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Microline IT Distribution Success Story

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A great example of how a visionary attitude and excellent partnerships skills helped Microline, a regional IT distributor develop great business potential with Markit in Croatia and beyond.

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Microline IT Distribution Success Story

  1. 1. VISIONARY ATTITUDE MICROLINE: DISTRIBUTOR PARTNER SUCCESS STORY An important piece of the European Jigsaw IT & TELECOMS DISTRIBUTION IN CROATIA MICROLINE.HR FROM ZERO TO HERO Markit has a growing number of international clients and Microline supports the conditions we have agreed with them. Additionally, they have been proactive in improving their catalogue and xml feeds to match the automated purchasing requirements of some of our larger clients. Their flexibility on payment terms and credit lines means we can send more business their way. We have also been impressed with their next day delivery commitment and transparency/honesty when it comes to rare RMA handling issues. Finally, I’d say that Microline’s openness to flexible business development means our Croatian clients will benefit from even better service in the future. Nicolas Lebègue Country Manager at Markit Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey A GREAT EXAMPLE TO OTHER REGIONAL IT DISTRIBUTORS Markit is present in every European country but some markets are naturally more mature, in terms of IT distribution, than others. When we opened our Croatian business it was important, as always when we expand to a new country, to establish strong working relationships, acceptable credit terms and technical integration with key distributors. Not every regional or niche distributor has the vision and flexibility to “see” what being a Markit partner can do for their business – especially when we might be considered a relatively new entrant to the local market. Microline did and still does. They have invested the time to help our clients succeed and now they are reaping the rewards. MICROLINE HELPS MARKIT’S CLIENTS SUCCEED
  2. 2. WWW.MARKIT.EU 2020 TRANSPARENT, EFFICIENT AND ETHICAL BUSINESS Doing business with MarkIT is clean, streamlined processes we have developed together mean Microline is fast and precise in supplying information and goods to meet behind the Markit-Microline relationship and we look forward to developing even more mutual business growth opportunities in the Croatian market in the future. Zorica Trupka Sales & Purchasing Manager at Microline THE VALUE TO MICROLINE HELP OUR CLIENTS SUCCEED At Markit, we have ambitious plans to help more companies succeed in saving time and money by reducing the total cost of their IT purchasing. Not only do we partner with the world’s largest IT distributors we also actively seek to partner with smaller niche and regional players who have in-depth local knowledge and a high level of personal service and flexible attitude. Niche & regional distributors can join the Markit marketplace and gain real time visibility of their entire product catalogue to our availability of their product lines increases the probability of fast stock turnaround. If you are a flexible and friendly IT distributor with a great reputation (like Microline) in any of the countries where we operate then let’s talk. Contact Janek Veermäe Head of International Sales at Markit Phone:+372 666 9910 E-mail: janek.veermae@markit.eu TAKE THE CHASING OUT OF IT PURCHASING ABOUT MARKIT Markit is helping IT buyers save time and money by making IT purchasing simple and transparent. Since 2003, thousands of international companies, including 20% of the Forbes Global 2000, have been using the Markit online IT purchasing solution to manage, centralise and streamline their IT purchasing and reduce the Total Cost of Purchase for their IT hardware and device requirements. ABOUT MICROLINE Microline imports and wholesales high quality IT and telecommunications equipment in Croatia. Founded in 1989 it has about 50 employees with €48.3M revenue in 2019. www.microline.hr