripesh king of kings Ratnajyouti lustrous jewelOgan wave Ratnalekha splendor of jewelsOjas energy; virility Ratnali jewelled creation; the essence ofOm life Ratnamala string of pearlsOmar an era Ratnangi jewel-bodiedOmarjeet Ratnaprabha lustrous jewel
  31. 31. 31Omja born from cosmic unity Ratnapriya lover of jewelsOmkar beginning of life Raviprabha light of the sunOmprakash light of God Rea poppyOmrao king ReenaOmswaroop manifestation of divinity Rekha straight lineOren ash tree Rena peaceUmrao king Renu dust; sand the mother of Parasurma; the sixth incarnation of LordPaavan purifier Renuka VishnuPadman lotus Resham silkPadmanabha Lord Vishnu Reshma made of silk a name of Lord Vishnu;Padmanabhan lotus navelled Reshmi made of silkPadmapati Lord Vishnu Reva star Goddess of wealth;Padmashri seated in a lotus Revati wife of BalaramaPalak eyelash Riddhi Siddhi will followPalash Riju innocentPalashkusum the flower of Palash Rijuta innocencePalashranjan beautiful like a Palash RimaPallab new leaves Rina dissolved; meltedPanchanan Lord Shiva Rishika saintlyPandhari Lord Vithobha RitaPanduranga Lord Vithobha Riti memoryPandya a South Indian dynasty Ritika streamPanini the great scholar Ritu seasonPankaj lotus flower Riya singerPannalal emerald Rohini sandalwood treeParag pollen Roma Goddess LakshmiParakram strength Roshni lightParam the best Rubaina bright bright; brilliant;Paramananda happiest Rucha radiantParamartha great entity Ruchi beauty; lustreParamesh Lord Shiva Ruchira desirableParamhansa supreme soul Rudrani wife of Lord Shiva Lord of the ocean;Paranjay Varun Rudrapriya Goddess DurgaParantap hero Ruhi soulParantapa Arjuna; conqueror Rukma golden consort of LordParas Rukmini KrishnaParashar an ancient Ruksana brilliantParashuram sixth incarnation of Lord Ruma wife of Sugriva
  32. 32. 32 VishnuParasmani Rupa beautifulParavasu name of a sage Rupali beautifulParesh supreme lord Rupashi beautifulParijat heavenly flower Rupashri beautifulParikshit name of an ancient king SabitaParimal fragrance Sachi wife of IndraParitosh delight Sadaf pearlParkash light Sadgati liberationParmameshwar almightly lord Sadguna good virtuesParmesh Sadhan fulfulmentParnab Sadhana worshipParnad a Brahmin in the epics Sadhika achieverPartha son of the Earth Sadhvi virtuous womanParthapratim like Arjuna Sadiqua kindlyParvatinandan Lord Ganesh Saeeda priestlyParvesh Lord of celebration Safia chaste born in the ocean;Pasupati Lord Shiva Sagarika wavePatakin holder of a banner Saguna with good qualities raga (a type of famous Yoga Indian musicalPatanjali philosopher Sahana melody)Pathik traveller Saheli friendPathin traveller Sahiba the ladyPatralika new leaves Sahila guidePavak fire Sai flowerPavan breeze Sajala cloudsPavani holy; pure Sajili decoratedPavitra pure Sajni belovedPayas water Sakhi friendPayod cloud Sakina friendPeeyush nectar SaktiPerumal Sakuntala Arjun; born in Falgun (aPhalguni Hindu month) Salena moonPhanindra Sesh; the divine snake Salila waterPhenil foamy Salima happyPilar fountain base; pillar Salma peacePinaki Lord Krishna Samata equalityPinakin bow-shaped Sameena happyPitambar Lord Vishnu Samhita offering for thePiyush nectar Samidha sacred firePoojan worship Samiksha overviewPoojit worshipped Samit collected
  33. 33. 33Poorna complete Samita collectedPoornachandra full moon Sampada wealthyPrabal coral Sampatti wealthPrabhakar cause of lustre Sampriti attachementPrabhas lustrous Sana praise; prayerPrabhat morning Sananda happyPrabhav effect Sanchali movementPrabhu Sanchaya collectionPrabodh consolation Sanchita collectionPrabuddha awakened Sandhaya collectionPrachetas energy Sandhya sunset; twilightPrachur abundant Sangita musicalPradeep light Saniya momentPradosh dusk Sanjana gentlePradyot lustre Sanjivani immortalityPradyumna Sanjna wife of the sun wife of KingPradyun radiant Sanjukta PrithvirajPraful blooming Sanjula beautifulPrafulla blooming Sanjushree beautifulPragun honest; straight SankulPrahlad happiness Sannidhi nearnessPrajesh Lord Brahma Sanskriti culturePrajin kind Santawana consolationPrajit kind Santayani of the eveningPrakash light Sanvali duskyPrakat manifested Sanwari duskyPrakriti nature Sanyakta joined; unitedPralay Himalayas SanyogitaPramath SanyuktaPramod happiness Saparna leafyPramsu scholar Sapna dreamPran life Sarada GoddessPranav romance Sarakshi good sightPranay love Sarala honest; straightPranit modest Sarama wife of BibhisanPranjal simple Saranya surrenderedPranjivan life Sarasi lakePransukh happiness of life Sarasvati Goddess of learningPrasad blessing Saraswati Goddess of learningPrasanna clear; happy; pure SaravatiPrasata father of Draupad Sarayu a holy riverPrasenjit a king in the epics Sarbani Goddess DurgaPrasham peace Sarika thrushPrashant calm; quiet Sarit riverPrashanta calm Sarita